January 17, 2018

The EM850 relocatable self-contained safety shower

A tough and reliable Australian manufactured safety shower and eyewash featuring solar battery charging for use even in the world’s remotest and harshest conditions, is to be launched internationally after its successful introduction Down Under. The EM850 relocatable self-contained safety shower with eye wash from Enware Australia – which features loading/unloading access for forklift tines or cranes – is already in use by leading resources, engineering and project management companies in Queensland and Western Australia.


“The fact that the solar shower uses non-absorbent insulation to insulate its 1350L tank, eliminating the need for an integrated cooling system, makes it very suitable for hot remote installations in places such as Asia, the Middle East and Africa,” said Allan Lane, business development manager-safety at Enware.

“Our first overseas system has already been delivered to a mine site operating in Mauritania, West Africa and we are looking forward to building on this initial sale in the near future. The first showing of the EM850, along with that of the broader range of Enware safety systems at recent trade events in the Middle East, generated a very positive response among a knowledgeable and high quality audience.”

The EM850 incorporates a water storage capacity to operate both emergency shower and eyewash to international safety standards conforming to both ANSI Z 358.1 2009 and AS4775-2007 Standards.

Designed for service with mining, oil and gas, defence and heavy industry applications where services are limited, or non-existent, the EM850 is ideal as it requires no mains power or plumbing connection.

The EM850 incorporates 40W solar panels with maintenance free durable batteries as well as dedicated shower and eye wash pumps.

It also features a fully stainless steel enclosure to maximise lifespan and failsafe operation in harsh environments even in ambient temperatures exceeding 45⁰C.

The system offers immediate response to situations where serious injury can occur if eye and skin accidents are not treated within seconds.

An LED display shows water level, battery power and water temperature while the self-monitoring alert system is visible from a distance.

Enware is the largest manufacturer of stainless steel showers in Australia and exports to 15 countries. The company has won design awards in Australia and overseas for its specialist plumbing and rugged stainless steel safety products. Enware holds an Australian Standards Licence as a Quality Endorsed Company ISO9001:2008(Licence No. 1213).

Enware has a strong network throughout Australia and New Zealand and has established offices in Singapore to grow exports to that country as well as to Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand, while also opening a base in Dubai to serve rapidly growing markets in India and the Middle East.

The company has more than trebled its turnover and investment in Australian manufacturing over the last decade, building a team of more than 170 people committed to its message of “Buy Australian Quality Solutions” and listening closely to its customers to ensure the company anticipates and delivers what they want when they want it.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact Enware Australia Pty Ltd, 9-11 Endeavour Road, Caringbah, NSW 2229, Australia, info@enware.com.au, ph (61-2) 9525 9511, fax (61-2) 9525 9536.Visit www.enware.com.au

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