December 14, 2017

Warman DWU dewatering pump

The new Warman DWU dewatering pump, designed in conjunction with Weir Minerals operations around the world and manufactured here in South Africa, has been engineered for harsh operating conditions typical of those encountered in Africa. This easy-to-maintain pump can produce efficiencies that are up to six points higher than other pumps in its class under certain conditions.

The innovative design of the Warman DWU pump offers customers a high head option encompassing the speeds for diesel and electrical driven applications, with heads exceeding 130 metres. The Warman DWU dewatering pump has been developed to enhance Weir Minerals Africa’s existing high lift dewatering pump range with a focus on high head mine dewatering, as well as any general dewatering applications.  

Weir Minerals obtained registered design protection for the unique shape features of the DWU model pump.

The DWU pump is able to handle dirty water with a specific gravity of 1.05, and has a casing that is pressure rated at 7000 kPa for series pumping, if required.


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