November 22, 2017


Country Agent opportunity

The role of our agents is to gather editorial material suitable for publication in our magazines as well as to solicit for advertising.

Our key role is to produce a quality publication regularly and on-time which incorporates all the material received so that the magazines have both local and international flavor.

For the case of Construction Review the fact that it is a monthly publication offers the agent a quick turnaround improving cash flow since the adverts booked are produced quickly. There are no minimum sales to go to press for the agent removing a major risk of delay in geetingthe magazine to the readers desk.

A well managed internet presence that includes a weekly e-newsletter that is mailed out to readers as well as a digital version of the publication available at the click of a mouse.

Low overheads or startup finances means that the agent can enjoy a high profit margin from commencement.

We currently have agents in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and a fully fledged branch in South Africa.

We expect earning of at least US$ 10,000 a month at a minimum to accrue to an agent.

Country writer

Submit articles and tenders from local media and earn money every month

Apply and attach your details and follow the link to send click here to apply.

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