December 14, 2017

Maptek BlastLogic™

Maptek BlastLogic™ is a blast accuracy management system which optimizes the recovery of minerals and ensures effective downstream processes.

Leveraging Maptek competencies in 3D graphical representation of data, BlastLogic brings together and displays critical drill and blast information from distinct data sets, such as mine planning, drill guidance, field survey, load design parameters and post-blast evaluation. BlastLogic delivers a more logical way to validate as-drilled data to plan and create blast hole load designs.

It closes the loop between design and variations in the field. It maximizes the recovery of minerals and enables effectual downstream processes, Quickly ascertain drilling errors so measures can be taken to mitigate risk, Streamline quality assurance and quality control procedures, Dynamic tracking of operational and personnel KPIs and Drive incremental improvements by simple review of historical performance.

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