January 24, 2018

Demolition in Mining

Equipment for effective demolition

Demolitions take place in mines during upgrades or at the end-of-life of a mine. In the case of a mine that has come to the end of its useful life, environmental aspects need to be taken into consideration in order to incorporate cleanup and reclamation of the sites.

These decisions can affect the schedule and cost of the demolition activities because they may control how the demolition contractor will conduct his activities. In the case of demolitions in order to upgrade facilities, the fact that it is a live site means that extra care and safety must be taken in order not to disrupt mining activities on the site both underground and above ground.

When sourcing for a demolition contractor, experience and track record should be key. Assess the qualifications of the personnel and peruse their past projects. Determine their suitability for your particular project because each project always has unique challenges. Even while the contractor may tout himself as the best in the market ask for a list of references of satisfied customers. When it comes to the type of equipment, we take a look at some of the companies and what they have to offer.


BTI manufactures and distributes a wide range of mine, quarry, construction and demolition equipment. Specializing in hydraulic hammers, mobile rock breakers, stationary and portable rock breaker systems, construction and demolition attachments, BTI is also well recognized for their full line of underground utility vehicles including mobile scalers, scissors lifts, crane trucks, lube trucks, anfo loaders, shotcrete mixers and placers, cassette systems and personnel vehicles. Applications range from primary and secondary sites involved in construction, demolition or recycling, to quarries and underground mining operations such as scaling and explosives loading.

Technology plays a critical role in the company’s continued successes. BTI enjoys a reputation for engineering products with the most advanced technologies available, yet the resulting systems are remarkably easy to use. Its breaker systems, for example, literally have benchmarked reliability and performance across a broad range of applications. Similarly, its hydraulic breakers use sophisticated technology to produce a simple design. With only two internal moving parts, this line of breakers and attachments makes the operation of hydraulic equipment easy, flexible and reliable. Field-proven and customer-sanctioned, BTI products are enthusiastically accepted as the standard for the industries they serve.

For the larger stationary crushing plants, BTI has designed and developed TTX Series Rock breaker System. This system is used in applications where extremely hard rock is present or a large coverage area is required. It can be used for material handling applications. Systems can be equipped with a 4,000 to 10,000 ft-lb class breaker, models available with up to 45 ft Nom. Horizontal Reach (with breaker vertical).Features and benefits of TTX series rock breaker system include: high strength steel (bent, 4-plate) construction 65 ksi tensile strength; 50 ksi yield strength for longer service life, reinforced pivot and mounting pin joints from improved durability, hardened steel bushings in pivot joints and larger diameter pivot pins provide reduced bearing pressure and increased service life, thick pedestal base plate – 2.0” (50 mm) for stable mounting – optional concrete installation available, sealed turn-table bearing and gear drive for longer service life, increased cross sectional strength of boom and dipper where high stress is realized and can-bus (iqan) control technology for more precise control and ramping for improved operation response.

BTI’s Low Profile Mobile Breaker Systems eliminate disruptive, costly and unsafe blasting in stopes, draw points and grizzlies, providing efficient, safer alternatives to secondary blasting.


Demolition in Mining








TML Technik (SA) (Pty) Ltd. is a member of the German TML group and an expert in special machines used under the toughest climatic and mechanical conditions. The company focuses on steel mills and other metallurgical plants; it is the world’s biggest manufacturer of mobile debricking machines in the iron and steel industry. Its product range here includes telescopic excavators and booms, as well as debricking, slag skimming and charging machines and tap hole drilling machines used in steelmaking. They drill and set tap holes, clean and break out ladles, converters and blast furnace runners, and carry out hot refractory repairs during operation.

However, their portfolio also includes construction, mining machines, Promove hydraulic hammers and MCQuaid Engineering pedestal booms for crushers. The special machines from TML and their trade partners Promove and McQuaid are primarily supplied and adapted to the individual requirements of the steel mills, their service providers and OEMs, as well as mine operators and construction companies. From conceiving the machines and plant equipment to production, transportation and assembly, through to customer training, maintenance and repairs, the company offers customer-oriented service from a one- single supplier. They have their workshops in Benoni, Republic of South Africa.

TML offers its customer’s long-lasting, reliable, state-of-the-art quality under the catchword “working solutions”. The company considers the current market situation to be difficult and intends to adapt its products and services flexibly to the markets.


BF Carr’s main product is the Stem Plug Blast Control Plug which is the original, most widely used, and most effective stemming plug on the market. First introduced in 1991, well over 4 million plugs have been successfully used worldwide.

Stemplugs work by creating a blockage effect in the borehole by wedging the stemming material between the borehole wall and the plug. It is a similar situation to plugging up a rifle barrel. Upon detonation the plug is forced upward and moves approximately 1.5 to 2 diameter lengths prior to ‘locking up’. When the plug seizes in the borehole the blasting energy is contained in the rock where it belongs. There are numerous studies documenting the effect. Fragmentation and Fracturing are increased, while fly rock, air blast, and dust are decreased.

Stem Plugs are loaded on top of the explosive and below the stemming material. At detonation the whole column begins to move up and the plug wedges the stemming material against the borehole wall and “locks up”. The rapidly expanding gasses are contained in the bore hole leading to a better blast – less wasted energy contributing to fly rock, air blast, etc. They also have Max-Blast TM Stemming Plugs which are the most effective vinyl plug on the market. The patented “positive seal’ accordion design forms a barrier that prevents the explosive gasses from passing up through the stemming material. When the stemming material is undisturbed by rapidly expanding gas it will bridge and lock up in the borehole.

Their Plugs, when used in well designed blasting programs, will increase fragmentation from 20percent to 50 percent while decreasing Air Blast, Fly Rock, and Dust. They offer the two best stemming plugs on the market in the sizes most frequently used in the Mining and Aggregate Industries.


LST Demolition & Recycling improves productivity and efficiency of its customers through continuous product improvements, numerous technical innovations, customer service and consulting skills. As a market leader, they see themselves as a partner of their customers in all cases of need, in the domestic and international market.

With numerous patents for components, methods and procedures, LST Demolition & Recycling is a leading technology provider and presents a broad range of hydraulic breakers, demolition and multifunction pliers, scrap shears and grippers through to breaker systems for quarries and steel mills. LST Demolition & Recycling is the specialist for all applications in the areas of demolition, recycling and recovery. One of the greatest advantages to LST dust suppression systems is their supremely simple installation. There is no need for a complex infrastructure. Thanks to modern plug & play technology, all your need is access to water and power sources. Once machines are installed, allocated and set, they operate fully automatically and autonomously on site.

The LST Group is an internationally active medium-sized owner operated group. The individual companies are innovative service providers, developers and technologically leading manufacturers and distributors of premium products for agriculture, construction and industry. Depending on the division, the value chain within the LST Group extends from development and production, trade, sales and rentals to services and service providers, such as the possibility of leasing. In the LST Group, the main focus lies on the solution for the customer’s individual field of application, rather than on the product itself. In addition, the LST Group also offers the structuring of financing solutions, the project development and the trade as well as the rental of properties, the consulting and interim management for its partners.


Is an established company founded in Germany in 1958, developing production and sales of environmental friendly, special hydraulic demolition tools. Quality and power solutions to unconventional problems are most important. The company offers the right tools for most demolition jobs along with quality and strong performance. Their next priority is solutions for uncommon problems. For this reason they continue to develop and expand their product assortment. Thus the correct device is available for many demolition requirements.

Their qualified Field Service Technicians are at the disposal of their clients and are available onsite. They are fully trained to service Darda devices. They can offer an efficient, comprehensive time-saving repair-service; with their modern completely furnished service-wagons their service-wagons are equipped with work bench, tools, test equipment and a large selection of spare parts for service of all Darda demolition devices.

Nearly all demolition devices are available for their customers at short notice and they are on hand ot help determine a clients specific needs and match them with the correct equipment. Their rental center equipment is maintained after each use and checked again before the next rental, so that you always receive your rental equipment in A-1 condition.

Some of their popular machines in demolition includeSplitters and Power Units,Combi-Shears.


Rammer was established in 1978 in Finland. Over the years, the company changed hands and eventually became part of Sandvik Mining and Construction. The current factory was built in 1996 to manufacture crushers and hydraulic hammer housings. In 2002, the factory was sold to Ramtec by a management buyout arrangement (MBO). Ramtec is a producer of its own high-quality Robi products as well as respected and trusted contract manufacturer of welded and machined steel parts. Ramtec’s history can be traced back to the 70’s when world-renowned Rammer was established. The current business began in 2002 when Sandvik Mining and Construction sold the cutter-crushers and hydraulic hammer housing factory to its management

From the very beginning, Ramtec’s operations were focused on growth and innovation. Its up-to-date factory operates on self-owned facilities in Lahti, Finland and boasts FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) based production. Production is focused on machining and assembling welded structures. Ramtec’s business concept is to provide quality and cost-effective solutions for customers needs.

Robi products are attachments for excavators and wheel loaders. They are indispensable tools for any kind of demolition, sorting, screening, crushing and loading application. The Robi product family consists of demolition and handling grapples, screening buckets and crusher grapples. All of the equipment mentioned is suitable for use in the environmental sector as it can be used for sorting and recycling construction debris. The products are the answer to the needs of the demolition and recycling sectors. They bring innovative and up-to-date solutions to help the end user save time and cut costs considerably. In short, their starting point is to find and understand the needs of their customers and satisfy them.



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