December 17, 2017

The MDS-2000 Drilling System

The MDS-2000 Drilling System from MOBA Mobile Automa­tion AG (Germany) allows an efficient, controlled and safe blast hole drilling, for example in quarries.

With the MDS-2000, blast holes can be drilled exactly parallel to each other and to the desired depth and the preset angle. This facilitates controlled blasting with smooth brims, which makes quarry work safer. Faulty drill holes or redrilling is prevented, which then reduces time and money expenditures. The MDS­2000 works with a two-axis slope sensor with an angular range of ± 60° as well as three rotary sensors. The sensors record all drill­ing data such as drill hole depth, drill angle and time per drilling and forward it to the controller, where it is processed and dis­played.

With the integrated Telematics System, information can be ex­changed between the drilling device and the office in a timely manner; all drilling and machine data is sent to a server via a GSM module. From this server, the data can be loaded and dis­played onto a PC or a mobile device with Internet capabilities. This means the current status of the project and the machine can be called up from the office or anywhere else at any time. In addi­tion, the position of the machine is displayed in a digital map.

With the quick transfer of data, machine use can be optimized and drill­ing results can immediately be evaluated and applied to blasting plans, for example. Information is saved in the MOBA data file and can be sorted according to the date, operator or project as desired. Getting a clear overview with the press of a button and managing data in Excel, PDF or HTML format is made possible with this system.

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