December 18, 2017

Drilling and blasting

Compiled by Yvonne Andiva, Ann Kagumu and Torah Onyango

Drilling and blasting operations are at the foundation of any mining project and in the last century was the only economical method of tunneling however with breakthrough in new technologies the option of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) has come into play although it is limited in its use due to its capital cost.

Shorter tunnels tend to be less economical to construct with a TBM and are therefore usually constructed by drill and blast. TBM’s use however is more in the construction of tunnels for road or rail infrastructure than in mining but as mines move towards greater mechanization their use will become more prevalent.

Today there are specialized contractors who carry out drilling and blasting in mines. They make use of hand drills to truck mounted drills which can be either hydraulic or pneumatic some of which are even purpose built for specific jobs.

Blasting on the other hand is also a highly specialised field because poor blasting can affect the economics of a mine not to mention putting the lives of miners themselves at greater risk.

Common explosives used in industry now are ANFO (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil), slurries, and emulsions. Many factors are taken into account when determining what type of blast design or explosive will be used. Rock type, density, and strength are all important factors, as well as fracture condition of the rock, and water conditions.

Dando’sMultitec 9000 rig

Dando Drilling International is a long established UK based drilling rig manufacturer, founded in 1867 and supply a wide range of multipurpose surface exploration drilling rigs.  Dando’s  Multitec’ and Mintec’ range of exploration rigs are capable of all Reverse Circulation (RC), Wireline Diamond Coring and Rotary Air Blast (RAB) drilling techniques.

Dando’s latest Multitec 9000 rig is a lightweight compact multipurpose rig and is ideal for mineral and coal exploration as well as water borehole drilling, geotechnical investigation and ground source heat pump drilling. As well as its versatility, one of the main features of the Dando Multitec9000 is its ability to drill to great depths in restricted spaces due to the rig’s small footprint and powerful performance. The 9000kgf pullback capacity rig complies with all the latest safety requirements and  has features including: a mast dump to 45 degrees; arm mounted drilling control; on board flush pump; hydraulic winch; high torque, high speed rotary head with hydraulic side shift and tilt; hydraulic rod clamps/ breaker.

Dando’s Mintecrange consists of dedicated surface exploration rigs available in 6000, 12800, 16000 and 18000kgf pullback versions and capable of RC, Wireline and RAB drilling. The highly robust and reliable machines are track mounted on a special rough terrain under-carriage as standard but are also available mounted on truck, trailer or customer own support vehicle. Dando Mintec rigs can be seen in operation throughout Africa including Ghana, Sudan, Egypt .

The Dando Terrier is the smallest hydraulic rotary drilling rig offered by Dando and is becoming more and more popular for use on open cast mine sites. Its compact maneuverable crawler-mounted design makes it ideally suited for fast site transportation in a long wheel-base type van or trailer. Dando Terriers are currently in operation on open pit mines in South West Africa deploying drive sampling, open hole drilling and diamond coring techniques. The rigs are also being used in various other projects around the world including Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, UK, Greenland and Costa Rica.

Dando also specialise in water borehole drilling rigs and has done since it was established in 1867 and first traded with Africa when it supplied tube wells to Ethiopia in 1868. Today,  Dando’s Watertec  drilling rigs (ranging from 6000-50000kgf pullback) are world renowned for their reliability and durability and supply urban and rural communities worldwide with fresh water- Dando has recently confirmed an order for six large Watertec 40 drillings to Borno State government in Nigeria, taking their total fleet of Dandos to ten. The Dando Watertec 40, with a pullback of 40,000 kgf, is also ideally suited for dewatering on mine sites.

Long-hole drilling rig

Atlas Copco is a world leading provider of industrial productivity solutions since more than a century. Their products and services include compressors, expanders and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems, and related aftermarket and rental.

Simba 1254 is a long-hole drilling rig for small- to medium-sized drifts in the 51 to 89 mm hole range. The rig provides a large coverage area and is capable of ring drilling parallel holes upward and downward and in the side walls. It is equipped with a high-performance top hammer rock drill providing a sustainable solution for long-hole drilling.

It has several Features & benefits;  COP 1838ME 18 kW rock drill for high availability and high productivity, or COP 2550UX 25 kW for larger holes and tougher rock conditions, Rod carousel with 17+1 rods for mechanized drilling up to 32 m, Line-of-sight remote control for high mobility, and a pendulum arm and slide table for high coverage.

Teksomak’s Drill Rigs

Teksomak is the machinery group of Tekson Drilling Company. Since 2002, Teksomak’s main activity is to manufacture drilling rigs for exploration drilling, blast hole drilling, and drilling products. From the very beginning, Teksomak has directed itself as an international company, with competitively priced products and a level of service which many foreign companies cannot provide.

Their manufacture spectrum is Pathfinder10 Multipurpose Drill Rig, Frontier200 Reverse Circulation, Explorer 60 Full Hydraulic Drill Rig, Explorer30 Full Hydraulic Drill Rig, Rocker34 Wagon Drilling and VDD5 Wagon Drilling. Frontier200 is for reverse circulation drill rig and can be mounted on crawler for hard ground conditions. Rodrack is fixed on Frontier200 Reverse Circulation Drill Rig. Cyclone can me mounted on Frontier200 Reverse Circulation Drill Rig or separated from it on the trailer.

Pathfinder10 is multipurpose drill rig for coring, drilling, blast hole drilling, water well drilling and reverse circulation drilling. It can be built on different frames such as regular skid frame, wheel, hydraulic crawler and truck. The rotation head can be swung aside for hole cleaning or grouting equipment.

Exploration drill rigs have variety of drilling capacity and hole sizes, can be designed either with electrical engine or diesel engine, and have automatic hydraulic synchronization system between chuck and rod holder to handle the rods. There are two types of drilling rigs available on their production line being Explorer30 and Explorer60. Explorer30 has 120 meter capacity drilling rig that is developed for the small underground tunnels and short distance surface drills. It is light weighted and user friendly.

Teksomak, known as reliability and finest quality of the products in the market, is providing drill rigs and equipment for geological exploration both underground and surface. Teksomak R&D department works for developing machines and drilling technology continuously and strong after sales services help customers to provide constant working conditions in difficult environments. Teksomak targets continual progress and quality since our inception, Teksomak has become a company that manufacture World-class Drilling Rigs.

WassarasWater-Powered DTH Hammer

LKAB WassaraAB is a sales and development company. With its patented water powered hammer, Wassara AB creates total solutions that lead the market in water-powered drilling. Wassara creates drilling solutions for the construction and mining markets and offers the mining and construction industry complete systems for effective drilling in soil and rock, based on our core competence in water-powered drilling.

Wassara has created complete drilling systems for different applications in the mining and construction industry. They are composed of hammers, drill bits and casing advancing equipment, drill tubes, check valves, swivels and high-pressure pump. The systems are designed to be easy to use with your existing drilling rigs. Relatively minor modifications to your drilling equipment are necessary in order to take advantage of the many benefits of the system.

The heart of the Wassara Drilling System is the Wassara DTH Hammer. This worldwide patent, using water as its power source, drills in a rapid, economical and environmentally friendly manner. The Wassara Hammer has a stabilized piston case. This enables straight drilling with superior precision.

The result is maximum borehole straightness and superior precision. All components in the Wassara Hammer are available as spare parts and can be replaced easily. In comparison with traditional pneumatic technology, the Wassara DTH Hammer demonstrates exceptional energy savings. Powered by clean water, the Wassara Hammer uses less energy and strikes at a higher frequency rate than a conventional DTH pneumatic hammer, giving excellent penetration rate.

Electronic Blasting Machine AI-2600

Vibraquipo, S.L.U. is a company specialized in the development and manufacturing of equipments for blasting. Their first equipment was made in the year 1994 (a seismograph for blasting control). Now they have developed the 6th generation of vibration meters with the latest technologies applied to the blasting.

In the year 1998 they developed complementary products for blasting. Now their product line includes Vibration Meters (Seismographs), Resistance Meters, Electronic Blasting Machines and Slope meters for drilling machines.

Their equipment combines perfectly the highest performance with easy to use software for a complete satisfaction of the user.

Capacitor blasting machine AI2600 has 3 different models to fulfill with your blasting requirements. Lightweight, battery powered and electronically controlled, with a fast charging time and accura precision over the energy given to the firing circuit in comparison with traditional mechanical blasting machines.

It has a voltage of 2.600/ 1.600 V, selectable, a capacitor of 70 / 140 / 210 uF, Power supply with internal rechargeable battery, Charge level progress indicator, and its dimensions are 400 x 200 x 320 mm.

Today the company has a long number of equipment working in all over the world helping in blasts.

BAM Ritchies, the specialist Drilling and Blasting, Geotechnical and Concrete Techniques division of contractor BAM Nuttall Limited has been operating for fifty years in the U.K. and overseas, providing a quality service to the Construction, Mining and Dredging industries.

BAM Ritchies is the leading UK drilling and blasting contractor operating in over 130 quarries and open cast mines throughout the UK producing over 30 million tonnes of aggregate per annum. The organization blasts quarries for a number of different clients including the largest hard rock quarry in Europe at Glensanda in Scotland, where over seven million stones of materials is produced each year.

The organisation is equipped with an extensive fleet of high production drilling rigs. This is constantly being up dated to ensure that the average age of the fleet is kept low and that they are efficient with have low environmental impacts. Earthmoving plant and crushers are also readily available to BAM Ritchies, through the BAM plant fleet or preferred earthmoving partners.  A plant list is available upon request and the directly owned plant may also be seen on our website.

The latest face profiling and blast design techniques are used. These are continually being upgraded to ensure current best practice is always used. The use of the latest electronic detonators and other modern initiation systems form an important part of the service offered to provide high quality outputs and to meet restrictions on site.

BAM Ritchies has up to date experience of carrying out pre-splitting work to assist with long term stable final faces requiring minimal additional work such as rock bolts, anchors and facing meshes. Vibration monitoring and control can be provided as part of the service. Formal detailed reports can be provided in formats suitable for providing to third parties such as statutory authorities.

Skelair International

Skelair International is a leading supplier of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment and machines and has supplied equipment and machines to many areas of the world. They stock a complete range of drilling consumables at very competitive prices, to which they can arrange delivery of almost any item anywhere in the world for you, helping to ensure you make the most efficient and cost effective choice for your drilling project.

From its base in the UK, Skelair International supplies rock drilling equipment and associated consumables to companies worldwide. Offering a highly efficient and extremely competitive service, Skelair is expert in the drilling and blasting industry and has over 20 years’ experience of providing specialist solutions for projects in the UK and overseas.

Agent partners for a wide range of market leading manufacturers, Skelair can supply built-to-order and ex rental drill rigs for purchase as well as support the full spectrum of consumable requirements.

As an independent specialist in the drilling industry, Skelair can provideadvice on the most cost effective and high performing drilling consumables for all brands of machine, helping to keep costs down and projects on track.

Skelair has recently seen increased demand for drill rods, bits and other consumables from companies in Africa, the Middle East and Australia because UK prices are extremely competitive, even when accounting for the cost of transport overseas. Moreover, as Skelair holds most consumables as stock items, they are usually available for immediate dispatch.

Skelair prides itself on its modern and comprehensive range of drill rigs. They also understand the critical importance of safety and reliability. All rigs are modern, expertly maintained and come with guaranteed back up in the unlikely event of a break down. They carry an extensive range of consumables including drill rods, drill bits and adapters.

Having the right equipment always counts for little unless the people using it have the right expertise and experience. Whether it’s their experienced drillers and blasters, their fully accredited surveying team, or in-house maintenance team, you can be sure that with Skelair you’ll be dealing with the best in the industry – people who always have your best interests at heart.

Bondura® pivot pin technology

With 25 years of experience in the oil and gas and manufacturing industries, the principle of the bondura® pin is both ingenious and simple. bondura® is the global leader in smart pivot pin technology, its unique design is adaptive, cost effective, proven and trusted.

bondura® pivot pin technology will reduce downtime, optimize machinery performance, ease and speed up maintenance planned and unplanned, cut maintenance costs, dramatically increase equipment lifecycle, increasing the all over quality of the equipment.

bondura is an established system that simplifies design work by achieving a uniform pin design, thus avoiding the need to employ varying pin solutions, as well as complicated housing and securing components.

Heavy loads with impact force to a pivot joint will result in excessive wear to the supports over time. The consequence of such wear can be: damage to equipment, safety hazards and maneuverability and accuracy problems during operations; not to mention the time-consuming and costly repairs needed to get the equipment back in operation.

The bondura pivot pin technology eliminates wear, ensuring a solid 180 degree distribution of the load within the supports of the pivot joint. Their technology also removes the need to repair the supports by subsequent line drilling. The risk of cracks forming in the supports will be reduced and the equipment’s life cycle will be extended significantly.

With bondura, equipment requiring precision and maneuverability will achieve a solid supportive pin connection, thus preventing the development of play. The bondura pivot pin technology will enhance the quality of equipment, as well as reduce assembly time and lower all over cost.

Longwall powered supports


is one of the top manufacturers of machines and equipment for hard coal mining industry at domestic market; it is a world leader in manufacturing longwall powered supports for mining industry, delivered as a part of complete mining systems. With the technical solutions proved in the most difficult mining and geological conditions, the supports’ brand is well-grounded and recognised on the worldwide market of mining equipment. The longwall powered supports are suitable for work in all longwall development technologies used in modern mining; they also meet all the requirements of operational safety, as well as detailed requirements included in appropriate mining standards or regulations, both European and worldwide ones.

FAMUR delivers comprehensive mechanization of hard coal mining process with the long wall method; it also designs and delivers computer systems for managing coal exploitation from the long wall face to the mine surface. They are well aware of the fact that the maximum output expected by customers must be accompanied by minimum costs.

Their chief asset is production of powered longwall systems dedicated for work even in the most difficult mining or geological conditions. The key product of FAMUR Group is powered longwall systems which allow for exploiting coal deposits from 0.9 m to 6 m thick. The longwall systems offered comprise longwall shearers, powered roof supports and scraper conveyors. All types of support are fitted with power and control hydraulic systems of our own production, including in particular hydraulic cylinders and supports, as well as remote control.

An important area of the Group operation is manufacturing equipment for transport and reloading various bulk cargo used in underground and strip mines, in sea or river ports, in transshipment bases and on storage yards, in works transport and at earth work of a large scale. For hard coal mining, the range of products includes underground belt conveyors, surface belt conveyors, as well as stackers and loader-stackers. FAMUR Group is also a specialist in design and manufacture of various means of underground transport meeting the mining logistics needs such as floor-mounted rails with rope drive, suspended diesel monorails, floor-mounted diesel rails, mechanical tractors, as well as complete fittings for rails transporting people or materials.

Taike Mining Equipment Co LTD

Is an enterprise which was established in 1987and  specialized in production, research and development of rock drill, pneumatic tools, mining machinery parts  and have own patent product.

TaikeMingEquipment Co. LTD has the close relationship with many strong companies at home and abroad, and always maintain favorable business cooperation and good development space with them.

The company has rich technical competence, advanced production techniques, perfect inspection test and strict quality control system.

Guizhou Sinodrills Equipment Co. Ltd

Is a firm specialized in producing and exporting rock drilling tools. The company has been involved in professional distribution and supplying in this field for many years.

From its establishment, Sinodrills focuses on improving product quality but cutting down total cost to meet every customer’s requirement and to reach their purchase target.  Their products had been exported to 72 countries all over the world till 2010.

Based on one – stop – shop Philosophy, Sinodrills carries a comprehensive range of Top hammer drilling products, DTH drilling products, Diamond core drilling products and self rock drilling tools etc.

Haryrock Engineering Pvt. Ltd

An enterprise which is located at Pune India, was established in the year 1997. The company has been engaged in manufacturing and supplying pneumatic rock drill tools, pneumatic rock drilling machine and its spares.

Through continuous customer feedback, innovation and hard work, the company has built a strong brand name and has made its presence felt in domestic and international markets

Their air flushed medium duty rock drill machine and rock drills are capable of drilling 27-48 mm diameter holes with H22 integral steel upto a depth of 6 meters. Rock Drills can be used for holes upto 20 feet or over but are most efficient when confined to holes of not over 10 to 12 feet. Hydraulic Rock Drills, Rock Drill Machine And Rock Drills (Dry) has following applications.

Revathi Equipment Limited

Is one of the leading manufacturers of Blast Hole and Water Well drilling rigs in India. Started under technical collaboration and financial participation with World Renowned Chicago Pneumatic Company, USA, commenced manufacturing of Blast Hole and Water Well drilling rigs in the year 1979. REL is a public limited company and shares are traded in the Indian Stock market. Till the year 2002, Atlas Copco held 40% equity in the company and during 2002/2003, Renaissance, a well known Indian group purchased the share holding from Atlas Copco.

In the last 30 years REL had manufactured and supplied all types of Blast Hole drills used in the open cast mines and the populations of these rigs have crossed over 1000 numbers.

REL has a huge population of blast hole drills in India and are one of the leading players in India. REL drills are working in Coal, Iron Ore, Zinc, Lime stone, Diamond, Gold and phosphate mines.

REL has exported drills to Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Serbia, USA, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia etc.

Chengdu Zhonghang Machinery Co.Ltd

Was established by 4 Chinese oil drilling rig experts with good experience in the rig manufacturing field.The company has a number of patented technologies, a wealth of design experience, sophisticated manufacturing processes and on-time delivery.

The firm has a 20 years of experience in drilling rig manufacture. Up to now, they have developed more than 80 kinds of rigs operating well in major American oilfields.


Manufactures the best Hydraulic Drilling Rigs in China.Their products dominate more than 80% domestic market shares they are the OEM of the UDR series drilling rigs Our drilling rigs are now working in more than 30 countries all around the world.

Cortech is the leading provider of drilling products and mineral exploration drilling services in China today. The company is the only integrated drilling services and product provider, combining engineering design excellence, OEM manufacturing facilities and the most experienced drilling services group in the business.

Directional Core Drilling and Borehole Surveying Instruments: has more than 20 year experience with directional core drilling (DCD) and borehole surveying. The company has developed a range of top quality instruments including directional core barrel, core orientation equipment, and both magnetic and non-magnetic downhole survey instruments.

Using these technologies, their clients reach their targets while reducing drilling costs. Today, Devico is the global market leader in providing directional coring services directly, and via its network of exclusive agents and subsidiaries.

Vikay Mining Equipments

Is a group of company from India established in 1962, involved in different activities manufacturing, Importers and Exporters for Air Compressors, Mining and Drilling Equipments.

The company is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited, that exports Air Compressor & Parts for Air Compressor, Mining Equipment and Aftermarket Parts for Mining Equipment  – Open Cast Mines, Underground Mining Equipment, Quarry Equipment and Construction Air Tools of all prominent manufacturers namely Atlas Copco – Chicago Pneumatic – Ingersoll Rand – Compair Holman – Alimak etc.

All replacement parts which they supply are totally compatible and interchangeable with the corresponding original part and all critical dimensions and tolerances are in accordance with original equipment specifications. The company also develops new or obsolete parts as per drawings or samples.

International Explosives Equipment (IEE)

Is an enterprise which was started back in 1989 in remote mining town home to the “Super Pit” in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.IEE has established itself as one of the world’s leading independent designers, manufactures and suppliers of equipment dedicated to the safe handling and placing of explosives.

It has a purpose  built facility of 5,5000 m2 of workshops on a 14,5000 m2 site nearing completion IEE is set to take the explosives industry equipment well into the 21st century.

With a product range second to none and a dedicated team of personnel IEE can supply a wide variety of equipment from an Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) trailer carrying 1,200 kg’s to a purpose designed Mobile Mixing Unit (MMU) carrying 26,000 kg’s.

Surface International: is a firm with experience of over 25 years in the field of marketing, servicing, designing, manufacturing & managing of shot blasting/shot peening machines for engineering, automobile heat treatment & foundry industry. The company has credit on designing & manufacturing of Guniting & Shotcrete machines, grout pumps & concrete placers for Construction Industry.

The company has Commercial production of Shotblasting & Shot peening machines & Construction equipments from January 2007. The company has well equipped Workshop with all required quality control equipments to maintain stringent quality standard.

With experience of Twenty Five years in the field, the Management of the Company understands the need & service support required by the customer & strives to attain complete customer satisfaction by way of excellent quality product & services.


Rock Hog Drilling Products is division of Loudon Industries and specialized in the design and manufacturing of DTH (down the hole) hammers and DTH bits for percussion drilling needs of the mining, quarry, water well, oil & gas and construction industry sectors. Rock Hog has been manufacturing DTH hammers and bits since 1990 and has over 30 plus years of experience in the rock drilling industry. Rock Hog is family owned and operated, and is now headed into its third generation.


Rock Hog hammers are manufactured completely in house in 3 1/2”, 4 to 4 ½”, 5 to 5 1/2″, 6 to 6 1/2″, and 8″ sizes.  Rock Hog DTH hammers are suited for any type of drilling environment, including: Water Well, Quarry, Open Pit and Underground Mining, Construction Drilling, Blast Hole Work , Environmental, and Oil and Gas. Rock Hog DTH bits are manufactured in all the popular head sizes and shank styles, including face or gauge buttons with domed or ballistic style carbides.  Flat wear pads and reversing buttons are also available with the same premium carbides.  Threaded Button Bits in a variety of head sizes, face designs, and button configurations are available in all the popular thread forms.

Significant Features

Rock Hog products are high quality, cost effective, and reliable, premium aircraft alloy steel, quality carbide, exact heat treatments, state of the art design and manufacturing ISO certified and hammers are reversible when rebuilding. Rock Hog currently has non-exclusive distributer’s who cover all market segments. Rock Hog products are especially suitable with gold, silver and nickel mining (these deposits are usually found in very hard rock, which requires percussion drilling – rather than the rotary drilling done in softer rock and coal mining).  The hammers and bits that Rock Hog manufactures are replacement parts and bits usually need to be replaced after 10 hours of drilling, the hammers approximately once a month (of course this varies depending on the type of rock.


Godbe Drilling LLC is a family owned and operated drilling company (established in 1994) with the management and field experience of a 40 year veteran. The Godbe name is synonymous with mining – every Godbe generation has been represented in the mining industry since the 1870’s. Godbe Drilling LLC specializes in exploratory diamond core drilling.

They specialize in diamond core drilling and mineral exploration. The company specializes in surface, underground and helicopter supported exploratory diamond core drilling. Presently Godbe Drilling LLC is operating six core drills including LY model 38’s andLYmodel44’s recently a brand new LYLF70 was purchased and put immediately to work on a major core drilling project in southern Arizona.


Sanders Construction, Inc. is the premiere drilling and blasting company in the southwestern United States, along with its sister company, Western States Drilling and Blasting, Inc.  Sanders Construction, Inc. provides drilling and blasting services for residential and commercial development, site preparation, mines and quarries. Under the leadership and direction of Danny Sanders, President and owner, they have become the blasting company of choice in Southern Nevada where the company is based.  They also operates in California, and through its sister company, Western States Drilling And Blasting, Inc., can also offer drilling and blasting services in Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming and Utah.


TJM Drilling Equipment & Supplies is backed by over fifty years experience in sales and servicing in the oil, gas, water well, quarry, aggregate, dimensional stone, construction and mining drilling industries. In addition TJM Inc Drill Tool has hands on field experience and knowledge to understand the true needs and urgency their customers require. Combined with years of experience in metallurgy and manufacturing of parts, sub adapters etc. They work very closely with its suppliers informing them of field reports, thoughts, comments and concerns customers may have. This helps to optimize the full potential of the products TJM Drilling Equipment & Supplies offers. TJM Drilling Equipment & Supplies also offers service and technical support through its service department fully equipped to rebuild DTH Hammers ranging from 3.5” to 30”

TJM inc Drill Tools and Service located in Aliquippa Pennsylvania is a Direct Distributor for Baroid, Boart Long year, Brunner & Lay, Bulroc, BVA pumps, Foremost, Gearench, Jet-Lube, Mincon, ORS Nasco, Robit and Tube Technologies making it possible to offer the finest products available in the Oil, Gas, Mining, Construction, Water-well and environmental industries.

Some of the products include: HD Horizontal Drills is a range of drilling machines built with high flexibility upon customers’ requests. The power of the machine is from 20Hp to 200HP being equipped with hydraulic rotators or hydraulic drifters, drilling up to ø1000mm holes. Typically, they are built for confined working areas, such as tunnels, and small pits. Its application include: drifter drilling, DTH drilling, coring and boring (with roller cutters).

The HD70RW is a special water well drill version of the HD 70 base machine. Standard units are designed to be very compact machines that are suitable for off road transport in rough terrain. They are configured as mud rotary machines with a 5×6 mud pump on board. Air on board versions is also available. The drills are mounted on 175 hp Ford 4×4 trucks with PTO drive for hydraulics. Alternatively they can be supplied a skid mounted units with deck engines for mounting onto a truck of the customer’s choice. They are ideally suited for drilling water wells using 2-7/8″ or 3-1/2″ OD pipes to an average depth of 200 meters (660 fts). Its application include: DTH Drilling, augering, Rotary Drilling (Tricone Bits and Drag Bits) and coring.

The HD20 is a light weight skid mounted drill suitable for helicopter transport to remote locations.  The drill is fully hydraulic and self contained.  The basic machine is mounted on a compact skid frame with wheels for easy movement. This is a popular method of soil stabilization employed for retention of slopes. A series of angled holes are drilled and grouted up with reinforcement. Unlike anchors, the reinforcing bars are not post tensioned. In many cases the slopes are very steep and only light weight equipment can be used. Our hydraulic and nail drills are very light-weight and widely used. This hydraulic portable drill is mounted on a skid with 4 pcs. Leveling jacks, and is fully hydraulic, driven by a diesel engine. The drill mast is hydraulically shifted side way, enabling to drill different holes without moving the drill. Applications: Rotary Drilling (Tricone Bits and Drag Bits), DTH Drilling, Coring, Augering and Drifter Drilling


Hole Products is a leading international supplier of high performance drilling products, combining multiple stocking locations, a vast inventory, and worldwide shipping capabilities with unmatched product knowledge, around the clock service, and global technical support. They service the environmental, geotechnical, geothermal, HDD, mineral exploration, rotary and sonic drilling industries worldwide. They are uniquely positioned to provide complete product solutions and technical expertise to drilling contractors across a wide range of industries. The ability for customers to purchase the majority of their tooling and consumables through a single vendor can create tremendous value.

In addition, Hole Products dedicated team offers a number of comprehensive services to their customers including inventory management, sourcing, logistics, expediting, product innovation, and troubleshooting solutions. These solutions are designed to help customers increase productivity and efficiency, promote safety, and stay one step ahead of the competition. Hole Products is a growing company with 5 locations, 25+ employees, over 35,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, a large inventory, and a single focus of being the world’s best drilling supply company in the US.


Piedmont Rock Drill Company has been working for over 32 years in the business of manufacturing specialized rock drilling equipment for the Blasting, Quarrying, Mining, Construction and Caisson drilling industries. All types and models of equipment that are built by Piedmont Rock Drills are also used in everyday operations by our parent company, GGC Drilling & Blasting, which has been in operation since 1985. Their extensive experience in both manufacturing and using their products in the drilling, blasting and manufacturing industries gives us a unique advantage over our competitors.

In addition to providing equipment, they also render on-site consulting services for drilling and blasting applications. They specialize in Granite quarry development, Mining and Construction optimizations. Their services include designing and manufacturing custom explosive products and specialized drilling equipment. They travel and ship worldwide. As part of their consulting services in Mining and Construction fields, they can analyze your operations, and give you suggestions for planning optimal, on-going processes and workflow.

Their scope of work can include the initial design and layout of your project, and organization of tasks (workflow), thus optimizing your usage of transportation equipment, drilling equipment, explosives, and other supplies. Their consulting advice will focus on managing your costs for machinery, labor, and supplies. We are experienced in coping with and avoiding environmental problems. Their services typically result in decreased calendar time for projects, avoidance of work flow problems, with increased profit at the end of the project.

Piedmont Rock Drill series were developed as true attachments for any excavators or loaders with adequate hydraulic oil flow and pressure. When not being used for drilling, these attachments can be easily removed and the machine can be used for its original purpose. Many companies around the world are very satisfied with the performance and longevity of our product line, and our products have been chosen because they out-perform competitors.

The new high frequency series hydraulic drifters have the lowest operating cost of any rock drills. They operate on extremely low hydraulic oil flow and pressure that result in less vibration and heat. This equals less wear and lower fuel usage for the host machine. A new design of the piston dampening system creates less wear and breakage of shank adapters, drill steels, and drill bits.

Advantages are that a drilling operation is not tied to a single purpose machine that will not perform. When the host machine wears out or a new job requires a different operation, the drill attachment is mated with a machine of your choice and work continues.


TEI Rock Drills is a privately held family business located in Montrose, Colorado USA.  TEI manufactures specialized drilling equipment for the construction, tunneling and mining industries.  All drilling equipment is manufactured in their facility using 5-axis CNC machines and also CNC grinding on the hardened drill parts.  These products are exported worldwide through distributors and direct sales to contractors.

There are three main product groups at TEI Rock Drills:  Drilling attachments, limited access drills and hydraulic drifters and rotary heads.  All of these products are produced to fill niche markets in drilling.  In this way TEI is a very specialized company with many unique solutions to drilling problems. Drilling attachments are mostly excavator-mounted drills.  These drills are used for earth retention installing soil nails and tiebacks.  The extra reach of the excavator allows for faster installation and broader coverage for earth retention in natural disasters and planned construction as well.

The electric limited access drills are used for foundation repair and specialized tunneling and mining.  Because TEI is relatively small compared to other drill manufacturers they are able to produce these extremely specialized drills.  Larger companies cannot make such small machines at a profit.  In tunneling TEI electric drills are used to cut cross-paths, install roof bolts and advance small diameter tunnels. TEI holds international patents on their hydraulic drifters.  A drifter is the rotary/percussion “head” that turns the drill steel and supplies percussion for rock drilling.  This is a very specialized type of manufacturing that is only undertaken by fewer than ten companies worldwide.

This year at Bauma TEI will be introducing the latest addition to the drifter line.  The new TE160 will be the shortest (420mm) hydraulic drifter built to supply almost 7 kW of percussion power.  Look to TEI for innovative drilling solutions at stand number N815/2. During the 2013 Bauma TEI Rock Drills will display a new model in their line of patented hydraulic drifters.  The TE160 is a very short (420mm) drifter that provides a high blow frequency (6500 BPM) with high torque (135 daNm).  This combination makes the TE160 especially suited for drilling where low headroom or short space is a priority.

For underground roof bolting the TE160 is not only very compact but also supplies the required torque for setting roof bolts.  The OEM market for mining equipment has been requesting a shorter drifter for many years.  The construction industry also requires new drifters for limited access drilling; the TE160 is being used to install the popular hollow-bar micro piles in the repair old buildings and bridges.  In both cases the TE160 provides more power in a much smaller package than was previously available. The TE160 is available with one or two rotation motors, and a percussion unit that delivers 7 kW of power.  Whether mounted on a TEI Rock Drill excavator attachment or another manufacturers rig the TE160 fills a void that has existed in the manufacturing of hydraulic drifters.


For nearly two decades, Hardrock Mining Products has specialized in manufacturing twisted steel drill rods in its Sudbury, Canada facility.  The company owns the largest twisting machine in the world, supplemented by a forge and several CNC mills/lathes. It can offer all configurations of twisted and straight drill rods (Left or Right rotation, hollow or solid) for hard rock, soft rock, coal, salt, gypsum and other applications.  Most shank and coupling configurations are offered, including typical threads, squares, tapered, hexagon and customer-specified.  Hardrock also supplies a wide variety of bits for all rock types, all of them fully compatible with twisted or straight rods.

The advantage of their twisted rods over straight rods are: positive and rapid removal of chippings, faster hole drilling (typically 4X faster than straight rods) straighter, cleaner holes, much greater working life (up to 6X the life of straight rods), lower rod inventory requirement, lower shipping and handling costs (fewer rods required), perfect for use in broken or unstable ground and rod/bit can be retrieved from a collapsed hole by simply “unscrewing” it.

They have been involved in supplying, as well as designing specialty drill steel products for customers on a worldwide basis in both hard and soft rock mining operations. Hardrock Mining Products manufactures specialty Auger Drill Steel products using Turbine and Diamond Section raw materials. They also manufacture traditional drill steel products to be used with Jackleg, Stoper and Jumbo drill rigs for the mining, quarrying, construction and civil engineering industries.


Founded in 1987, Atlantic Drilling Supply, Inc, is an international distributor of materials testing (concrete, soil, asphalt and aggregate) and drilling (water well, environmental, HDD and geotechnical) equipment and supplies.  The company’s founding philosophy was to be a single source local supplier for the Florida market.  Today that philosophy continues as Atlantic Supply celebrates well over 2 decades of service to the Southeast  and international markets.

With four stores in Florida and a store in Montgomery, Alabama, Atlantic Supply is strategically located in major metro areas.  This allows extended coverage of the metro areas, as well as small rural markets throughout Florida, Georgia and Alabama.  Their chain of warehouse stores gives them the unique advantage of quickly accessing in-stock products from their other warehouse stores.  They can bring products from other stores by the next business day via their delivery trucks, UPS and motor freight.  Their fleet of large capacity trucks with Moffett forklifts ensures on-site delivery is quick and cost effective. Atlantic Supply has developed a vendor base that is second to none.  Representing companies such as Wagner Meters, Monoflex, Baroid, Wyo-Ben, RoMix,  Instrotek-CPN, Penndrill, Thermo Fisher, Moyno, Ohaus, Diamond Products,Test Mark Industries and many more.

Larmee Equipment & Supply, Inc.

Larmee Equipment & Supply

Larmee Equipment & Supply (LES) is a world leader in used and refurbished rock drilling machines for construction, quarry and mining. For the past 33-years it has offered refurbished machinery solutions at considerable savings.

LES is pleased to promote a new partnership between Junjin CSM of Seoul, South Korea and Larmee Equipment & Supply in Louisville, KENTUCKY-USA to form Junjin America as an alternative solution to refurbish.

LES offers rebuilt units, serviceand accessories for most makes and models of drills and compressors both new and old.

Drilling Accessories include: Mitsubishi, Boart, Brunner & Lay and many others.

With over 30 years of experience, LESis able to utilize their expertiseto perform complete hammer/ drifter rebuilds.

The primary reason why LES partnered with Junjin CSM was to fill the industry-wide need for a simple and easy to operate Rock Drill.The other Rock Drill choices in the marketare now too advanced and complicated to be serviced by owner/operators on a regular basis. LES brings a strong marketing and sales background into the partnership backed by the solid manufacturing and quality reputation of Junjin CSM, who is producing the drill.

The first product of the collaboration between Junjin CSM and LES is the Rock Commander line of drills.

Along with the increased production, environmental advantages, and ease of operation, the Rock Commander drill will be offered at a price far below the existing manufacturers in North America. In addition the Rock Commander’s sister drills are at work in Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

According to Joey Sexton, the marketing manager of LES, the company’s African market base is in Botswana, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

He added that a developing trend in their industry is to introduce more high tech applications for what truly is a simple product. The Rock Commander produced for Junjin America defies this trend.

Thierry Bernard Technologie T.B.T.

3D overview of a blast
3D overview of a blast design and simulation of seismic wave’s interference, I-Blast software


With 22 years of experience in explosive engineering, blasting and mining industry worldwide, Thierry BERNARD lead TBT to promote DNA-Blast Technology for those who are looking for blasting performances and associated Return On Investment. DNA-Blast is primarily based on physics mechanism such as thermodynamic, detonics, rock mechanic, damage principles, ballistics and has been built along the last 20 years capitalizing on Dr.Thierry Bernard’s international field experience.

I-Blast is a unique 3D physics-based blast simulation software designed for mining engineers looking for optimizing blasts results without delaying the blasting process. I-Blast is “powered” by the DNA-Blast technology. I-Blast software delivers advanced analysis outputs to speed up the workflow and design more efficient blasts.

The company has already ventured into the African market with products in the South African iron ore mines, Gold mining in Mali and Mines in Morocco.

The unique feature of the software that makes it a favorite for miners is that the software is User-friendly: a 3 days course allows users to start using the I-Blast software efficiently. 3D environment and “blaster proof” ergonomic definitely help in the usage of the product

It is an all-in-one product. With this software, someone is able to design their shot, simulate the effect (vibration, noise, fragmentation, muckpile shape and cast) and optimize their loading and timing sequence. This software allows African miners to remain independent from their explosives provider, having their own optimization and engineering tool. They also take into consideration the remote location of African sites with a remote support via VPN connection.

The product can be customized in the sense that local geology and local explosives formulas can be entered in the software for more accurate simulation. Calibration of the model based on measured field outputs makes the output even more precise.

Philippe Dozolme, the Customer Support advised consumers to check whether the simulation outputs are/not biased by the software supplier. Process optimization has to come from an independent source, not from one of the supplier.


Contact: Matt Gordon




Contact: Jonathan Godbe




Contact: Danny Sanders




Contact: Tom Mc Kelvy




Contact: Kris Oothoudt

Tel: 888.465.1569,




Contact: eddie



Contact: Joe Patterson




Contact: Nigel Robbins




Contact: Andrea Kline



Taike Mining Equipment Co. LTD

Symon Wang

Guizhou Sinodrills Equipment Co. LTD

Eric Chen

Haryrock Engineering Private Limited

Sanjay Sajnani(DIRECTOR)

Revathi Equipment Ltd

J. Rajeev Kumar

Chengdu Zhonghang Machinery Co.Ltd


Cortech Drilling Equipment Co. Ltd

Martin Yin

Directional Core Drilling and Borehole Surveying Instruments

Julian Dawson

Vikay Mining Equipments

Prajay Shah,


Gary Parkinson



Yogesh Maheshwari,;

List of contributors

Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB

Elisabeth Meyer

LKAB Wassara AB

Boström Kent


M. Carmen Moreira

Bondura, technology by Bolt Norge AS

Ragnar Sandve

BAM Ritchies

Gibson, David

Skelair International

John Mayo

Dando Drilling International

Ian Smith


Bihter Ayhan


Gabriela Chrusciel


Larmee Equipment & Supply, Inc.

Joey Sexton

Thierry Bernard Technologie T.B.T.
Philippe Dozolme
I-Blast Customer Support

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