October 18, 2017

Pumps in mining

Mine dewatering is arguably one of the key challenges to production and efficient draining of the water or sludge is a key component of timely and optimal production.In addition mines are also used in the mining process itself such as in the transportation of froth flotation and slurries.

In the market today there are several manufacturers who produce pumps which are ideal for this kind of work.

Preferences lean towards size and even ease of maintenance. Robustness is essential in any pump in order to withstand the harsh environment and rough handling that it will have to endure and ease of use is also critical because no one wants to walk around with a 600 page user manual in one hand while trying to carryout the drainage process.

Different pumps are also suitable for different applications. There are submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, screw pumps, and peristaltic pumps to mention a few and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Efficiency is a catch all phrase in pumping that refers to the energy consumption during operation at a given flow rate as well as the ability to stop and start automatically once a desired level is attained. It is something to keep note of.

Remember that all manufacturers tout their pumps as being long lasting, durable and highly efficient but one would be advised to also look at after sales service and availability of parts as well.

Environmental Pumping Solutions Ltd

They are a UK manufacturing company to ISO 9000 standards, designing and manufacturing their own range of high quality peristaltic hose pumps.

They also manufacture high quality replacement peristaltic hoses, lubricant, clips and shoes suitable for ‘all and any’ other brands or manufacturers of peristaltic hose pumps on the market. They now supply many of the leading peristaltic pump manufacturers in the world and are fast becoming the peristaltic pump industry’s preferred hose manufacturer. Whatever make of peristaltic pump you have, they can supply the hose and provide excellent advice to ensure you maximize the life of the hose they supply.

Peristaltic Pumps are used commonly in literally thousands of applications like Chemical Industry –

Viscous and/or abrasive sludges, corrosive chemical dosing or transfer, sheer sensitive chemicals, general waste pumps, Chemical injection, Cement transfer, Mining waste transfer and Waste Water treatment industry – Sludge pumps, desludging, metering pumps, lime dosing, sewage/sewerage pumps just to mention a few.

Their peristaltic pumps are taller and wider than the industry standard and therefore the distance the roller is in contact with the hose is much greater creating an increased flow per revolution. This means their pump will run at half the speed of a standard pump, provide twice the hose life, yet produce the same output.

Melanie McLean from Environmental Pumping Solutions says that they sell their products directly to the African market, she also says that this is a market they would wish to delve deeper into.

Libra Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd

They are professionals in Slurry pumps and Fluid solutions in various industries, such as mining, metallurgy, coal, power, petroleum, chemical, municipal, environmental and other conditions.

Slurry pump parts that are interchangeable with Warman Slurry pumps are also in their range. If you are looking for an alternative pump parts supplier, with high quality parts which don’t require you to change your current stock holdings, perform as the original manufacturers’ equipment, and at a fair price and lead time, you’ve come to the right place!

At Libra, they build a wide selection of quality engineered highly reliable and truly innovative slurry pumps to help their customers to maximize the return on their overall investment and reduces critical parts stocking costs to an absolute minimum.

One of their products the H series Centrifugal Slurry Pumps are designed for handling highly abrasive, high density slurries in metallurgy industry, mining industry, coal, power, building material and other industrial departments. The pumps of this model can also be installed as multi-stage series.

Samuel, the sales manager at Libra says that their products are available in Africa but they are currently looking for suitable agents. He advices buyers to check the working conditions and know the requirements clearly before selecting slurry pumps.

Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment

They are an Australian pumping and water treatment organization with over 40 years industry experience that operates primarily in the mining, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic industries.

After a two years process of research and development into efficient mine site dewatering and high wall pumping operations they designed and manufactured the HDS200 dewatering system. The foundations of the HDS200 are based on industry identified needs, requirements and improvements from end users of pumping equipment in the mining industry. From all parts of the globe, including South Africa, Chile and most importantly Australia, the input from the end user was a key factor in the final design. This broad range of feedback into what is required in a high wall pump has resulted in the development of the most advanced high wall dewatering system available, capable of delivering 200L per second at 100m head.

The HDS200 features a comprehensive list of innovative design elements which include a towable design, hydraulic wheels and a tow hitch which allows the unit to be towed on wheels or pushed on the skit base. Hydraulic radio control back to base remote monitoring and colour screen with intuitive system control diagrams, 4,000 litre fuel reservoir, Twin 120m x 180mm PN16 Poly Pipes, four wheel tandem axle on wet end to assist when traversing high wall and capability of 200 L/Sec @ 100m and 300 L/Sec @ 80m head.

Their use ranges from the provision of high quality filtered, softened and pathogen-free water treatment plants for haemodialysis systems used in medical industries, through to rotating biological contactor sewage treatment plants suitable for mine sites as well as fully plumbed 40ft skid-mounted containerized potable water treatment plants used in remote communities, construction and mining camps.

Managing a precious resource – dewatering for African mines by Polypipe

In designing and implementing effective mine dewatering systems, mine operators are taking a crucial step in ensuring the long-term functionality and profitability of a mining facility. With many mines producing thousands of gallons of wastewater per minute, systems capable of coping with considerable volumes of pressurised water, which may contain abrasive particles as well as chemical solutions, are essential in keeping a mine operating at optimum capacity, as well as protecting the surrounding environment from potential contamination. Philip Wood, Export Sales Manager for Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping and water management systems looks at the options for African mines.

Any dewatering system will need to take into account not only the projected usage of water by extraction procedures at the mine, but also the local climate and environment. If a site is prone to frequent or seasonal flash flooding, which could cause a tailings pond to overflow, additional capacity need to be planned in. Proximity to rivers and other water courses, either above or below ground, will also require a more sophisticated system. Extensive field testing, to examine a site’s hydrogeology and climate and assess the possible impacts of ineffective dewatering or accidental overflow, is therefore essential and should be completed as early into the planning of a mine as possible in order to gain the relevant permits. Consideration must also be given to the welfare needs of mine personnel – water for drinking, cooking and bathing must often be pumped in and stored on site, so care must be taken to ensure this fresh water cannot come into contact with mine wastewater in the event of excessive rainfall or equipment failure.

Both open-pit and sub-surface mining operations require effective dewatering systems, which provide more benefits than simply removing excess water from working areas. When undertaken efficiently, mine dewatering also ensures the stability of mine walls by preventing erosion, reduces wear and corrosion on drilling equipment and other machinery, and improves workplace health and safety. Properly controlled mine dewatering also helps protect the surrounding water table from contamination, protecting local ecosystems and maintaining clean drinking water for surrounding communities.

While pumps, valves and sensors are the most high-profile aspects of mine dewatering systems, the whole infrastructure can collapse if not properly supported by appropriate pipework. In fact, systems relying on weak pipework without the required capacity can cause pumps to burnout increasing operational and expensive downtime costs.

In order to cope with water being pumped from a mine, particularly where it must travel up an incline or must be removed rapidly, the ability to cope with pressurised water is a key requirement for dewatering pipework. As a major use of water in mines is in the excavation of ores through erosion and wet drilling, wastewater will inevitably contain sand, grit, rock fragments and other abrasive material which is generally not removed until the treatment phase of mine dewatering. Pump these slurries from a mine at high pressure and their abrasive properties are amplified, adding to the strain placed on pipework systems. As well as the capacity to stand up to abrasive particles, pipework must also be resistant to chemical corrosion or softening.

For mine dewatering systems, polyethylene (PE) is an ideal solution. Its resistance to chemicals enables it to withstand even the most aggressive acids as well as abrasive particles. PE pipes have significant inherent strength and impact resistance. They can be installed both above and below ground and can cope with temperatures in the range of -40ºC to +60ºC. The extremely smooth bore of PE pipes offers reduced friction – meaning, less drag and turbulence when large volumes of water are transported at high velocity. PE pressure pipes can be jointed using butt-welding or electro-fusion techniques to form a continuous homogenous pipeline which affords no chance of leakage.

Specifying the correct pipework and subsidiary storage can optimise the effectiveness of a mine dewatering system, cutting down on maintenance costs for the pipework itself as well as pumping machinery. PE in particular is ideally suited to the demands of mining operations, offering inherent strength combined with the reduced weight and flexibility needed for transport to and installation in remote mining environments.

Polypipe offers a number of product solutions for water management in mining applications such as dewatering, storage and distribution. These include PE100 pressure pipes, HDPE twin-wall gravity systems – Ridgidrain and RidgistormXL – for infrastructure and site drainage, along with Polystorm cell units for water attenuation and re-use. Polypipe delivers quality, modern, lightweight systems, which are cost effective and easier to install than traditional pipe systems.

Granco Manufacturing, Inc

Granco Rotary Ball Pumps

Granco Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures a full line of self-priming rotary positive displacement ball type pumps. Today, it is the only ball type rotary positive displacement pump being manufactured in the world. The ball and shaft inside a housing design has many advantages compared to other positive displacement pumps among them being higher volumetric efficiency, lower power consumption, lower maintenance costs, easier installation, and easy reversibility. Pumping capacities range from 5gpm to over 300gpm. The pumps can move fluids with viscosities from 32 ssu to over 1,000,000 ssu. They are used in both stationary and truck-mounted applications. The key markets are petroleum, industrial, special chemical, and food products.

According to Granco Manufacturing, Inc president Ivan R. Dimcheff their company is fully focused on Africa and their pumps have already been used in the mining industry in Africa.

Ivan added that they provide truck mounted pumps that are placed onto diesel fuel trucks that dispense large volumes of diesel fuel needed for their equipment at the mine site. In addition they can provide stationary pumps to mine operators that have their own tank farms that store hydraulic fluid, lubricants, greases, and fuels for their mine equipment requirements. In the last couple of years they have been successful in providing special molasses pumps to the animal feed industry in South Africa.

They manufacture a full line of unique rotary positive displacement ball type pumps. The simple ball and shaft design promotes durability because the pumping mechanism in the housing has no metal to metal contact. This design promotes years of durable and dependable service. The large rotating cavities provide slower speeds which maintain critical tolerances not seen in any other designs.


PUMPEX is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of submersible dewatering pumps in Sweden. Since their start in the late1960’s, they have developed their products to meet the increasing demands of an international market. Their customers today can be found in more than 70 countries all over the world.

PUMPEX is a complete equipment supplier for professional dewatering applications. Their pumps combine high reliability with excellent serviceability, which results in unrivalled operating economy.

According to Per Forsberg Pumpex’s International Sales Manager, their company’s products are in Africa and they have been used in various mines in North Africa, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ghana Kenya Tanzania and Ethiopia since mid seventies. Per also added that their products can be purchased through their distributors available across Africa.

Pumpex has been taking the Submersible Pumps into the high technology era by introducing the SUPER DRAINER, its new series of heavy duty Dewatering and Sludge pumps.

Pumpex new SUPER DRAINER have a built-in WIP Computer making operation, maintenance and service significantly easier for the user, reducing down time and service cost to a minimum.

While protecting the pump against damage caused by overheating, low motor insulation, water intrusion, etc. the WIP Control System automatically checks the condition of the pump and indicates when service and maintenance is recommended.

A sturdy and easy to use WIP Plug is replacing all starters or control panels. The WIP Plug is made as a 16 or 32 Amps 3-phase power plug and contains all controls and indicating lights. The WIP Plug communicates with the WIP Computer inside the pump via the standard power cable.

The SUPER DRAINER can be connected to any PC via a USB cable to check the pump´s condition, operation history, service log, technical data, spare parts info as well as service instructions for the pump unit.

Hydra-Tech Pumps

Hydra-Tech Pumps a USA manufacturing company has been designing and building pumping solutions since 1977, giving them 35 years of experience and expertise.  As a manufacturer of hydraulically driven submersible pumps and hydraulic power units, Hydra-Tech offers high quality, low lifetime cost products for a variety of pumping applications.  Their systems are designed to cover the widest range of applications including construction, OEM, municipal, petro-chemical, mining, marine utilities and government customers.

There are several different types of pumps designed and manufactured by Hydra-Tech, including slim line, general purpose, axial flow, sand/slurry, solids handling, and shredder and specialty pumps. Many models are produced in various materials of construction to handle the most difficult job conditions.

According to Hydra Tech Pumps marketing manager Tiffany Tom currently their products are available in Africa and they can be purchased from their distributor in West Africa or from them directly. Tiffany also added that their pumps are suitable in mines since they are portable and have the ability to operate across a wide range of ambient temperatures, minimal maintenance requirements, ease of operation

To compliment these pumps, Hydra-Tech also designs and manufactures hydraulic power units which include open, sound attenuated and electric drive designs.

Pairing Hydra-Tech’s submersible pumps with their standard line of hydraulic power units ensures that your pumping system will operate with maximum performance, efficiency and reliability.

With Hydra-Tech Pumps you can expect: No Shock Hazard, Easy setup, No priming pumps    No Suction Hose Failures,   Field Serviceability and    Pound for Pound Lighter, Stronger and more Efficient Pump than comparable Electric Submersibles

In addition, Hydra-Tech offers solutions to many unusual pump or hydraulic power unit requirements.  From customization for specific purposes, custom hydraulic circuits or unique environmental conditions to simple color matching, we can build the right product for you.


VARNA is a division of their parent company Transportation Research Corporation (TRC) they were created in 2005 to bring the manufacturing of the products TRC designs under tight in-house control. Right from the start their focus has been on consistency and product quality. Using six Sigma methodologies they continually refine their processes to optimize quality and perfect on-time delivery.

The company offers two specialized prelube pumps, the CF-15 and the EP-4 which has been used in many applications designed with prelube in mind. Rebuilders of large engine have considered a pre-lube system a substantial part of extended engine lifetime.

According to Varna products marketing manager Mark Ashurst currently their company is focusing on Africa and they are looking forward to establishing agents on the continent. Mark added that their products are unique in that they offer pre-lubrication of large engines that makes sense anywhere in the world. Where a single incident of dry start, after an oil change for instance, can lead to an engine rebuild, Prelube is cheap insurance and will save money over the life time of the engine.

Over the years, VARNA products have developed a number of controls for pump applications. Some are specials for a customer that needs something applicable only to them, but most are useful for a wide range of applications. They are now offering these controls to everyone that needs a refined pump control solution with more to come in the future.

Bombas Zeda

Bombas Zeda produces centrifugal pumps mainly for industrial use. For that reason, they always seek to achieve high values on strength and durability with their designs.

These characteristics lead them to focus attention on sectors with high requirements, such as industry, power plants, ship building, mining, etc. Furthermore, they have their own factory with over 60 years experience in pumps manufacturing.

They supply pumping equipment toSpanish firms some of which belong to international highly reputed groups. The overseas shipments are mostly channeled through firms which are involved in international projects.

Some examples of works for Africa, in which their company has been involved, can be found below:

EGYPT: Veolia Group – France (Kuraymat thermosolar plant)

MOROCCO: Veolia Group – France (combined cycled power station)

ETHIOPIA: Westekemper engineering – Germany

ANGOLA-MOZAMBIQUE: Moinhos – Portugal (various sectors, including Mining)

Pedro Senderos from the Technical-commercial department says that they are currently looking for interested local agents in Africa.

Pulsar Process Measurement Limited.

Flow Pulse from Pulsar Process Measurement is a compact, cost-effective pipe flow monitor that promises exceptional repeatability and simple installation with no down time, perfect in applications such as monitoring electro light flow for the winder up and braking control mechanisms in mines and drainage pump discharge monitoring.

Pulsar manufactures and supplies level, open channel flow and pump instrumentation. Their strength is in ultrasonic level measurement. This is a non-contacting technology that is used in a wide variety of industries and applications worldwide.

Easy installations – just clamp a small sensor to the outside of a pipe and immediately get a reliable, repeatable flow measurement. Virtually no installation costs, no interruption to service, clean and simple. Ultrasound is fired through the pipe wall then reflected from bubbles, particles and vortices in all directions and at a wide range of frequencies, the reflections are received back into Flow Pulse.

Flow Pulse operates in a flow range from 0.3m/s through to 4m/s, with minimum particle size of 100 microns and concentration of 200ppm or above.

Flow Pulse is a flow monitor not a flow meter and, while accuracy in some areas is excellent, accuracy results are both application and installation dependent.

Keith Flint the Sales and Marketing Director says that they offer non-contacting level flow, open channel flow and pump instrumentation for harsh conditions and temperatures. He further says that their products are available in Africa.

Petroland Pump Inc.

Petroland designs and manufactures high quality internal gear pumps, external gear pumps, rotary lobe pumps, side channel centrifugal pumps and vane truck pumps with experience from industrial fluid handling and pump manufacture for 20 years. They know what you as a customer require from an industrial pump. They are always keenly aware of new requirements and ideas from their customers.

Petroland policy is to provide a product of reliable design, manufactured to the highest standards in order to meet the many and varied requirements of their clients. The selection of high quality materials and processes guarantees highest quality standards and therefore the highest degree of reliability of the pump.

Petroland operates on a wide scale, serving customers worldwide and providing its products to a large variety of industrial sectors in 41 countries across the entire world from South Africa to South America, from Asia to Europe in 5 continent.

They offer their services to the following industries: food and beverage applications, LPG plants, auto gas stations, shipyards, petro chemical plants, oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, sugar& molasses industry, lubrication oil industry, asphalt andbitumen applications.

Metso Minerals

When publishing an article about Metso Minerals slurry pump portfolio, the magazine ‘Pump Engineer’ wrote; “The solutions provider who tries harder”

A large part of Metso’s effort in providing solutions is the ‘in-house’ development of the PumpdimTM selection programme, one of the most advanced pump sizing tools available today for accurate slurry pump selection.

In order to ensure safe and reliable operation with maximum time between failure, all Metso slurry pump selections are made using PumpdimTM which not only selects the right pump for the job, it also considers all mechanical and hydraulic limitations of both pump and any pipe system.

Pipe systems, drive and pump selections are all optimized to ensure maximum efficiency and long term reliable operation in service.

Each duty is classified in accordance with ANSI/HI standard for slurry pumps, limiting maximum head and peripheral impeller speed for each of four different application classes.

PumpdimTM also makes appropriate allowances for effects of solids on head, efficiency and flow as appropriate, and in so doing, checks radial load, axial load, belt load, shaft deflection, wet end bearing life, dry end bearing life and any shaft seal limitations/requirements.

In production, all bearing cartridges are assembled and tested prior to installation in the relevant pump bearing frame. Every pump then undergoes various workshop tests including a full pressure test, and where specified witnessed test in line with ISO9906 (replacing DIN 1944). This standard resolves all ambiguities by describing in detail the requirements regarding pump test arrangements and the quality/accuracy of the instruments used, and the subsequent results.

Skilled service engineers are available for onsite commissioning in order to ensure correctness of both pump and system before equipment is put into service. Detailed check lists cover all aspects of the installation including free and correct rotation of all machines, drive alignment, vibration, noise, power consumption, pipe work and supports, seal water supply (where required), lubrication, safety guards and on site knowledge of the equipment use and maintenance.

Pioneer Pump Pty Ltd

Pioneer Pump revolutionized the mining and quarrying pump industry whenthey launched the Pioneer Prime, high efficiency self priming pumps. Whether their pumps are assessed on flow rates, pressures or efficiencies, Pioneer pumpsoffer their users world class performance including flows over 4000m3/hr,heads of 20 bar (200m) all from pumps with a two year warranties.With over 100 models of pumps and over forty packaged pump sets to choosefrom including those that are fully bonded and sound attenuated, Pioneer offerthe largest range of electric motor or engine driven pumps in Africa all from its SA factory including equipment for use noisesensitive areas.

Features such as fully machined impellers, ductile iron castings and of course their run-dry mechanical seals give all our users a sense of security whilst atthe same time knowing there is no other pump that can move so much waterwith such little energy consumption.

With such a large product range to choose from Pioneer Pump offer theright pump for the job which means it’s not a compromise.Dry-prime, wet-prime, end suction and of course Hydraulic submersible pumps are alloffered by Pioneer from its own range of pumps which means we offer youthe very best in solutions.

Having the right pump is not always enough. Having spares and backupincluding fully trained people capable of engineering solutions has madePioneer what it is today in a very short time, a world leader in miningand quarry pumps.

Their sales engineers are fully capable of engineering solutions including fullsite surveys, system calculations and designing specific solutions forapplications including pipe work and fittings. From this they work with the inhouse designers to develop solutions either from our standard product rangeof something special to solve those harder applications.

ChemGrout Inc.

ChemGrout’s Underground Series offers exceptional productivity for the grouting of water cut-offs, cable stays and rock bolts. Their patented pumps are industry standards offering reliability and durability, along with unique features simplifying clean up and maintenance.

One of ChemGrout’s most popular pieces for water cut-offs and contact grouting in the underground industry is the CG680 High-Pressure Series. This high-capacity high-pressure colloidal grout plant mixes and pumps slurries of cement, fly ash, bentonite and lime flour. These units feature a 17 cubic foot homogenizing colloidal mixer, a 17 cubic foot agitating storage tank, and a 32 GPM double-acting plunger pump. The colloidal mixer is equipped with a 2X3X12 high sheer centrifugal diffuser-type pump that disperses the cementitous material down to its finest particle size to achieve complete particle wetness. The agitating storage tank uses a variable speed, high-efficiency paddle mixer that maintains a thoroughly mixed grout while waiting to be pumped.

The grout pump is connected directly to the agitating storage tank to provide a continuous pumping operation. ChemGrout’s patented positive displacement, high-capacity, double acting plunger pump provides outputs of up to 32 gallons per minute, and a maximum pressure of 1500 psi.

The rugged steel frame stands up to the toughest jobsite conditions and is available in both manual and automatic pressure control systems. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance.

With 50 years of experience, ChemGrout manufactures the world’s largest selection of grouting equipment, and remains an industry leader. They offer their pumps to the African market directly from their factory in the United States.

Gardner Denver Nash

Founded in 1905 as Nash Engineering, Gardner Denver Nash was created in September 2004, when Gardner Denver acquired Nash_Elmo Industries from Audax.  Nash_Elmo resulted from the 2002 merger of The Nash Engineering Company, USA, and Elmo vacuum technology GmbH, Germany, formerly a Siemens subsidiary.  The combining of Nash, the leader in liquid ring vacuum pumps, with Elmo, the leader in side channel blowers, created Nash_Elmo, a global leader in vacuum technology.

According to Gardner Denver Nash Marketing Manager, Amy Harold, their company has a manufacturing plant in South Africa. Amy also added that their products can be ordered directly from them or purchased through their designated agents across Africa.

Their NASH TC/TCM liquid ring vacuum pumps are highly reliable and efficient. These pumps, with their integral two stage impeller, are able to condense process vapors and to recover or dispose of the vapors. Another benefit of these pumps is that they can attain vacuum levels down to 0.8″ HgA (20mmHgA). This is approximately 40 percent lower absolute pressure than a single stage pump.

The NASH TC and TCM models are designed to handle large amounts of liquid carryover without difficulty. This ensures reliability under the most demanding applications.

The Nash Division of Gardner Denver has manufacturing facilities in South Africa, China, Germany and Brazil and Engineered to Order (ETO) centers in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, USA; Singapore; Smithfield, NSW, Australia; Nuremberg, Germany and Assendelft, Netherlands.  Their service centers are ISO 9001:2008 certified and can be found in North America; England, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands; Australia, Singapore, Korea, Brazil, and South Africa.

KETO Pumps

KETO Pumps is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of slurry pumps, solutions and associated products. Their presence in Africa has been strengthened with their recent acquisition of Benex Mining Services (Rustenburg, North West Province), AGM Pumping (Middleburg, Mpumalanga) and Pump Services Botswana (Selebi-Phikwe, East Botswana). KETO’s African product range has also expanded.

They realize the commodity prices for gold, platinum and other materials are putting pressure on many African mines to become more efficient. KETO upgrades (including K-ISS™ mechanical seals, K-HEE™ impellers and K-IBA™ bearing assemblies) significantly enhance wear life and will reduce parts operating expenses as well as energy and water usage.

KETO Keramithane™ is a new technology which was developed in their Richard’s Bay facility. Keramithane™ is a cost effective and high wear material which combines the advantages of ceramic and urethane for slurry pump wear parts. The result is extended wear life of slurry pump wear parts for a wide range of round edge solids, as compared to conventional urethanes.

Chris Neil , General Manager African Operations says “When selecting pumps provide as much information about the system conditions in which your pump is operating and also as much about the fluid you are pumping. A pump manufacturer can then take this information and marry this to the most efficient solution from their range in terms of hydraulics and materials used. If you’re replacing parts or complete pumps in a system then also consider getting the representatives of a pump company out to site to discuss the application this is particularly important for pumps that are considered “bad actors” or are consuming parts at a rapid rate. Often after reviewing site conditions or viewing worn parts a better solution than a simple replacement can be offered, possibly involving basic improvements to piping arrangements, valves or upgrades to the pump itself. A lot can be diagnosed from this type of analysis that could lead to big savings in the long run”.

BBA Pumps BV

For more than 60 years BBA Pumps has been an advanced and innovative manufacturer of mobile pump systems for various markets, including the rental and well-point drainage markets and civil works. Their pump solutions are a guarantee for quality, sustainability and maximum performance at minimal costs.

BBA Pumps introduced a new line of diesel driven bolt-on pump packages, to cater to the mining market niche where there is no need for a complete skid and/or canopy, they have developed a sub-frame assembly. These units feature the BA or BA-C pump of your choice coupled to a diesel engine, including the control panel, and mounted on a high quality, galvanised sub-frame. The frames can be customised with lifting bales and protection bars should these be required.

According to BBA Pumps Product & Marketing Manager Mr. Henno Schothorst their company is currently putting effort to venture intp the African market since they have already sold their products in Africa through their agents. Henno also added that their pumps fit the African environment since they are designed for high ambient temperatures which make them suitable to use in harsh conditions where dust/sand dominates.

Their units can be bolted onto any object or structure and offer true bolt-on pumping power. End-users only need to connect a fuel tank and the unit is operational. Using high efficiency pumps and state-of-the-art diesel engines, the units offer maximum performance at minimal cost

BBA Pumps’ Duplex stainless steel design enables the pumps to handle advanced dewatering jobs in environments where pH levels are unpredictable and varying – from very acidic to very alkaline. Furthermore Duplex also allows the pumps to be used in more abrasive applications as it will not “pit” like regular stainless steel. Duplex Stainless Steel is much more resistant to corrosion and much stronger.

Pumps 2000

Pump 2000 are the manufacturers of pumps located in Toronto, New South Wales, Australia where they run a comprehensive facility from original design to mould production to injection moulding to assembly and dispatch. They also provide a pump repair service for local customers.

Pumps 2000 pneumatic diaphragm pumps developed originally for the underground mining industry have been used in the coal and hard rock mining industry of Australia Since 1989.

According to Pumps 2000’s product Design Manager, David Santa currently their products are available in Africa and can be purchased from their agents found in South Africa and Zambia. David also added that their pumps are light-weight for ease of handling but they are made from engineering grade plastics, along with a robust design they are still very strong to handle heavy duty mining applications.

Their primary market is the mining industry where their pumps were specifically developed to handle the tough conditions notably with the development of their own patented air motor, slurry valve and diaphragms. Soon to be found on their website is the recent addition of 3 inch and 4 inch pumps which completes their range of diaphragm pump sizes (from ½ inch to 4 inch) with flow rates achieved of over 2000 liters per minute with the 4 inch pump.

Using engineered plastics to operate lubrication free they are light weight and manual handling friendly. Pumps 2000 prove reliable in the harshest of conditions. The product ranges includes applications for underground use, slurry or clean fluid transfer, a range of chemicals, continuous or occasional explosive atmospheres, fixed or portable installations, marine environments, construction and the food industry.

Pumps 2000 are interested in finding new agents across Africa who will primarily target the mining industry.

SAER Elettropompe SpA

SAER mining industry pumps are built for extended operation in the toughest environments. They are suitable for underground dewatering, water treatment, dust suppression, processing, water transfer, drainage etc. and are constructed from corrosion-resistant Duplex or AISI 316 Stainless Steel or Bronze Marine as appropriate – and all styles can be customized to suit your exact application.

The range includes: submersible pumps and motors in Bronze, Stainelss Steel AISI 316, DUPLEX or Cast Iron, End Suction pumps in Bronze, AISI 316 or Cast Iron, Split Casing pumps for flow up to 5000 m3/h and High Pressure Pumps up to 60 bars. The pumps can be supplied also with medium voltage motor. SAER products are entirely made in Italy and are in use in mining in Australia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Congo, Zambia etc. The great flexibility of the company can allow an average delivery time of 2 weeks.

Ilaria Favella from the marketing and sales Deptartment says that SAER see Africa as one one of the new markets where they export and which has great margins of growth. In Africa SAER has already been well known for domestic commercial pumps for several years thanks to the improvements of R&D and investments towards industrial lines.

SAER products are available in most African countries.

Minetuff Pumps Australia

Minetuff Pumps Australia opened its doors in early 2009, to service a niche industry that demands a reliable piece of pumping equipment for the brutal task of underground mine dewatering. The environment that Minetuff pumps typically find themselves could be rephrased as ‘mine de-muddering’ rather than dewatering. Although true that water is one of the problems that Minetuff pumps is asked to cope with, add to this the prevalence and challenge of sharp edged stones, fines, shotcrete & hyper saline water, to name but a few issues, and you find that mining needs a liable piece of machinery to keep the flow moving. Minetuff Pumps have stepped up to the task and have used their vast mining experience to incorporate this request into their product. From stainless steel housings on the mechanical seals, to stainless steel impellers and polyurethane linings on the wet end components and you have a tough pump for a reasonable price-tag.

Other components have been manufactured from bronze and stainless steel for hyper saline environments when sacrificial zinc anodes are simply not enough. Minetuff Pumps cables are side entry and have the option of cable protection kits which further reduces the risk of cable damage. Add to this the cleverly designed reinforced carry handle and you have a ‘Tuff’ little package. Currently, Minetuff Pumps range in size from 5kW to 37kW and most components are interchangeable with other well-known industry pump brands.

Every minute of downtime that a pump accounts for means lost mining time which equates to lost money. A mine dewatering pump needs to be reliable to keep the water level down and the mine operational, and what better way to have peace of mind than knowing that you have a liable piece of machinery like a Minetuff pump operating down in the dark unsupervised.

Steven Ward from Minetuff Pumps Australia advises mining pump potential buyers to investigate the technical aspect and spare part back up your supplier can give your project.

Submersibles and Electric

Submersibles and Electric has been at the forefront and been the pace setters in the electric motor and pump Industry since its inception . SEI has a wide network of dealers across entire AMERICAS north, central and south making it possible for customers to be able to make use of their products and services in every part.

SEI Products are manufactured using state-of-the art technology. Precision is built into every process and the products pass through stringent quality control procedures. The products are designed for easy installation, low running costs, improved efficiency and minimal maintenance. Rigorous testing of products at every stage of manufacture ensures high efficiency and enhanced life. SEI use the most advanced foundry technology to assure high quality of castings at a competitive price.

According to Submersibles and Electric Inc’s marketing manager Anurag Sharma they are currently focusing in to the African market since some of their pumps are being used in various projects in the continent.

Their SEI 4 pumps are provided with up thrust washer on each stage to enhance durability.
Intermediate bearing adapters are provided at suction end, discharge end and also in the middle of the pump to provide rigid support which increases wear resistance and life of the pump.
The bowl casings on the pump have additional metal thickness to withstand high working pressure.
The pumps are provided with extra heavy clamp strip to facilitate better assembly of the pump which also helps in withstanding high pressure developed by the pump. It also prevents leakage from in between the bowl assemblies.

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

NETZSCH is a mid-sized, family-owned German company engaging in the manufacture of machinery and instrumentation with worldwide production, sales, and service branches. Without losing view of their regional roots, they strive for global market penetration. According to their slogan “in the region for the region” they have over 30 sales offices and more than 200 NETZSCH representatives close to you wherever you are.

NEMO® progressing cavity pumps from NETZSCH pumps and systems are increasingly used to save on maintenance and process costs, as they are capable of withstanding problematic abrasive or chemically aggressive media thanks to smooth pumping technology and exceptionally robust components.

Even the high abrasiveness of gold sludgedoes not create problems. The precious metal can then be separated from the crushed material matrix using a variety of different methods, including cyanide leaching and amalgamation with mercury. The stone particles in the sludge behave like sandpaper, particularly at high speeds, and wear away all surfaces extremely quickly. This effect can only be reduced by particularly smooth pumping at an economically viable volume, as further tests with a NEMO® progressing cavity pump demonstrated.


NEPTUNO PUMPS® is a world-class manufacturer of enagineered centrifugal pumps for industrial and heavy-duty applications, delivering a comprehensive line of innovative products and engineered pumping solutions to satisfy and exceed your most demanding needs with the highest quality and lowest lead-times in the market.

The company counts on a skilled team of engineers and well-trained personnel, state-of-the-art computer assisted design softwares, advanced manufacturing technologies and rigorous quality control systems that guarantee high quality products and services with its emphasis on total customer satisfaction.

According to Neptuno pumps’ Project & Product Manager Petar Ostojic their company is focusing in Africa since Africa is a growing market in the mining industry. Petar also added that currently they are looking for agents across Africa to enable them supply their products at ease.

They work with business partners and most prestigious universities and institutions in the areas of mechanical, hydraulic, aerospace engineering and material science.

Versatility is one of the main characteristics of Neptuno Pumps®VTP: flanged bowl construction, single or multiple stage design, depending on your total head requirements. For continuous service you can rely on heavy duty design for long term operation in industrial applications.

Iwaki America Inc

Iwaki America Inc. is one of over 25 global centers for the manufacturing and support of Iwaki pumps. Their  50 plus years of pump design engineering has made them a worldwide leader of the best chemical handling equipment used in OEM, Industrial, Chemical Process and Semiconductor applications. Iwaki America, along with Walchem, shares a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Holliston, MA – USA

According to Iwaki America Inc’s marketing manager Tom Marcone currently their company is focusing on Africa since it is a growing market. Tom also added that their pumps have been used in various mining projects in Latin America, Australia and Europe.

Iwaki M Series pumps have been used in mining sites by engineers because of their wide advantages:

SAFETY – Protects workers from potentially harmful chemical spills due to pumps with leaking mechanical seals

SAVINGS – Eliminates downtime and frequent repair due to leaking seals

RUGGEDLY BUILT– Ductile cast iron housing for superior durability in harsh environments

TOUGH INTERIOR – Teflon® internal liner ensures exceptional resistance to corrosive chemicals

ENVIRONMENTALLY SMART – Protects environment against noxious chemicals and avoids the clean-up costs resulting from spills

The M Series brings the mining industry proven benefits in many other industrial applications, along with the reliability that has earned Iwaki a rock solid reputation for over 55 years.

Vac-Cent Services (Pty) Ltd

Vac-Cent Services (Pty) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Nash Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors and related products, in South Africa. Major markets being serviced since 1981 still remain Pulp & Paper, Chemicals, Food, Coal, Mining, Power and Waste Water treatment.

Vac-Cent now manufactures two different sizes vessel mounted filtrate pumps also 100 percent locally. These are also available in SG Iron and Stainless steel or a combination of the two materials.

Vac-Cent Services is also the sole distributor locally of the Frese Automatic Flow Control Valve range. The major markets have been air-conditioning and water distribution since 1990. New current market sectors have been refrigeration and mining.

The company represents and markets a very high quality Side channel blower, Carbon vane and piston vacuum pump (dry operation) as well as a Rotary vane (oil filled) vacuum pump to cover the wide vacuum user market.

Vac-Cent is always striving to offer the market the most current and up-to-date technology and its vision is to become the preferred supplier of vacuum pumps and related products in Southern Africa and in the Indian Ocean Islands.

The Managing Director of Vac-Cent, Andre de Wet, notes that NASH liquid ring pumps are built tough to handle any process condition.

Andre says purchasing a quality product from the outset or replacing substandard products or old technology, is normally the best financial decision a company or processing plant can make.

Khansaheb Sykes

Khansaheb Sykes was created in 1976 and they specialize in pump rental/hire and dewatering services for building, construction, quarries, mines, docks, harbors and petrochemical operations together with contractors, water companies and local municipalities.

The Sykes range of robust and highly reliable centrifugal pumps are designed for handling high volumes of water. Their centrifugal pumps convert the input power to kinetic energy in the liquid by accelerating the liquid by an impeller. Water enters the pump through the eye of the impeller which rotates at high speed. The water is accelerated radically outward from the pump chasing. A vacuum is created at the impellers eye that continuously draws more water into the centrifugal pump. Centrifugal pumps are used for large discharge through smaller heads. The centrifugal pumps available from Sykes are fully automatic and dry priming.

Khansaheb Sykes’ range of submersible drainer pumps are ideal for dewatering at all kinds of mine sites. Their easy handling and excellent capacity also make them ideal for many industries and ground water control applications. Sykes Submersible Drainer pumps range from 50mm to 200mm. The amount of material Khansaheb Sykes submersible drainer pumps can shift depends on the size of the pump, the constitution of the material and the particular application. Sykes Pump units for drainage, sludge and more are the best in the pumping business. Fully portable and providing hours of unattended dewatering pump operation, simply choose the size and model for your application or location. These pumps are unique to the renowned Andrews Sykes Group, and combine reliability with excellent serviceability, resulting in unrivalled operating economy. They deliver hours of unattended operation in even the toughest environments.

Asked of her advice to mine pumps potential buyers, Khansaheb Sykes, Marketing Coordinator says “We would like to convey to our potential clients that, when you invest in Sykes Pumps, you get the experience of over 160 years of British Evolution”

Gorman-Rupp Africa (Pty) Limited

Gorman-Rupp’s manufacturing plants are among the most efficient and modern facilities in the world. They continuously update their plants and employ the latest technology to ensure their products are the most reliable in the industry. They realize that modern, efficient facilities are necessary for providing superior fluid-handling solutions.

Their distributors are authorized to put a new Gorman-Rupp engine-driven contractor’s pump alongside any other make pump of the same size, type and Horsepower, anytime, anywhere.

According to Ken Taylor Gorman-Rupp Africa (Pty) Limited their company is now fully focusing on Africa and they have already established more distributors in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, South Africa and Tanzania.

DRY RUN CAPABILITY is designed into the Gorman-Rupp priming-assisted system. An oversized, oil-lubricated mechanical seal allows the pump to run dry continuously without damage. For positive, reliable priming time after time, Gorman-Rupp Prime Aire® and Prime Aire Plus® pumps are the ones you can count on.

Their Several popular Prime Aire and Prime Aire Plus models are available in a “Compressor-Over-Pump” arrangement. This innovative configuration option offers a self-contained, compact, flexible design while allowing ease of operation and servicing when needed.

Many pumps feature rugged open-type, two-vane ductile iron impellers that are specifically designed to handle solids and debris up to 3″ (76.2 mm) in diameter. This means fewer clogs and more productivity on tough jobs.

For clean water pumping applications, pumps are available with high-efficiency enclosed impellers.

The model PAV3B60 features their patent-pending Staggerwing® impeller. The Staggerwing technology enables higher pump efficiency and the ability to pass a 3″ spherical solid.

Finsbury Pump Systems

Finsbury Pump Systems has been a household name in the Australian pump market for many years. Initially established in 1946 by Mr Doug Hancock, the Finsbury name became one of the best known pump brands in the market.

They manufacture mining specification trash and water transfer pumps they are designed and engineered by Finsbury Pump Systems to the highest standards and manufactured to meet the requirements of the mining and heavy industry. They have an open impeller and self priming capabilities and are made to transfer high volumes of liquids with suspended solids content, industrial waste and water and have a direct coupled diesel engine drive. Optional bronze, 304 or 316 stainless steel impellers and wear plates are available. It can be mounted on a sturdy painted base with a huge 450 litre built in tank. It is ideal for trash / sewage pumping or dewatering of construction sites and mines, pumping out tailing dams, slurry pumping and high volume water transfers.

Their mining specification mobile water transfer pumps are heavy duty water movers and are a true workhorse designed for continuous duty and suitable for construction and mining work.   With rapid self priming capabilities and made to transfer high volumes of water at medium to high pressures. Complete with a 3″ bronze inlet (B3HD) or for better inlet flow conditions a 4″ inlet (B4HD). They are solidly constructed with a durable cast iron impeller, heavy duty aluminium casing and solid bronze inlet and outlet.   The pumps are available complete with a variety of diesel or petrol drive units that are easily maintained for a long service life and in a bare shaft configuration. This pump can be supplied with a zinc free bronze casing and impeller for full marine duties.

Asked of his advice to a potential buyer Frans Geurts,General Manager says “We can match a suitable pump product to the clients requirements as we build pump sets to specific client requirements and no pump set is too small or too large – with our client focused approach we are able to give very competitive prices and backup service“.


Xylem completed its spinoff from ITT Corporation in 2011, and began a new chapter as a leading global water technology company with operations in more than 150 countries, a passionate, talented, and experienced workforce, well-known industry-leading brands and water solution products. It 2013 revenues of $3.8 billion and a shared commitment to making a difference in communities around the world.

Xylem’s new Flygt BIBO range of submersible dewatering pumps incorporate several proven design features taken from the original and legendary dewatering pump of the same name, as well as innovative enhancements that give the new pumps unmatched wear resistance and uptime capability.

Xylem’s dewatering solutions are available in Africa and can be purchased directly from their representation head office in Johannesburg as well as branches in Rustenburg, Cape Town and Steelport. According to the company their products, like the new Flygt Bibo, are designed to withstand the harshest mining environments.

On the emerging trends in the industry the company said advances in pump technology in recent years are more a result of technological developments rather than new materials. Hard iron and stainless steel, both used widely in pump manufacture, have been around for a long time. Improvements in dewatering pumps are due primarily to good hydraulic design and smart technologies which increase a pumps wear resistance and efficiency.

Daniel Westin, product manager at Xylem, said, “The reliability and capability of the original Flygt BIBO dewatering pump is renowned within the industry and has set the standard for submersible dewatering when it was first launched in the 1960s.This celebrated design forms the core of this new generation of Flygt BIBO pumps that now includes the most advanced pumping technology, bringing the best in dewatering pump capability to the market.”

Xylem’s new Flygt BIBO includes several innovations such as their DuraSpin™ hydraulic system for unmatched wear resistance, a new plug-in seal and a single impeller-adjustment screw.


Metso is a global engineering and technology corporation serving customers
in rock and minerals processing plants, the energy and metal industry and other selected industries. It is the Leading Slurry Solutions Provider with a global base. They transport solids at the lowest cost using the latest technology and materials available.

Slurry handling solutions is part of Metso’s ‘Services Business Line’, which in turn forms part of ‘Mining and Construction’ (MAC) within the Metso group. Metso employs around 16,000 people in 50 countries. MAC is a leading full scope supplier of sustainable technologies and services for the mining and construction industries.

A large part of Metso’s effort in providing solutions is the ‘in-house’ development of the PumpdimTM selection programme, one of the most advanced pump sizing tools available today for accurate slurry pump selection.

In order to ensure safe and reliable operation with maximum time between failure, all Metso slurry pump selections are made using PumpdimTM which not only selects the right pump for the job, it also considers all mechanical and hydraulic limitations of both pump and any pipe system.

The company has clients in most African countries where mining exists. They mainly do direct sales of their products and also have a few existing local dealers.All their pump products are specifically designed for ease of maintenance in difficult markets on arduous applications. They only manufacture heavy duty slurry pumps which make them suitable for the African environment. Global Manger, Jim Jones’s advice to potential clients is, “seek experience rather than simply running with the market leader or relying on reams of specification. A detailed spec will only provide initial peace of mind for the individual purchaser, it will not necessarily provide the right pump for the job “

The hydraulic institute in America produces a slurry pump standard which the company adheres to.


Environmental Pumping Solutions Ltd

Melanie McLean




Libra Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd





Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment

Andrew Musgrave




Philip Wood, Export Sales Manager



Granco Manufacturing, Inc

Ivan Dimcheff




Per Forsberg,




Hydra-Tech Pumps

Tiffany Tom





Mark Ashurst




Bombas Zeda

Zeda Pedro Senderos




Pulsar Process Measurement Limited.

Keith Flint




Petroland Pump Inc.

Erhan Bacak




Metso Minerals

Susanne Modigh




Pioneer Pump Pty Ltd

Rory Parsons




ChemGrout Inc.

Joe Schatz




Gardner Denver Nash

Amy Harold




KETO Pumps

Chris Neil




Khansaheb Sykes




BBA Pumps BV




Pumps 2000

David Santa




SAER Elettropompe SpA

Ilaria Favella




Minetuff Pumps Australia

Steven Ward




Anurag Sharma
Submersibles and Electric Inc
7150 W Roosevelt St Ste C107
Phoenix AZ 85043
Ph: 888 938 3783888 938 3783,
Cell: 818 231 0455818 231 0455
Fax: 888 638 0797


NETZSCH Southern Africa Pte. Ltd.

Unit no 3 Eagle Mini Factories

Voorraadskip Ave



Phone: +2711 794 8975 167

Fax: +2711 794 9645






Petar Ostojic




Iwaki America Inc

Tom Marcone




Company: Vac-Cent Services (Pty) Ltd

Name: Andre de Wet

Email: andre@vaccent.co.za

Website: www.vaccent.co.za


Finsbury Pump Systems

Frans Geurts







Metso mining & construction technology

Jim Jones

Global Manager



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