December 14, 2017

The Geological Society of Kenya (2)

The Geological Society of Kenya wants the coal mining project in Kitui Mui Coal Basin expedited to bring down the high cost of energy. GSK chair Gladys Kianji said Kenya will be the best investment destination in Africa if it starts producing cheap electricity and steel products.

She said the government should ensure the proposed Lappset corridor and the Lamu-Ethiopia railway line are built using locally assembled steel. She said these targets are realistic and Kenya only needs to accelerate the coal mining and create an industrial revolution by establishing steel and power-generating industries in Kitui County.

Kianji said Kenya has immense potential to achieve an industrial revolution that has made economies in Europe, Brazil, Korea and South Africa grow and get their populations out of poverty.

The multi-billion coal mining project in Kitui was hit by a setback after a section of leaders questioned the tendering process done by the Ministry of Energy including awarding the mining concession to a Chinese firm.

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