December 14, 2017

The Association of Zambia Women in Mining

The Association of Zambia Women in Mining (AZWM) is expected to start exporting semi-precious stones worth K2 billion to Hong Kong.

Association chairperson Mary Lubemba said the exports would be done in batches and that the first one would be dispatched next month.

She said in an interview that they have just come back from a show in Hong Kong and they got orders of supply adding that they are supposed to supply semi-precious stones starting in December and the supplies are to be done in four months.

Ms. Lubemba said only two types of stones would be exported namely, amethyst and red granite.

She said the association got the order of supply from two Hong Kong companies and that they would supply low to middle grade of semi-precious stones. She said about 40 containers of low to middle grade semi-precious stones would be exported, adding that the capacity to supply the required quantity was available.

She, however, said the challenge would be that of transporting the stones from the mines to designated areas for shipping due to the fact that the stones will be in bulk. Despite of this challenge Ms. Lubemba said they endeavor to meet the agreed quantity.

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