December 18, 2017

Exploration shows Mchuchuma-Liganga mines can last a century

Mchuchuma-Liganga twin projects have coal and iron ore deposits that can be mined for over 100 years, the exploration works have proved.

The exploration findings have discovered over 364 million tonnes of coal and 219 million tonnes of iron ore deposits at the twin projects. It is estimated that three million tonnes of coal will be mined annually; lasting for over 100 years and 2.9 million iron ore deposits mined every year for not less than 90 years.

Speaking at the 37th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), the National Development Corporation (NDC) Corporate Affairs Manager, Mr. Abel Ngapemba said the government will get about US$33 million dollars (about Tsh53billion) as royalty annually.

Mr. Ngapemba added that after exploration works that took about six months, preparations for construction of the power plant that is expected to generate about 600MW of electricity will take off before the end of the year. He said full production of both power and coal-iron mining are expected to start in 2017/19 with 4,000 direct employment opportunities.

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