December 14, 2017

Secoroc RocketBit

Atlas Copco Secoroc has developed the new Secoroc RocketBit made for DTH production drilling in soft to medium hard rock. It is ideal for quarrying and mining operations and has even been successful in water well drilling.

This innovative drill bit has been put through Atlas Copco’s digital “wind tunnel” simulating the best angles and deep grooves. This design solution has created more space between the forged steel bit body and rock face thereby optimising chip removal.

The Secoroc RocketBit offers higher penetration rates than other equivalent models – a penetration that’s reliable throughout its service life. And thanks to the resulting rock chips, each drilled hole requires less time, less stress and strain on the drill string and drill rig.

Thanks to the forged front the cuttings are efficiently removed from the face. This in combination with the protruding buttons reduces the need of grinding. In fact, Secoroc RocketBit can produce more holes per day than any equivalent soft or medium hard rock bits. So, in the long run a contractor working for a mining or quarry company has the potential of taking on more work and increasing revenues through greater tonnage and lower costs per metre drilled.

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