December 18, 2017

Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe

The Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe has set up a platinum producers’ body – the Platinum Producers Committee – that will cater for the specific interests of miners in this sub-sector. Chamber of Mines president Mr. Winston Chitando said the committee would deal with critical issues affecting the local platinum sector.

He said the body is responsible for drawing attention of the chamber to any issues pertinent to the mining, extraction, processing and marketing of platinum and platinum related minerals. These could be of interest or significance to platinum producers and the mining sector as a whole, or to some of its members.

The committee will also evaluate policy and the legislative frameworks as well as strategic issues relating to the platinum sector as well as carrying out research on regional and international best practices as this relates to the sector.

According to the Chamber, the committee is essentially a sub-committee of the Chamber of Zimbabwe’s executive committee, and was formed in terms of section 76 of the Constitution of the Chamber.

Since it is a sub-committee, it derives its funding from the chamber. Zimbabwe’s mining sector, which has the second largest reserves of platinum in the world after South Africa, faces a number of challenges relating to erratic electricity supplies, constrained sources of affordable long-term funding and high taxes.

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