January 17, 2018

Purpose-built mine cabling


A new breed of cables for earthworks and mining operations are able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, as well as being able to stand up to tough mechanical conditions while delivering ultra-reliable performance.

Manufactured in Germany by leading cabling and related equipment supplier, Helukabel, the range includes a variety of purpose built cables that have been specially manufactured for various tasks on the mines, from the mine face, to the main operation and beyond. Included in the range are impressive (and technologically advanced) cables for deep mining purposes, various coatings for process applications, trailing cables with high abrasion resistance and a wide variety of others.

According to Helukabel South Africa managing director, Doug Gunnewegh, some of the latest advances in cables for mines include extreme torsionally stiff cables. These are used for reeling medium voltage power supply to heavy equipment such as crane or large mobile equipment, as well as excavators in the mining industry. It allows faster reeling speeds for better production output, while the purpose built construction improves reliability and minimises downtime as a result of breakages or damage.

The cables can operate under tough conditions and have a number of built-in features that protect it from damage. Advanced anti-torsional protection is also built in to the cable to lend it unique torsional strength abilities. The cables are available in nominal operating voltages of between 3,6 – 20kV.

Trailing cables

Another cable range that has been optimised for mine conditions is the ever-popular trailing cable. These are used in vertical drum operation under extreme mechanical stress and on moving cable carriers. They can be used as a rugged feeder to construction machines, conveyor and transport systems in any conditions. The trailing cables have nominal voltages of between 0,6 – 1kV.

“These cables have been optimised for use on mines and offer high feed out and reel-in speeds for improved productivity. Purpose built construction means that reliability is unsurpassed to avoid unnecessary downtime due to cable failure,” says Gunnewegh.

He adds that the company is able to supply a wide range of solutions for the mine industry. Global expertise also means that cables and accessories can be tailor made to suit the exact requirements of individual mines. Helukabel cables carry quality certifications from all major standards authorities.


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