November 17, 2017

BMG’s Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners


BMG’s new Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners, which form part of the Nord-Lock range, are designed to reduce downtime and eliminate unsafe and laborious bolting methods for pumps and pumping equipment, particularly in harsh operating conditions like the mines.

“These new multi-jackbolt tensioners replace or retrofit nuts and bolts on pumps and only require hand or air tools for installation and removal of any size tensioner,” says Darryl Campbell, general manager for BMG’s fasteners, tools and equipment division. “Bolts on pumps and pumping equipment need to be easily removable during maintenance procedures, but must resist the loosening effects of vibrations and dynamic loads.

“This quick and efficient bolting method is based on a design which splits one big torque into a number of smaller ones. Superbolt, which has numerous advantages over conventional bolting products, ensures joints can be tightened with high accuracy, without the need for specialist skills or heavy tooling. Tightening in pure tension allows higher preloads on the same size bolt than conventional tightening methods.

“By generating a preload high enough above the separating forces means bolting will not vibrate loose on properly designed joints – this eliminates costly downtime. Added elasticity increases fatigue life of the bolted joint. Installations are safe because only small hand tools are required. This means there are no safety hazards from immense hydraulic pressures, no pinching hazards, no need for the lifting of large tools or sockets breaking under high pressure.

“Multi-jackbolt tensioners are easy to install, even in confined spaced and although there are multiple jackpoints to tighten, by using hand or air tools, installation times are faster than other bolting methods.”

A conventional bolting system, like the sledgehammer, gives little control, is inconsistent and can cause injuries. Thermal tightening, crane and hydraulic wrenching and hydraulic tensioning are often costly, inaccurate, time consuming and unsafe.

BMG offers a technical advisory service to determine the dimensions and load conditions of existing or required bolted joints. Current tightening methods are evaluated and bolt preloads for absolute reliability and durability are calculated.


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