January 17, 2018

Not just another liner

Tega Industries South Africa has called on mining and industrial processing operations to review their liner requirements and ensure that they are getting the full benefit of new technologies that can help them save money and increase productivity of their plants.

According to the company’s lining product specialist, Johan Oosthuizen, there are many new rubber-based materials (and combinations of materials) that can be used for lining applications. In many instances they are far more cost effective and provide equal or better protection than existing methods.

He advises operation managers to investigate using engineered rubber linings to achieve greater efficiency and reliability in their processes rather than using liners that merely providing protection for equipment. By enhancing the efficiency of the different processes within a plant, the entire operation can be dramatically improved.

Johan Oosthuizen of Tega Industries South Africa with examples of engineered rubber linings

Multi-role liners

“Of all the modifications that can be done to a plant – liners are the easiest way to boost efficiency. Patterns, shapes and metal inlays are easily incorporated into the design to allow materials to be better managed throughout the process. These may speed-up, slow down; mix direct materials as required and if done efficiently will dramatically improve the output.

“Equipment manufacturers often work closely with us to provide exact solutions to their customers’ needs. In these instances our technical team relishes the challenge of exactly matching the requirement. In other instances where rubber liners were not originally specified, or where liners are being replaced, they get even more excited because they are able to see the “before and after” results of their designs in action,” Johan says.

He adds that all areas within the process can usually benefit through the use of engineered rubber products. Typically, any transfer point, screen, chute, landing or conveyor can be improved to allow the plant to work at an optimum and to produce results as efficiently as possible.

Team effort

“Where possible we undertake a study of the whole process and will consult with clients to find efficient ways of dealing with materials. With the assistance of polymer engineers within the global group, as well as at our manufacturing plant in Brakpan, the correct properties are formulated and products are manufactured according to these requirements.”

“An advantage of manufacturing locally is that our liners can be produced far more quickly and cost effectively. In most instances our client’s investment is quickly recouped through improved efficiency, while additional protection offered by the linings adds years to the lifespan of their process equipment.

“Some people think that a liner is a liner, but nothing can be further from the truth. Our liners are specially formulated to withstand the conditions they are required for and are engineered to add value to any process. Overall the job of a rubber liner cannot be underestimated nor should the job of specifying the right liner be underestimated either,” concludes Johan.

Tega Industries, Vishal Gautam, Tel: , Fax: (011) 421 9920, Email: vishal.gautam@tegaindustries.co.za, Web: www.tegaindustries.co.za

Tega Industries SA, Vishal Gautam, Marketing Manager, Tel: , Fax: (011) 421 9920, Email: vishal.gautam@tegaindustries.co.za, Web: www.tegaindustries.co.za

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