January 17, 2018

Filter Press trends

Technology is enabling greater efficiencies to be achieved

The more particles become finer, the harder it is to separate liquids from solids. Filter presses has been and remains an efficient way of separating solids and liquids through pressure filtration.  Since technology is evolving day after day, the filter press has also evolved so that while it still performs its main purpose of filtration, technology, is enabling greater efficiencies to be achieved.

The design and technology of current filter presses allows the press to work at a pressure of up to 18 bar, enabling the unit to process the slurries particles which had been considered difficult to dewater. These presses can operate effectively without the use of flocculants and they are fully automated. In addition, they have a very short cycle time and increased water recovery.

The filter press dehydrates the solids in the feed sludge by squeezing out upto 80                                          percent of the liquids by means of a high pressure feed pump, which provides the driving force for this process.  The products are clear press filtrate suitable for recycling into the process or further processing and a dehydrated filter cake with moisture content of less than 17 percent, which is easy to handle.

Types of Filter press

The Acquæ range


The size of a mine must not be overlooked when making a choice of filter pressbecause one size doesn’t fit all.  The Acquæ is the perfect solution for middle sized mining companies, industrial plants and quarries for the filtering of sludge and wastewater.  It is made up of single-block steel from thick slabs and processed with plasma, laser or water-jet technology.  Purified water is discharged through 2 external or internal manifolds.  This high speed and high pressure hydraulic system has been built with automatic plate shaking, which is suitable for perfect cake release from filter cloth, shaker Gasser patented system.   Acquæ range cycle is 15-20 minutes and its full automatic clearing is 3-5 minutes.

The Ignis range

This one is suitable for medium and large sized mining companies, industrial plants and quarries for filtering of sludge and wastewater. It has solids concentrations of up to 5/6 m3/h.  Almost all specifications of Acquæ range also apply in Ignis range, with added 400 Bar oil-pressure central unit and oversized thrust pistons.

Terræ range

The bigger the mine, the more sludge that is produced from wastewater treatment, something of higher capacity than Acquæ must be used in order to get the work done quickly.  Terræ is a perfect match for large sized mines, production plants, industrial companies and quarries for filtering of sludge and wastewater.  Purified water is discharged through 4 external/internal manifolds to prevent external contact or filter leaks.  In addition to the specifications of those two ranges discussed above, Terræ has a double anti-twisting safety device, double-effect shaker, patented pressure control system to make the most of the filter performance.  It also has a strengthened frame to withstand very high stress and oversize pistons tested at 600 bar.

thickners f


Filtaquip is in essence a provider of filtration technological development an advancement to stay abreast of industry trends.  Primarily, it is known for its complete turnkey dewatering systems, which include thickeners, flocculant plants, filter presses and the complete turnkey that encapsulates their supply.  They perform initial material testing, through planning and flow sheet design, fabrication, supply and erection all the way to maintenance and operation contracts. Filtaquip also has the ability to offer plants on capital lease. The benefits for Filtaquip equipment are  lowest level of risk as they supply the complete process, low maintenance cost, competitive pricing, high productivity, optimal consumption of flocculants and hands free operation

Filtaquip believes that Customer Satisfaction can only be achieved by developing a true understanding of their customer’s real requirements. The only way to achieve this is to form long term relationships with customers, which is only possible through service excellence.

As greater efficiencies in filter presses are achieved, improved margins is the result owing to their contribution to optimization of mining processes which is a benefit to the mine operator.

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