January 24, 2018

Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners

Mr. Coffie Rivers, General Secretary of Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners (GNASSM), says Ghana has made appreciable effort and progress in dealing with the small scale mining sector.

He however adds that the country needs to tackle environmental management, financial assistance, technical support, reduction of illegal mining activities, health and safety measures and conditions to remedy the influx of foreigners in the sector.

He said effective policies and regulations are being implemented regarding issues like child labour and peaceful co-existence between small scale miners and large scale mining companies.

Through this sustainability, the National Association of the Small Scale Miners has devised means to implement a range of measures to develop the sub sector to achieve some positive results.

He said GNASSM is adopting various methods to forge collaboration with stakeholders to flush out illegal foreigners.

Mr. Rivers said the association would form National and district taskforces to collaborate with the security agencies to bring sanity into the small scale mining sector and to ensure mutual relationship with the large scale mining companies.

He said the association appreciates the contribution of stakeholders in promoting small scale mining.

Mr. Rivers said small scale mining operations undertaken by Ghanaians in a positive way offers opportunity to support rural livelihood, develop entrepreneurship, provide raw materials, create jobs, reduce rural urban drift, and reduce crime and poverty.

In spite of all the problems that bedevil the small scale mining sector, it has contributed tremendously to Gold production in Ghana.

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