December 15, 2017

Reed Mine 30 Mini Pump with Big Performance

REED’s extremely compact Mine30 Pump was designed for jobsites with very limited space. (dimensions length 96″ (2438mm) x width 46.5″ (1181mm) x height 64.7″ (1643mm)) The concrete, grout and shotcrete pump is small enough to be cross mounted on a truck or other carrier. Fork channels on the side and end come standard.

REED’s “S”-Tube allows for pumping grout, flowable fill, pea-gravel concrete, shotcrete mixes, and “big rock” concrete with aggregates up to 1.5” (38mm). The Mine 30 offers a maximum output of 30 cubic yards per hour (23 cubic meters per hour) and 1172 psi (81 bar) concrete pressure.

The Mine 30 can be powered by an electric, diesel, or air motor. The simple design of the Mine 30 makes it easy to trouble-shoot and service. It provides strong performance, extreme dependability and long life of all wear parts.

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