September 24, 2017

Pumps, Pipes and Valves

The right pump

Anyone in construction can tell you the value of having a top quality reliable pump on your site is critical. This can be for foundation drying and emptying plus Bentonite pumping for deep foundations, general over pumping services, general dewatering plus rewatering (rehydration) mains boosting, mains testing and mains cleaning Sewage by-pass and dust suppression.

Whatever the case reliability is paramount in a strict deadline situation.

Pumps are used for a variety of situations and this means that they come in various shapes and sizes from very large to very small each designed to accomplish specific tasks depending on the liquid or slurry to be conveyed, the rate or conveyance, height and rate. In order to wade through the wide range of available pumps it is critical to know what pump fits what job. The following companies focus on different types of pumps used in construction.

Rovatti SNE Series and MNE Series

Rovatti Pompe is the right partner of every Company around the world because is able to respond quickly and efficiently to the rapid market trends. The wide range of centrifugal pumps produced, the well established experience in the field and the continuous production quality improvement summarize the potential fielded by the Company. The value of the employees finally completes the driving force behind the entire Rovatti group.

As pumping systems currently account for about 20% of industrial energy consumption worldwide, the optimization of resources can lower running costs and reduce environmental impact to a significant extent. By paying constant and particular attention to strict international technical standards and the legislation on energy efficiency, Rovatti Pompe has succeeded in creating new series of pumps that break new grounds in terms of low energy consumption.

SNE Series

The Rovatti EN 733-compliant SNE pump range offers the best possibility of increasing the efficiency of all plants, ensuring exceptional hydraulic performances and minimal maintenance costs. The efficiency of these pumps is, in fact, close to 90%, offering clear benefits both financially (massive energy saving) and in terms of environment (reduced CO2 emissions). The “back pull-out design” (removable hydraulic part without moving the motor and disconnecting the pump body), the quickly replaceable wear rings, the incredible ease of maintenance thanks to the exclusive Twinner System® and the great reliability offered by the oversized bearings complete the picture of a product at the top of the market.

MNE Series

This innovative product range is able to offer the same high efficiency of the SNE bareshaft version next to the advantages of a monobloc construction. Designed for many different applications are characterized by exteme sturdiness, ease of installation and maintenance (including the exclusive Twinner System®) and maximum operational reliability. Available both with mechanical seal and gland-packing for all sizes, entire Rovatti SNE and MNE ranges best respond to the different needs of the market contributing to raise the state of the art of pumping systems.

The Company will continue to invest a lot of resources in an active program of research and development to provide our customers and the markets always with the most efficient pumping solutions able to progressively improve the efficiency, reliability and trouble free maintenance procedures of all our products”.

Peristaltic hose pumps

Flowrox pumps are applicable to a wide array of applications in the construction industry and are ideal for processes involving abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallizable media with high content of solids.

Flowrox peristaltic hose pump range includes three series of pumps that are ideal for transferring (LPP-T), dosing (LPP-D) and metering (LPP-M) duties. Flowrox hose pumps incorporate an advanced design; a single, bearing-mounted roller presses against the hose only once per the 360 degree operating cycle, producing the maximum flow per revolution which eliminates friction, maximizes hose life time and lowers energy consumption.

Construction industry applications include; grinding aid dosing, additives dosing, grout pumping and cement slurry transfer.

Grinding aid or alkanol amines and glycols have been utilized by cement customers for many years. There are now methods of delivery of grinding aids that have not previously been available. New peristaltic pumps are now available that provide process reliability and a lower cost of ownership of other pumps previously used in grinding aid delivery.

Peristaltic pumps have been in existence since the 1930s. Through the years, the designs have been continuously refined for improved performance and enhanced lifetime. During the early developmental years, the greatest peristaltic pump improvements have been advancements in rubber technology.

As rubber technology advanced, the need for replacements were seldom. Peristaltic pump technology has advanced similarly, but the quality and prevalence of rubber gets overlooked. If average consumers take the time to consider the reliable performance of their automobile tires, they may realize that rubber is a durable material that is used globally in millions of products that we rely on to make our lives easier and more efficient.

Maintenance of all peristaltic pumps is relatively simple. It consists of removing a broken or damaged hose, cleaning the interior casing of the pump of contaminants and then installing a new hose with the manufacturer’s required amount of glycerin. In some designs, this can be accomplished by one person in 15 to 20 minutes. In other designs, the maintenance may require two or three people, but it is still a fairly easy and uncomplicated procedure.

Also with peristaltic pumps, you do not need to remove the pump from the pipeline or take it to a repair shop. The repair work can be done at the pump installation location. With peristaltic pumps, the only required parts are a new hose and the necessary glycerin.

Today, the cement manufacturers understand the value of engineered-rubber technology. It is utilized in many locations in cement plants such as rolling mill liners, expansion joints, and abrasion-resistant rubber hoses and elbows. The heavy-duty lined peristaltic pumps utilize this same highly-engineered-rubber technology that will far outlast metal components subjected to the abrasive nature of pneumatically-conveyed cement.

Grout Pumps

In excess of 30 years of dedicated service to the Construction Industry has left Premier Concrete Pumping Limited with a reputation of being the contractors preferred choice.

P11 Grout Pump: It is very versatile SP11 DQR is the Rolls-Royce of Grout Pumps and is perfect for High Output bulk deliveries or site mixes for Renders, Grouts and Mortars. It is fully hydraulic and can be used for spraying or free flow applications. With its variable increased high pressure output it is top of the range.

CL410 Grout Pump; These Colcrete vertical mounted progressive cavity pumps have proven to be excellent additions to our fleet. Fitted with a “silent pack” noise reduction package and mounted on a site-towable chassis these Pumps are perfect for many applications especially in the Geotechnical sector. The real beauty is in its simplicity.

CL1010 Grout Pump; It is the “big brother” of the CL410. Electrically driven, it has increased mixing and pumping output and is as the CL410 but mounted on a robust steel skid chassis.

The technical knowledge and swift back up have proven to be a major benefit to the industry.

Submersible wastewater pump

Increasing concerns about CO2 emissions and energy costs has led to greater focus on energy use worldwide. Grundfos is uniquely positioned to ensure a correct understanding of efficiencies and how these combine with hydraulic free passage and constructional robustness in state-of-the-art wastewater pumps.

Environmental issues have led to legislation that places new requirements on wastewater handling. Pumping wastewater through the connection network or around the treatment plant accounts already today for a substantial part of the energy bills faced by municipalities and water utilities.  By choosing state-of-the-art wastewater pumps with the highest total efficiency, no compromise on hydraulic free passage and constructional robustness, you are well on the way to bringing down CO2 emissions and reducing operating costs for wastewater pump systems.

What matters to your energy bill is the total efficiency – meaning the total wire-to-water efficiency. In a wastewater pump there will be electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic losses. A pump manufacturer needs to master all of these without compromising reliability. Grundfos does precisely this and can therefore supply high efficiency products.

The IEC60034 standard sets minimum efficiency requirements for electrical motors, but is only valid for fan-cooled electrical norm motors. When Grundfos marks a submersible wastewater pump with, for example “IE3” efficiency, we will at all times be able to provide a type-test certificate for the motor components, tested in a norm motor execution according to the IEC60034 standard, which is your assurance of the validity and trustworthiness of what they communicate.

Pump efficiency is only interesting if reliability is not compromised. Pump maintenance is costly, whether planned or unplanned, and Grundfos does not compromise on reliability with their products. For constructional robustness with key components, Grundfos for example uses: Tapered roller bearings: Even though tapered roller bearings have higher losses compared to ordinary roller bearings, they have decided to keep these types of bearings to gain longer lifetime in heavy-duty operation.

Shaft seal: Grundfos pumps come with double mechanical shaft seals in a cartridge solution. This robust construction consumes additional energy, but ensures longer operational time and less downtime. Replacement is easily done in the field without use of special tools.

Traditionally there has been a trade-off between free passage in hydraulics for reduced clogging, and high efficiency. Grundfos has resolved this traditional compromise and is able to supply wastewater pump systems that offer superior hydraulic efficiency without compromising free passage. Soon we will be revealing how you get superior hydraulic efficiency without compromising free passage.

On 8 May 2012, Grundfos released a new and expanded range of wastewater products that will help you increase your total wire-to-water efficiency, which is central to keeping your CO2 emissions and costs down. Let Grundfos help you find the right pump for your specific application and optimise your business.

Centrifugal chemical pumps

ARGAL  AODD pumps by ARGAL S.r.l. are available in two version Normal and Progress. Both version are designed an pre set for following options: “Two in one” delivery manifold; Detection of cycles with normalized probe, extra low pressure operation with actuation circuit of diaphragms independent from pilot command circuit, pneumatic signals in response of the end of run positions of the diaphragms, adaptors to feed air chambers from external source, submersible configuration.

Progress version all the pump models can be fitted with an integrated control dial distribution valve easily adjustable to set the device on pre set positions optimised to pump problematic fluids as liquids laden with solids or very viscous. This in built regulator device is valuable for, either at the installation or at later times allows, by selecting the best set up, to fine tune the pump to the specific application thus reducing significantly the air consumption of the pump and its overall efficiency and flexibility.

Centrifugal chemical pumps moulded in pure thermoplastic material with many executions to offer different applications for pumping chemicals in the most efficient way. Innovation thanks to stainless steel use in the pump body as reinforcement.

The stainless steel is also used for the coupling guard and the base plate all according to the ISO regulations. The employed material and external structures are identical for the whole project Frontiera. The inside solutions and type of motor connection are different. These pumps can be sealless or sealed; close coupled or long coupled executions.

TGF seamless centrifugal magnetically driven pumps have the possibility to choose between different internal structures in order to offer many applications for pumping the chemicals in the most efficient way. One execution allows the accidental dry running.

TMF Hydraulic parts of the precedent range but in close coupled execution with the normalized electric motors installable without dismantling the pump. ZMF sealed pumps, close-coupled execution, ready to fit normalized motors with additional bearing to withstand hydraulic loads.

ZGF Sealed pumps produced with own mechanical support, back pull out execution. As “process” pumps they are designed to accept commercially standardized mechanical seals. The bearings are oil lubricated.

Centrifugal pumps

Since 1951 SAER ELETTROPOMPE S.p.A. offers innovative solutions in the clear water field, with a complete range of surface and submersible motors and pumps entirely made in Italy, with applications  in civil, industrial, marine, firefighting, water supply, mining, heating and cooling, municipal, Oil & Gas, reverse osmosis, agriculture, irrigation and many others.

Submersible motors plant: motor production from 4 “to 12” oil or water filled, in cast iron, stainless steel AISI 316 and 304, bronze, carbon steel and DUPLEX. Over 7500 motors produced and tested on a monthly basis; automatic machines, for the motor winding, assembling and testing. Production of submersible monobloc pumps, MBS, state-of-the-art testing room and testing pumps up to 5000 m³ / h, 500 kW.

Plant for the Split Casing and Multistage pumps production have an area for automated quality control, assembling and finishing split casing and multistage pumps. Shaft plant is of daily production of over 2500 shaft for SAER pumps and motors. Plant equipped with high-tech machines for the details quality control. The winding plants complete realization of the stators and windings for water filled submersible motors.

SAER produces centrifugal pumps from 0.5 HP to 400 HP,50 and 60 HZ, for fields such as domestic, industrial, firefighting, irrigation, mining, naval etc. The pumps can be supplied in different metallurgies: cast iron, carbon steel, bronze and stainless steel AISI 316, DUPLEX.

The SAER range includes: centrifugal peripheral electric pumps, centrifugal single impeller electric pumps, centrifugal electric pumps with two opposite impellers, multistage horizontal and vertical centrifugal electric pumps, electric centrifugal self priming pumps, electric centrifugal gear pumps, normalized centrifugal monobloc pumps, centrifugal electric normalized pumps with stub shaft, centrifugal bareshaft normalized electric pumps, centrifugal bareshaft exceeding the norm electric pumps, swimming pool pumps, drainage pumps, centrifugal submersible radial and semiaxial electric submersible pumps, split casing pumps and booster sets.

Concrete pumping

It is the best solution for projects where the site is awkward to access. Perhaps your site is on a steep slope, down a very narrow street or behind a terraced row? Are you worried about the risk to the surrounding area of spills or impact damage? Pumping is faster and cleaner than moving concrete by wheelbarrow or dumper, you don’t have to worry about ramps or mess and we can pour your concrete in a fraction of the time it would take by other methods.

C&G Concrete Pumping Ltd is CPCS approved concrete pumping specialists with over 10 years experience in pumping concrete in the UK. They can pump concrete in excess of 300 ft and can take the pipeline straight through or around a building or even over with our boom pumps.

C&G Mini Pump is the perfect way of placing your concrete without all the fuss of using a normal lorry mounted concrete pump. This is because there is only one wheel barrow of concrete left in the hopper when the job is completed.  You can wash out in a barrow or bucket with no wasted concrete, room in your skip or time clearing up by far the cleanest way of placing concrete.

Betaflex offers a full range of engineering services to assist manufacturers, including new and retrofit prototyping, system analysis, field engineering and consulting. Betaflex products are exposed to the most rigorous testing procedures, including thorough analysis in Betaflex’s State-Of-The-Art Engineering Center. The entire line of Betaflex hose and fitting products is continuously analyzed using proof and burst tests, abrasion tests, and design-match-quality processes.

The concrete hose pump by Betaflex Industrial Hose and Couplings is used for suction and discharge of concrete, dry bulk materials and dry cement optionally with hardened ends and fittings at a temperature of-25°C to 80°C.

The working pressure is 85 bars and the burst pressure is 200 bars. The lining is of natural rubber based compound mix, abrasion resistant (~70mm³ according to DIN 53516), black 2 layers of high tensile steel cord (4 layers of high tensile steel cord for 4″ and 5″).

Mini Pump

Wright Minimix Ltd and Bristol and Bath Concrete Ltd are a local concrete pump company in Bristol, UK where they operate around 12 concrete pumps which we have purchased from various manufacturers mainly Sermac and Mecbo from Italy.

Based on an Iveco Eurocargo 7.5T chassis, this machine was conceived from the experience gained within Wright Minimix Ltd. Boom pumps often carried out pipeline pours due to access problems for the boom and sometimes the truck itself. The minipump is a small versatile pump which allows trucks of all sizes to easily discharge concrete of S2 consistency and above.

The mini pump is specially designed for placing concrete in hard-to-access all areas, the machine is fully featured and carries all necessary accessories for it to be self sufficient. Unlike most pumps, its in-built cleaning system ensures that there is little waste for the user to deal with upon completion of a job. It is a cost effective solution for pumping small quantities, and is therefore ideal for small building companies or DIY users.

The mini pump comes with many benefits:  A robust and compact pump, Super smooth pumping action, Self sufficient and self contained, It is radio remote controlled, It can be used for concrete and flowing screeds, Fast and efficient, it can pump up to 40m3 per hour, over 100m vertically and over 200m horizontally and reduced waste due to specialist cleaning equipment provided.

Jessberger pumps and systems

The company JESSBERGER headquartered in Ottobrunn near Munich is a manufacturer of electric and pneumatic driven drum- and container pumps, vertical and horizontal eccentric screw pumps, dosing pumps for high viscous media, hand operated pumps and a comprehensive range of accessories like flowmeters, nozzles, etc.

Air operated diaphragm pumps, horizontal centrifugal pumps (also available as magnetically coupled seal-less centrifugal pumps) and vertical centrifugal pumps complete the delivery program beside further industrial pumps.

JP-700 SR (speed reducer), particularly for intermittent operation,for gentle and almost pulsation free transport ofthin to high viscous, thyrotrophic, gaseous, solidsand fibres containing, aggressive and neutralmedia.

Standard-version suitable for chemical products like dyes, varnishes, resins, latex, silicone masses, polymers mineral oil products like oils, greases, cutting oils, coolants. Pump tubes will be driven by electric universal or air motors All pump parts are in stainless steel 316 Ti; stator materials are adapted to the pumped medium and available in NBR.

The discharge pressure is 6 bars at the single –stage pump and 12 bar at the twin-stage pump and the viscosity for the SR-version up to 20.000 mPas with maximum temperature of the liquid up to 150 °C.

Pump tube lengths are 700, 1.000 and 1.200 mm. Special lengths up to 2.000 mm. Diameter of pump tube 54 mm, therefore suitable for all 200 liter drums with 2” bung hole.

The vertical eccentric screw pumps can also be equipped with a three phase or gear motor JP-700 DR. The pumps are also available in a horizontal line (JP-700 H).

Both are suitable for the transport of fluid to high viscous substances such as mud, pastes, soaps, shampoos, honey etc. up to 100.000.

SBWM – Multi-stage, vertical bowl, turbine pump

ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, is one of the world’s leading pump companies – a center of excellence in pump technology, hydraulic design and engineering.

Building on the success of Clyde Pumps they acquired Union Pump in 2008 and S&N Pump Company in 2010 and have now fully integrated these companies into ClydeUnion Pumps. They now have an even stronger team of people and truly global footprint to ensure customers receive high quality products and aftermarket support.

The ClydeUnion Pumps range of SBWM vertically suspended line shaft driven pumps are of advanced design with high efficiency and reliability. The unit is ruggedly designed and manufactured to the latest API 610 standard for minimum maintenance and heavy-duty requirements for upstream oil & gas applications.

An extensive range of hydraulics gives a comprehensive range of heads and flows with numerous material options available to suit specific fluid requirements. The pumps are driven by line shafting which may be either open or closed. Various drive arrangements are also available with above and below floor discharge options.

Enviro Linear Air Pumps

With 57 years of manufacturing pumps, Charles Austen Pumps offer their Enviro Linear Air Pumps for applications requiring extremely quiet and highly efficient operation. The Enviro range provide a low pressure, constant flow oil-free air source for the aeration of waste water.

It is designed for waste water treatment units (ATU’s) Enviro  linear air pumps combine a specially formulated diaphragm material for extended life whilst incorporating the most energy efficient motors for low power consumption for true low cost for life.  The design also includes exceptionally simple low cost servicing which needs only a screw driver to complete.  The robust design features a compact alloy casing which is weatherproof and does not degrade over time.

The simple yet efficient pumping principle uses an electro magnetically operated diaphragm, which eliminates sliding parts keeping wear and tear minimal and power consumption low.  This principle is combined with a unique noise absorbing double damping system within the robust alloy casing offers whisper quiet operation of only 40dBA.

A comprehensive range of models is available offering flow rates in steps from 30 l/min to 200 l/min with an exceptionally long service life and 18 months warranty.  Frost and rain proof the ET proves ideal for aeration in sewage treatment plants, hotel kitchens, industrial car washers and large scale aquariums.

Plunger Pumps

Grosvenor Pumps Ltd manufacture a range of Reciprocating Positive Displacement pumps, of Plunger, Diaphragm & Piston designs, used within the Chemical, Water & Oil/Gas industries. Their pumps are typically used for metering & dosing applications – the larger Piston designs for transfer & Commercial/Marine Boiler feed duties.

With over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing high quality, reliable and durable reciprocating pumps, Grosvenor Pumps produce a comprehensive range of electrically or pneumatically driven plunger and diaphragm pumps. Pump ends are available in various materials to suit all chemical requirements.

The Plunger designs are capable of high pressure metering/dosing of up to 260Bar. The typical uses are Chemical Injection for Water treatment plants & Oil/Gas production facilities.

The Diaphragm designs are seal-less, and therefore ideal for applications requiring zero-leakage of dangerous chemicals or Hazardous Area operation. Typical applications are metering & dosing of chemicals into low pressure processes. (Typically <10Bar, although we can offer Diaphragm types capable of 70Bar if required). The Piston designs are capable of transfer flow rates up to 12m3/hr. Double Acting Piston designs utilize the entire stroke cycle to induce flow.

All pumps are available with a selection of control, such as 0-100% manual stroke control, 0-100% manual speed control, or 10-120% Manual/Auto speed control, using our VARITRONIC control module. This particular option allows pump control via a range of analogue/digital signals, such as 4/20mA and RS485 ModBus RTU. The VARITRONIC module also incorporates a PID controller for simple closed loop pump control and can also be calibrated to display actual pump flow rate within process.

Grosvenor Pumps Ltd has been established for 60 Years and enjoys a Global reputation for Quality, Robust and reliable pumping equipment. All of their pumps are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and are available with ATEX certified motors for hazardous area operation. They also manufacture to API675, where applicable.

Grindex dewatering pump

Grindex is a world leader in electrical submersible pump technology for demanding applications such as construction, mining and heavy industry. The pumps are known for their high reliability, durability and dependability. Thanks to the built-in motor protection and the air valve, the pumps can run unsupervised for longer periods, and even run dry for a length of time.

Whatever the application, there’s a Grindex dewatering pump to meet your needs. They can handle water containing abrasive particles, and can run dry without problems thanks to a unique valve that enables air cooling of the motor. To be sure the job gets done, choose Grindex.

The Mini pump excels in applications where reliability and easy handling are essential. It is built to handle contaminated water, pH 5-8, and water containing relatively abrasive solids up to the size of 5 mm.

The pump type is electrical submersible one-phase, the classification is class IP 68 maximum submersion: 10 m cable: 10 m, H07RN-F, 3x1mm2 and the discharge is 2″ – hose, BSP or NPSM.

Grindex also have a powerful N-version of a Maxi pump which can handle 170 litres per second in challenging applications, working continuously without the need of supervision. As all big Grindex pumps, Maxi has built-in motor protection to keep it from single phasing, overheating and running in the wrong direction.

The Maxi pumps were installed in a bypass operation, keeping the tunnel dry during the whole work period. During the coming night the temperature dropped below zero again, causing some of the water to freeze. As Grindex pumps can handle such a situation without problem, it did not affect the pumping.

Flygt Ready pumps

Xylem Inc. a leading global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, has unveiled a new range of Flygt Ready pumps specifically designed for on-the-spot dewatering at construction or industrial sites, manholes or emergency situations. Xylem, which was spun off from ITT Corporation on October 31, 2011, specifically designed the new Flygt Ready pumps so that they are robust, compact and very easily serviced resulting in a long lasting, durable pump.

The Ready pumps are unique on the market in terms of serviceability. They feature a removable top that allows quick access for cable changes and component replacements. By servicing the replaceable components, instead of throwing the pump away and buying a new one, users can lower the total cost of ownership as well as reducing the environmental impact. The pumps are exceptionally durable, intended for a long life of repeated use.

The smallest of the Flygt pumps, the Ready range is designed for use in small and medium sized applications, removing water, abrasive and corrosive liquids, contaminated water and water containing sand and gravel. Adaptable and portable, the Ready pumps can, for example, be used for dewatering on boats or within the residential market for flooded basement dewatering.

The benefit of this pump is that it is built with a compact motor and lightweight material, ready pumps are easy to carry, install and service. These pumps go where other pumps do not fit and can be stored easily in service vehicles for quick response to flooding or clean-up.

The cast aluminum outer casing, stator housing and polyurethane hydraulic parts make Ready pumps durable for tough jobsite environments. They deliver professional level performance and higher wear resistance against tough handling or clogging.

Performance and durability are enhanced with the versatile Ready impeller and a robust and lightweight squirrel cage induction motor. The cable unit features a water-cut to stop water from damaged cables from entering the pump and damaging electrical parts. Other features which further promote reliability include horizontal or vertical discharge options to help reduce the risk of a blocked hose, two sets of mechanical shaft seals and the Spin-out TM which expels abrasive particles from the seal chamber.

Ready pumps handle flows up to seven l/s (100 GPM), heads to 14 m (50 ft) and solids up to 38 mm (1.5 in) in diameter. Power ratings range from 0.5 to 0.82 kW (0.4 to 0.9 HP, 60 Hz).Weighing only 12 and 14.5 kilos (26 and 32 lbs) respectively, Ready 4 and 8 are designed for dewatering of construction sites, flood cleaning operations and similar applications. They can handle abrasive and corrosive liquids in the range of pH 5–8 and particle sizes up to 5 mm (0.2 in).

The Ready 8S is a solids-handling pump designed for contaminated water and water containing sand, gravel and debris with particle sizes up to 38 mm (1.5 in).

Flygt, a Xylem brand, is synonymous with engineering excellence, reliability and closeness to customers. Flygt is a world-leader in the design and manufacture of dry and submersible pumps, mixers and related intelligent controls systems. Under the Flygt banner, customers have access to a complete range of products and solutions for moving water, wastewater, and advanced monitoring and control equipment to optimize their use. Product development and manufacturing of Flygt products is based in Sweden.

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