December 15, 2017

Liebherr T 284 Mining Truck

Millions of operating hours and years of design experience have come together to create Liebherr’s newest ultra-class mining truck. The T 284 offers a high payload and features the latest generation of the Litronic Plus AC drive system. Built with many Liebherr designed systems and components, the T 284 serves as the platform for future advances in mining truck technology, according to the manufacturer. Developed and built by Liebherr, the Litronic Plus AC drive system determines the optimal way to extract power from the diesel engine. With this system, more power is available to accelerate the truck and climb grades. The Litronic Plus system also conserves fuel when the engine is idling. In this way it minimizes fuel consumption and maximizes performance.

The combination of the T 284’s efficient Litronic Plus AC drive system, its high-power engine, and low gross vehicle weight leads to fast haul cycle times with higher speeds on grade. The T 284 supports engine options with power ratings up to 4,023 hp (3,000 kW). With application-specific recommendations from Liebherr, customers are able to select the engine that will allow the truck to meet productivity targets while minimizing fuel consumption.

These engine options offer the latest fuel-injection technology for cleaner combustion and reduced fuel consumption. The T 284 also supports high-capacity tires. Liebherr’s goal is to use as much of the truck’s load-carrying capacity as possible for payload. The T 284 achieves this by combining its trademark low empty vehicle weight (EVW) and electric drive system. The key to this empty vehicle weight is the T 284’s durable, lightweight frame which includes cast components in strategic areas and hollow box rails with fully welded internal stiffeners.

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