December 18, 2017

Martin Screen Vibrators

A world leader in engineered vibration for bulk material handling has introduced a new family of electric screen vibrators for regular duty and hazardous environments. Designed to deliver up to 7,500 kg of centrifugal force for efficient material separation, Martin® Screen Vibrators are built specifically to withstand the rigors of industrial applications and continuous use, and can run 24/7 as needed. “With a traditional screen vibrator, the drive functions as the energy source,” explained Robert Nogaj, Martin Engineering VP of Operations and Product Management.

“The energy is transferred via structural bridge to the vibratory box which is isolated by the springs. With our new design, the energy source is an integral part of the structural tube that can be mounted to the sides or top of a vibratory box, making it much easier for designers to engineer and manufacture new kinds of vibratory screens.” The new line of vibrators is designed and engineered in the USA and will be manufactured in most Martin Engineering facilities worldwide to facilitate short lead times and service response.

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