December 14, 2017

Komatsu PC5500 Hydraulic Shovel

Komatsu America Corp.’s PC5500-6 hydraulic super shovel, with an operating weight between 531 and 549 tons (482 to 498 t) and a shovel capacity of 38 cu. yd. (29 cu m) can help mines move more material in less time thereby reducing the cost per ton and increasing profits.

The PC5500 has two powerful Komatsu SDA12V159E-2 diesel engines. Both engines are rated 1,260 hp (939 kW). The super shovel’s low engine emission levels meet EPA Tier II regulations and the time saving oil management system is fitted as standard on all machines.

Productivity Moves More Tons Per Hour.

With backhoe break-out force of 326,250 lbs. and loading shovel break-out force of 419,200 lbs., the Komatsu super shovel increases the productivity of mines. All cylinders are mounted in the shadow of the attachments steel structure for safety and protection. A wide range of standard wear packages and buckets are available to suit all densities and application. Different shoes can be selected to meet different ground conditions. Komatsu’s PC5500 is matched for trucks ranging from 220 to 320 tons (199 to 290 t).


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