November 24, 2017

Cargo Carriers’ Acquisition strategy Paves the way to Africa

“There is no doubt that the centre of gravity for mining has moved north. If we want to be players in this market we need to have a strong presence here,” says Murray Bolton, Cargo Carriers Joint Chief Executive.

The move to strengthen its central and southern African business capability will please global mining, agricultural and chemical businesses that are themselves looking to expand into the world’s fastest growing continent, but are faced with challenges to find logistics partners who deliver the required safety and environmental standards.

The BHL fleet has already been strengthened with the purchase of 80 FAW trucks from China. The purchase allows BHL to replace ageing vehicles and increase its fleet from 75 to 126 trucks while boosting the company’s business by 60%. About 160 new jobs have already been created by BHL’s expansion.

The partnership will appeal to international companies seeking to take advantage of the high growth opportunities that Africa offers. They will now be able to rely on global best practice logistics partners who have the expertise, the local knowledge and the access to capital required to partner them strategically in central and southern Africa.

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