November 21, 2017

Metso ESF Seal (2)


Metso is launching a new slurry seal to meet the increased sealing demands from its customers. The focus has been on offering a sealing solution that minimises dilution of sealing water into product, eliminates leakage to atmosphere, increases life time of the seal by preventing slurry from entering the seal chamber and allows easy conversion from box packing solutions to mechanical seal solutions.

Metso said that the new ESF design seals satisfy the demand for advanced and reliable sealing solutions on even the heaviest of slurry applications typically found in mining applications. The company stated that its customers are requesting to install mechanical seals into tougher and tougher applications due to environmental reasons and to satisfy the goal of reducing water consumption, so the development of new seals was required to perform to their expectations.

The ESF mechanical slurry seal is designed to fit into the standard Orion Series pump flushed gland housing, the cartridge design makes it easy to install, retrofit installations are quick and easy when converting a packed seal pump, and tungsten carbide seal faces are standard and provide a longer life for the tougher applications.

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