January 17, 2018

PHIL Introduces New UG truck Body

Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) has developed a body specifically for haul trucks. The company said that its heavy-duty rear eject bodies are ideal for underground applications, such as mining, which require equipment that can take a beating

, operate in low clearance environments and handle multiple types of loads.

PHIL’s technology has been used on dump trucks in underground gold, silver and oil shale operations since 2000. PHIL used feedback from those customers to create bodies that specifically address their unique challenges.

The rear eject technology provides a constantly low centre of gravity that allows operators to use their haul trucks in ways that were not possible with other truck technology. For example, rear eject bodies can discharge material on the fly for quick spreading and grading. Operators also can dump loads uphill when backed up to an incline because the ejector blade effortlessly pushes the load out of the back of the truck.

PHIL designed its rear eject bodies for rugged underground mining conditions and with a priority on simplistic design that requires little maintenance and downtime. Built from the most consistent 450 Brinnell steel available, the bodies provide strength, capacity and durability. The company stated that as a result, they steadily deliver low maintenance costs per tonne hauled.



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