January 24, 2018

John Crane Launches Sealing solution (2)

John Crane has unveiled details of its new Type 5840 slurry seal that is designed for a variety of demanding applications in the mining and mineral processing industries. John Crane stated that the new seal offers a highly cost-effective alternative to packing.

The Type 5840 single cartridge seal offers all the advantages normally found on heavy-duty seal designs. These are provided in a unit that is specifically geared towards the higher volume requirements associated with general mining applications. The use of robust primary and secondary seal face materials, and an optimised running face design, makes the Type 5840 ideal for general purpose slurry and abrasive liquid applications.

A rugged construction, a non-clogging cone spring design and simple maintenance requirements help ensure long life and high reliability, and the Type 5840 is hydraulically balanced to ensure optimum performance. It can be fitted to most fluid-handling equipment and features key components which are fully interchangeable with other seals in the same size group.


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