December 15, 2017

SA economy may be on the rise

Twenty years ago South Africa’s business relationship with the rest of the continent was limited, and in some countries, even hostile.

However, since the first democratic government, reparation with regard to investment and other business ventures has secured South Africa as one of the chief investors.

According to the South African Foreign Policy Initiative (SAFPI) South African investment abroad has increased significantly, with much of this investment directed toward other African counties.

Local companies are benefiting from this steady relationship between South Africa and the continent. One in particular, started in early November 2013, is R&D Contracting whose expert project direction at the Botswana Ash Mine facility in its northern region of Sua Pan is an example of South Africa’s growing economic reputation throughout Africa.

R&D Contracting team leader, Dale de Vos, said that the company is almost complete with project — and skills in corrosion prevention have given their clients in Botswana confidence in South African business.

The project has included installation of corrosion prevention from Denso, fibre grate installation as well as long life handrails and cat ladders.

In addition, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) compiled a report in 2013 in which it found that South Africa’s investment in Africa has increased by over 500% in the last decade.

This promising news may indeed be linked to companies such as R&D Contracting whose assistance in the mining sector of Botswana further cements the good relations between South Africa and its neighbours.

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