January 24, 2018

Industrial Mine Doors

Strength comes from design and material

Industrial doors refer to a number of access controls and barriers that are used to secure and separate areas of any mine buildings whether it involves surface or underground mining, whilst allowing ease of access and entry when necessary.

They can be used to provide environmental control, fire protection, rapid access, heavy duty security or high visibility and promotion.

In addition, Industrial doors can assist in the reduction of energy costs and they can have a positive impact on green issues surrounding environment.

Type of Industrial Doors

Mine Doors: Steel Frames and Panels

Most of the mine doors are equipped with special steel frames and steel panels, double acting cushioned air cylinder, 17 gallon air storage tank, and control cabinet, some include an optional photoelectric operation. Air compressor with air storage tank are available for the mines that have an access to compressed air.

Air Cylinder

Double-acting cushioned cylinder is equipped with control valves for adjusting the opening and closing speed of the door wings. Optional rope pull contactor, slap type contactor or photo-electric operation located in-by, and out-by each door provide for a positive opening and positive closing each time.

Control Cabinet

Manual override on valve allows for operation of door several times in event of power failure. A shut-off cock, check valve (to maintain pressure in the reservoir receiver should line pressure fall), filter, lubricator and solenoid valve are all mounted in a heavy sheet metal enclosure.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Doors are similar to Roller Shutter Doors mainly due to their vertical operation and ability to operate in a limited space. These characteristics also limit the potential for vehicle damage as the doors are effectively out of harm’s way when open. They are also constructed using larger sized slats (panels). The panel design gives an opportunity to include visual panes and windows and also door access.

PVC Strip Curtains or Crash Doors

These are purpose built for providing ease of access to fork lift trucks, trollies, vehicles or personnel through the controlled access point without the need for stopping and opening/ closing the doors either manually or through some switch.

Industrial Door Strength

The strength of Industrial doors comes from the design and materials used in their construction. This enables them to withstand many extremes, such as environmental (wind, heat, cold, dust), security (forced access), sound proofing and fire resistance.

When selecting a door for your business, the important factors to consider, include security level, access frequency, speed of opening, visibility, environmental protection, insulation, fire proofing and whether electrical or manual operation.


A well designed Industrial door, whether folding, sliding door, rapid roll door, and industrial roller door should have ease of maintenance built in. This means that when maintenance is required it is easily and cost effectively carried out. Regular maintenance and conducting essential repairs is key to keeping your industrial doors in top condition.

Maxiflex Door Systems: a Trusted Name in the Door Industry

Maxiflex Door Systems has been a trusted name in the door industry for over two decades and has secured the distributorship of the Megadoor in South Africa. The company is also an accredited sole distributor in Southern Africa for Albany Door Systems.

The Albany high-performance door range is ideally suited for high traffic areas where control of the working environment is of utmost importance. Door types, tailored to size, speed and the type of application, enable a practical solution for dispatch and receiving loading bays, warehouses, distribution centres, factory entrances and shopping centres.

Included in the Albany range of doors is its highly rated and most robust door, the UltraTough and UltrabBig Rubber Doors. Manufactured from the strongest materials, these doors are designed for larger openings where the environments are rough and dirty, like mining workshops, for instance, it has been successfully installed at Debswana in Botswana and Kumba Iron Ore in Sishen.

In addition, Maxiflex Door Systems is the distributor of the Megadoor range of doors which are specifically manufactured for large openings, such as in mining workshops, aircraft hangers and shipyards. The company also offers a great deal of experience with automated mining doors. Robust design and high quality have ensured reliable, long-lasting results. The Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door is designed to operate in the toughest environments, opening and closing quickly and smoothly many times a day.

Strip Curtains are the way

The value of strip curtains is often understated in the cold chain industry. This innovative and economical solution is ideal for enclosing all internal and external openings. Consisting of transparent strips formulated from a PVC compound, strip curtains are designed to combine high clarity with mechanical strength due to an outstanding degree of flexibility. The clear strips will interfere with natural light and will allow unlimited access to vehicles and pedestrians under conditions from +60o to -40o.


DDL Equipment (Pty) Ltd takes pleasure introducing you to our stable of robust, new generation Extreme Doors, of particular application in the mining, foundry, milling and brewing industries.  DDL is the sole distributor in Southern Africa for these doors, which are manufactured by market leader, Nergeco, in France.

There are three doors of particular interest.

After years of research and development, Nergeco Extreme Doors are currently manufactured in France and assembled by DDL in South Africa, to the highest standards.

$1o   They are fabricated from high performance, long-lasting flexible material, rendering them rust-proof, wash proof, wear and impact resistant and easily maintained.

$1o   They are UV resistant, thereby lengthening their operation life.

$1o   They are built to withstand harsh, dusty environments and high wind conditions as found in Southern Africa, where thunderstorms cause huge gusts of wind to buffet buildings.

$1o   Their vertical, space maximizing lifting action is powered by an automatic industrial motor.

$1o   They are capable of being folded away in the event of accidentally being damaged, thereby preventing down time.  Productivity will be further enhanced through routine maintenance by specialized teams who will come to site to check the doors, upon signature of a service agreement with DDL.

$1o   Doors can be fitted with rows of translucent windows in order to maximize natural light into the interior, thereby promoting a dust-free and optimal working environment.


Some of the benefits include the following, free standing units, ideal for installation in existing workshops/ warehouses, counterweight to open door in case of power failures/ outrages, no additional overhead structure steel requirements to be provided for, no lubrication required, fast, reliable operation under any weather conditions, corrosion resistant design with strong components, translucent rows of windows available- saving on electricity, no floor tracks required, free fall protection provided with soft bottom edge.

Additional benefits include, superior air tightness and dust controls due to the sealing pressure of the fold-up curtain, requires low maintenance, low operating costs, long operating life time and insulation value-extremely low air infiltration.

DDL would like to extend an invitation for you to visit their showroom at the DDL Equipment head office in Bramley View, Johannesburg.  Here you may view a Nergeco Trekking Extreme Door which has been fitted to the external wall of their showroom.

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