January 16, 2018

Preparing for December shutdowns

Process plants and manufacturing facilities preparing for the annual December shut-down, should carefully plan for conveyor belt maintenance and ensure that orders are placed timeously to ensure stock availability.

Local conveyor belt manufacturer,

Vision Conveying, is more than doubling its stock holding capacity in order to cope with the annual demand for belting and conveyor components. Suppliers usually experience unprecedented demand for stock during this period and shortages are known to either drive prices sky-high, or lead to delays in scheduled maintenance of companies’ conveyors. Considering the critical role that conveyors play in typical production and process facilities the effects can be devastating.

Colin Fairweather of Vision Conveying, says that especially in the mining industry, December usually marks the end of an extremely busy period and shut-downs are made to coincide with the holidays. Equipment that has been run hard throughout the year is often in desperate need of maintenance and many businesses are unfortunately forced to scramble for stock of belting in order to complete maintenance tasks.

Ensuring availability

“As the foremost manufacturer and supplier of conveyor belts in South Africa we have taken it upon ourselves to double-up and in some instances quadruple our stock holdings (of belting and other necessary components) to try and meet the annual demand. We still advise however that companies place orders early in order for us to forecast the requirements of our large customer base, as well as assist other suppliers to meet their unforeseen demands.

“Every year we see the same pattern occur and every year we try to help where we can by supplying competitors with products, so that their customers are not left stranded. Our operation never shuts down and we run 24-hour shifts, 365 days per year in order to ensure our customers get what they want, when they need it. We also have specialist technical teams at the ready to assist customers with conveyor related problems at any time of the day or night,” says Colin.

Considering the wide variety of conveyor belts available, it is critical to exactly match the requirement of customers for specific applications. Belts vary from standard-type PVC belts with anything between one and five ply layers, to Polyurethane types for clean-room environments and rubber for heavy or abrasive materials (and anything in-between) . Each belt can have additional requirements such as tread patterns, flame-proofing, non-toxicity etc, which requires an exact match when replacing or repairing belting.

On site repairs

The company also has mobile splicing teams which go onto site to undertake factory-quality joins of belts in order to help customers minimise downtime when belt repairs are required. Its technical teams are also able to undertake tracking (alignment) of belts to ensure they run optimally and do not get hung-up or damaged as a result of them shifting off centre. These and other common problems are usually quickly identified and repaired by Vision Conveying’s specialist teams once they are on site.

“The fast pace of automation in most industries is driving a massive requirement for conveyor belts and related equipment. As a result, our local conveyor manufacturers are delivering more systems than ever before and contributing to a massive installed-base across all industries. With this in mind, we plan to keep our stock holdings at these high levels continuously and so ensure we can meet the requirements of the entire conveyor market and maintain the lowest lead times in the industry,” concludes Colin.

Vision Conveying, Colin Fairweather, Tel: (011) 762 1168, Fax: (011) 762 1160, Email: sales@visionbelting.co.za, Web: www.visionconveying.co.za





Colin Fairweather of Vision Conveying


Conveyor belt preparation at Vision Conveying’s Chamdor factory


Vision Conveying undertakes onsite splicing on conveyor belts where mission critical processes require fast repairs

Issued on behalf of Vision Conveying, Colin Fairweather, Tel: (011) 762 1168, Fax: (011) 762 1160, Email: sales@visionbelting.co.za, Web: www.visionconveying.co.za

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