December 14, 2017

Surface Mounted Bearing Isolators

The Garlock surface mounted bearing isolators are the newest members of the Klozure® bearing isolator family. It has been engineered to eliminate the need to machine bearing housings, a key feature which adds value and longevity to existing and new bearings.

“It’s an excellent application for motors, pumps and gearboxes which are not originally installed with a bearing isolator but desire one,” explains Bruce Stratton, Product Manager at Garlock Sealing Technologies. “The surface mounted bearing isolator can be installed on any flat metallic surface. The only preparation needed is the removal of surface paint.”

Specially Designed for Minimal Shaft to Bore Clearance Applications

The next member to the innovative maintenance friendly Klozure bearing isolator family, Surface Mounted bearing isolator designs eliminate the need to machine bearing housings.  When bearing protection is required and time to repair equipment is critical, Garlock Klozure Surface Mounted Bearing Isolators provide an ideal sealing solution.

Benefits; Universal mounting design accommodates flat metallic surface, Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Eliminates the requirement to machine bearing housings and Extend bearing life by excluding external contamination & retaining bearing lubricant 

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