December 14, 2017

The Panther T8 carrier

The Panther accesses difficult work sites without damaging the terrain in the process. Its unique undercarriage provides superior stability and flotability over soft ground other vehicles fear to tread on. Sand, snow, swamps, mud… The Panther’s low ground pressure and high sprocket torque get you where you want to go with a minimum impact on the environment. When the road is not a road, you want the Panther’s low ground pressure abilities.

Prinoth says “you can save on your helicopter costs, you can drill on all types of ground. The new spacious two-person cab comfortably transports your driller and the helper.”

The Panther may tread soft, but it carries a big payload. The Panther T8 carries 7,260 kg of equipment, materials and supplies out to work sites. It is a powerful combination that gives the ability to take whatever is needed to wherever it needs to go.



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