December 15, 2017

Katanga Mining Week

Date: 28-30 October, 2014

Venue: Lubumbashi, DRC

Contact: Jessica Gamble



The Katanga Mining Week focuses more on the local challenges of the province as well as the role of the mining industry in social development responsibilities. Katanga is the hub of copper and cobalt mining in the DRC. The commodities future and its challenges will be discussed in detail at this year’s Katanga Mining Week.

Infrastructures, the railway, the fiscal regime and the daily challenges that the mining operators encounter will be addressed and the specifics of the environment regulation will be elaborated on. Power and key solutions for the Katanga province will have a dedicated session, this is to help boost the production of copper and cobalt.

This year, the conference will have workshops on Corporate Social Responsibility and best practices will be shared with the audience as well as finding solutions.

Alongside the conference, we will be having a Golf Tournament this year and companies will also be able to showcase their products around the Grand Karavia with additional outdoor space. The event is expanding, do not miss it!


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