December 14, 2017

Optimising Mine Ventilation Systems

The largest cost aspect in mine ventilation is the power costs of running the ventilation fans which can reach as high as 50 percent of a mines entire electrical power cost.

The need to optimise these costs by utilizing new and innovative technology makes it an attractive undertaking for any mine operator. Ventilation on demand (VOD) programs and control systems are just some of the initiatives found today.

Lower commodity prices and higher inflationary costs of operation make it all the moreurgent. Needless to say proper design, planning, installation of the right equipment, monitoring and maintenance are key if a mine is to come even close to optimization of its ventilation systems.

Poorly designed ventilation systems not only mean greater operational costs but they can also impair a mines safety and endanger the lives of the miners. The environment created by proper ventilation systems must be able to clear dust, gases from both the orebody and underground machinery and lower temperatures to comfortable levels by providing air velocity.

Improper ventilation reduces productivity greatly by lowering the output of workers in stressing temperature conditions while increasing diesel machinery working temperatures beyond their design conditions. Lowered oxygen levels has the same effect on both man and machine.

Some of the key considerations when installing a ventilation system include number of personnel, equipment, airflow velocities, air quality and ambient temperatures


Ventsim™ is an underground mine ventilation simulation software package designed to model and simulate many different types of ventilation data from a 3-dimensional model of tunnels and shafts.

Ventsim™ was originally introduced to mining operations in 1993 to help visually design, improve and optimise underground ventilation systems. It is now the market-leader in mine ventilation design and simulation software; with over 1000 sites worldwide using the Ventsim Visual™ software, including mine sites, consultants, universities, governments and research agencies.

According to Ventsim™’s Marketing & Sales Manager currently their software is available in Africa and has been used to Improve mine ventilation to reduce heat-related problems. Mark also added that they offer 3 different versions of Ventsim to match requirements and budget.

On the current trends Mark added that a software being able to simulate and predict ventilation patterns and behavior in advance will become critical in reducing costs, avoiding major incidents and improving safety. The use of a tool such as Ventsim can save companies potentially millions of dollars in electricity, insurance and construction by assisting in an efficient mine design.

All packages have functions to quickly import data from other mine planning CAD packages. Ventsim can also import 3D graphics shapes such as surface terrain, underground stopes and voids, and survey development outlines and shapes to help build and visualize ventilation systems.

Ventsim Visual Standard™ is a lower cost version based on incompressible flow simulation routines and includes dynamic animated 3D graphics showing real airway dimensions and shapes together with animated air flows. Colors’ show over 30 different data types including airflow, velocities, various pressures and costs. In addition, the Standard version comes with contaminant spread routines to help predict steady state flow of gases, dust, fumes and smoke.

Ventsim Visual Advanced™ uses advanced compressible flow modeling, including automatic density and fan curve adjustment, automatic natural ventilation simulation and prediction of temperatures and humidity due to rock strata, auto compression, diesel equipment and electric motors. It also has additional functions to predict Diesel Particulate (DPM) levels throughout mine due to equipment as well as an economic airway size estimator that helps quickly choose the most efficient airway size based on power cost, mining costs and mine life. Ventsim Visual Advanced can also help predict areas of a mine subject to recirculation of air.

Ventsim Visual Premium™ includes all features of Ventsim Visual™ Advanced as well as the additional software package VentLog™, the LiveVIEW™ module for connecting to live data, and the VentFIRE™ module for assisting in simulating underground fires and explosions.

Minvent Solutions

Minvent Solutions is a wholly owned and operated Australian Company. Their primary focus is in designing, manufacturing and supplying Safe, Innovative, Cost effective and efficient products and solutions.

Minvent Solutions is the industry leader in providing inflatable and re-usable products that cover multiple applications. Some of these products have evolved into unique and unrivalled levels of effectiveness.

According to Minvent solution’s principal Bill Roelofs their company has a global client base with a new focus of involvment in the African market.

Bill also added that their products are unique considering their high safety factor, rapid installation ability, the ability to deploy remotely which can save days of a shutdown and very cost effective as almost all their products are re-usable.

On the current trnds in the industry Bill said most important thing is alternatives or other options to what is common. With the new generation of mine management the old way of they have always done it like this is no longer in focus. Operators are always striving for that Safety, Productivity and cost effective edge.

Their Ventstop VCS that began its modest existence as a underground ventilation control is now a multi-purpose inflatable that is available in many formats and shapes to provide application options such as, emergency seals, inflatable form work, overhead protection systems, bin liners, shaft sealing systems and much more.

Their latest additions Void Plugs, Shaft Plugging Systems ®   , Shaft Seals, Rehabilitation Formwork for Shafts, tunnels, underground roadways and surface subsidence.  Their re-usable, inflatable Overhead Protection Systems have been designed to provide protection to personnel and infrastructure during construction and maintenance.

Spiro International S.A.

Spiro International S.A situated in Bösingen, Switzerland is the undisputed world leader in the development and manufacture of machines for the production of round ducting and fittings in sheet metal. Spiro® is also a leading supplier of fittings and system solutions for the ventilation and air-conditioning industry.

Spiro’s business principle is to support the improvement of indoor air quality by providing economical and environmentally-friendly solutions and innovations of machinery and accessories used in the production and supply of air duct systems.

They have developed a new in-house spiral duct solution for underground ventilation, aimed at supporting the mining industry with an efficient and cost-saving driven ventilation solution. Their Tubeformer-Machine for the production of ducts can be placed underground or above ground and can easily be moved.

Markus Rohner from Spiro International says that spiral ducting will in general grow in the African ventilation market as clean air creates better working conditions for employees and building owners benefit from reduced energy costs, underlining the increasing awareness of the need to decrease the carbon footprint. In addition to the core HVAC industry the mining industry can capitalize on the Spiro® underground spiral duct solution as a valuable alternative to the conventional ventilation system.

He further says that they already have numerous clients in the HVAC and mining industry in various parts of Africa.

Jensen Ventilation AB

Jensen Ventilation headquartered in Malmö and production in Lund, manufactures and sells flexible ventilation ducting for mines, tunnels and underground work. Jensen Ventilation offers different options for quality, design, interconnection and custom-designed solutions for a complete ventilations system. Jensen Ventilation is represented by agents around the world. They produce and deliver ventilation tubes according to customer requirements for mines, tunnels and other underground work.

Jensen Ventilation AB uses a highly effective method of welding the material. The method was developed within the company and patented in 1981 in Sweden. The 40mm wide weld seam becomes almost as strong and durable as the material itself.

Over the years the focus has been placed on being able to produce qualities that cater to different requirements for strength and construction. The result is reflected in today’s qualities JP 501, JP 551, JP 651 and JP 752. All are dimensionally stable, fire retardant and possess a low coefficient of friction. Anti-static option is also available. With the help of bends, Y-and T-tubes and reductions, all made from the strongest quality, Jensen Ventilation AB is offering a complete and reliable ventilation system.


Delta Neu is an international company specialising in air-quality improvement in industrial environments, frequently operating in the mines and quarries sector in order to avoid excess dust that causes environmental damage and poses a health risk to operators. They are also very active in the filler fine separation segment.

Moreover, the company is strongly involved in sustainable development and has implemented numerous efficient energy-saving processes.

The work involved in quarry operation generates considerable quantities of dust. With the objective of protecting both operators and the environment, Delta Neu uses the combined techniques of dust removal, centralised vacuum cleaning and filler fine separation to ensure that the applicable regulatory requirements are met.

A century of air processing has made Delta Neu an expert in areas such as collection and dust extraction (screens, shredders, belt dumping and handling system), filler fine separation (extraction and separation of fillers, filler recover), centralised high vacuum cleaning (cleaning of production equipment in secondary and tertiary screening premises), and air overpressure in electrical rooms (heat evacuation by ventilation of rooms, air filtering).

The company has completed many quarry projects while its design and production facilities and its broad range of equipment, enable the company to offer original and effective solutions to problems that are often difficult to solve.

Headquartered in the North of France with 12 national sales offices, Delta Neu realises 40% of its turnover oversees through its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Benelux and Morocco and its worldwide agents.

Delta Neu have agents in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and Mauritania.

EOL Ventsystem AB

EOL Ventsystem AB is situated in Sweden, an old mining country from 10th century with the world’s largest underground iron mine and several other mining companies in operation. The company was founded in 1890 and supplies ventilation equipment to the mining and tunneling industry in 18 countries. Their goal is to help the customers to the right equipment for high production, good environment at a high level of energy efficiency.

Their products consist of fan units up to 400kW per fan stage, Hi-pressure ventilation doors and flow meters. All products are manufactured in Sweden using the state of art fan and sound laboratory to develop new products.

Their fans are designed with the sensitivity to the growing needs of the mining and tunneling industry, and fan systems are designed to suit customer’s requirement in the most optimal way. The dimensions of the EOL Ventsystem can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

EOL Ventsystem fans are designed with a separable Modular-Frame–System. This flexible system allows adding or removing of fans or silencers easily to allow for a serial fan connection.

Tomas Bolsöy from EOL Ventsystem AB says that they are a worldwide distributer for mining equipments and they represent AB Akron-maskiner. He concludes and says that their products are available in Ethiopia.

SAFDY Systems

SAFDY Solid State Airflow Sensor is the proven way to accurately measure airflow in mines, independent of small particles. The SAFDY solid-state airflow sensor was originally designed for the South African diamond and coal mining industries for monitoring airflow underground to determine whether the ventilation system – so crucial for human life – is functioning. Available in fixed-mount and hand-held models, the system has a remote sensing head for continuously monitoring airflow and is designed to be interfaced to a remote telemetry system. The output of the SAFDY airflow sensor can easily be displayed as trend graphics on a SCADA software program. Besides having proved itself in the harshest of South African mining conditions, the SAFDY airflow sensor has also been tested against propeller and resistance types of sensors by the country’s foremost scientific institution. The SAFDY airflow meter was found to be “the most suitable for underground application from a durability and applicability point of view.

The major types of sensors that SAFDY system has are: Safdy Systems Vortex Shedding whose qualities are; highly accurate, linear over very wide range, Once-off factory calibration only, No degradation over lifetime, High initial purchase price and lower maintenance cost

The Propeller Type’s qualities are; bearing slippage problem at low velocities, bearings degrade with time, susceptible to damage in harsh environment, low initial purchase price, needs regular calibration and high maintenance cost

The Resistance Type is dependent on air mass (chill factor), compensation for humidity, compensate for air pressure and sensor must be kept clean. Frits Ypenburg from SAFDY system says, “The accuracy of the instrument is determined by the size of the bar, the vortices are detected by a 150 kHz. Sound” .

Gefa System AB

An advanced, energy-intensive ventilation system is necessary in the mines to ensure a good working environment by regulating air temperature and removing gases emitted from vehicles and blasting.

Initially the fans in the primary shafts forced the heated fresh air into the mine and forced the polluted air from the production areas of the mine into the used-air shafts. The fans were controlled manually and operated 24 hours per day. The first step in the improvement of this system was to introduce partial time-control of the ventilation equipment.

Today, the amount of ventilation in specific areas of the mine is demand controlled. Fans in the secondary systems are controlled according to signals from carbon monoxide sensors in the mine and transmitters on the mine vehicles. The identity and properties of the vehicles are known and the fans are adjusted to the specific ventilation needs generated by each vehicle in the mine. This affects the air pressure and the primary fans are controlled according to the output of sensors which measure pressure drop.

Arctic Vent Control by Gefa System AB in Sweden can monitor and control each fan individually. The system contains its own control modules, operator dialogue, alarm functions and reports where you can read and store data on energy consumption, emissions, etc.

Ulf Karlsson from Gefa System AB says that their products are unique because they can decrease energy costs in underground mines and reduce the demand of electrical power making them suitable to Africa’s environment.

DMT Group.

DMT is an international engineering and consulting company with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, North America and South Africa. DMT offers services for the entire life cycle of a mine, including exploration services, feasibility studies, mine design and improvement of operations. Based on experience obtained in the deepest coal mines worldwide, DMT engineers have built up high level capabilities in ventilation and mine gas management. DMT holds experience in international practice and can add value by considering most effective approaches during engineering. Qualified software based design of ventilation networks requires realistic valuations as well as proper underground survey. Both, field work and modeling is done by experienced DMT experts.

DMT engineers have obtained experience all over the world as accredited exerts in Germany, along with introduction of gas outburst management in Mexico, development of gas drainage strategies for an Australian coal project and establishment of sampling and gas content testing in Kazakhstan. Know-how and innovative capacity allows the introduction and improvement of gas management, covering effective ventilation, gas drainage and prevention of gas outbursts. Skilled and experienced personnel assist in dimensioning and layout of ventilation and degassing systems. DMT consultants understand the interfaces to mine design and rock mechanics and hold in house capacities in those adjoining fields. Not being limited to planning, DMT’s capabilities extend to further services as tests of gas contents in their own lab, training of ventilation staff and supervision of implementation on site.

Thomas Imgrund, Consultant at DMT Group, says that proper planning in early stages of project-development can save costs during construction and operation.


Monitair Ltd

Monitair Ltd is a company from the UK that manufactures airflow monitoring units for the exhaust ventilation industry. The unit has been designed primarily for use in industrial extraction systems where workers are protected from hazardous dust and fumes with the use of a local extract hood. The units can also be used in the field of mining ventilation since it works by measuring the static pressure in a duct. This is normally in the range of 200-2000 Pascal’s, but where the pressure is higher, such as may be encountered in mining ventilation systems, this can be increased to 7000 Pascal’s as an option. The pressure measured is normally negative with respect to atmosphere so would work well for the extract side of the ventilation. If it is needed to measure positive pressure on the make-up side it is a very easy job to configure the unit for that by moving the connection pipe to the positive port of the pressure sensor.

Measuring 95mm X 70mm X 30mm and weighing just 115g; the all-new Monitair Chevron is a revolutionary electronic airflow indicator for the Local Exhaust Ventilation industry. With its dynamic, continuously moving display the Chevron is designed to provide ‘one-per-workstation’ protection for those working with hazardous substances. It is an ‘always-on’ unit, operating for 24 hours a day, for over 14 months on just 2 AA batteries. The Chevron indicates clearly, in a highly visible way, that the extract system is safe to use. So much more interactive than simple flashing LEDs, the display is always there, showing ‘Safe’ or ‘Unsafe’ in a graphical form understood by all. Users of welding and cutting equipment need to concentrate on the job in hand to stay safe.

Graham Harrison from Monitair says that trends emerging in the future as regards the products and its use or consumer preference is increased range with more variations of airflow monitoring (cross filter, networked devices etc)

Reinicke GmbH

Since 40 years solutions for antivibration and structure-borne noise have been at the centre of their activity, both in industry and in construction and technical building equipment, they are the preferred partner for design and layout of isolation of air handling systems, cogeneration units, chillers and more.

They have insulated more than 100,000 air handling systems of diverse construction types across the world. Accordingly they are a strong partner of all major manufacturers of fans which are of course also used in mine, tunnels etc.

Their springs (called ISOTOP series) are made for all kind of applications in tunnels in a special execution as hangers. ISOTOP® MSN elements have a resonant frequency down to 3,2 Hz, depending on the load and are mainly used for: Compressors, Extractors, Fans, Cogeneration Units, Pumps, Emergency power units.

These equipments are advantageous because they have a low construction height, low resonant frequency, their construction height, diameter and connection thread are identical for all types which guarantees exchangeability, the condition of spring elements is clearly visible due to the open construction and they are durable and have compact design.

Thorsten Meyer the dealer Partner Manager says that their products are available in South Africa.

SRK Consulting (UK) Limited

SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd is part of the international SRK Group which provides a truly comprehensive range of consulting services to the resource industry. Their services include geological modelling, resource estimation, mine design and scheduling, geotechnics, water management, tailings disposal, metallurgy, environmental management, geochemistry and technical-economic modelling.

An efficient mine ventilation design is fundamental to any practical mine plan and to lower mine operating costs. Their engineers use their wide experience of mine development and production operations to ensure ventilation plans can be implemented in a way that supports and enables a mine’s production targets.

As part of SRK’s provision of mining engineering services they offer mine ventilation design for technical studies from greenfield to mine expansion projects, at scoping level to full feasibility study and as part of operational improvement studies. Using the latest ventilation modelling software, Ventsim® their trained engineers use mine plans and production schedules to simulate the ventilation network over a mine’s life to design the most efficient ventilation solutions that will provide a safe working environment, meet regulatory requirements and to minimize power consumption.

SRK have worked on mining projects all over Africa and the group has offices in South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, DR Congo and Gabon


Maya Fan Company is the leading manufacturer of power saving FRP (fiber glass reinforced plastic) blade fans for various industrial and cooling needs in mines and other sectors.

The mine ventilation system must provide air at sufficient volume and velocity to all places where people travel or work to maintain a safe level of Oxygen as there is no warning via senses of insufficient oxygen levels.

Auxiliary mine ventilation fans are required to dilute fumes from blasting and diesel exhaust to a safe concentration required to maintain acceptable working conditions and to replace oxygen used up by workers and diesel equipment. They are also required to control airborne dust and to control the temperature and humidity of air in the working area.

As compared to other applications of industrial fans, mining fans are among the most critical operations as in this operation, human life is directly connected to the fan operation thus safety has become the highest priority in designing mining fans.

Their products include a full range of auxiliary mine ventilation fans i.e. simple fixed pitch auxiliary ventilation fans to large customized main mine ventilation fans / Booster fans and meets the requirements of high efficiency, low noise, and reliable operation.

To reduce centrifugal load of blade, all metallic fans designed are restricted to thin aerofoil which is comparatively less efficient, but at Maya fan use of FRP gave them freedom to manufacture a blade with the latest aerofoil without restriction of aerofoil thickness, thus just by replacing any of conventional mine ventilation fans with high efficient maya aerofoil fan will provide at least 11 – 33 % power saving.

Convenience Products

Convenience Products is a leading manufacturer of one- and two-component spray polyurethane foam products. Touch ‘n Seal® polyurethane mining products are used in mine ventilation control, to construct and seal stoppings, and for sealing coal seams.

Touch ‘n Seal® Mine Foam effectively seals around stoppings, overcasts, and utility chases and effectively seals air leaks around in the mine. Spray-applied Mine Foam is also used to fill voids, control water leaks and run-off, and as thermal insulation. Mine Foam quickly cures and forms a strong adhesive bond to most surfaces.

Touch ‘n Seal® Mine Block Mortar bonds concrete blocks used to build ventilation stoppings. Mine Block Mortar bonds concrete and lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks and is used for underground coal mine ventilation stoppings. Mine Block Mortar is a single-component polyurethane foam adhesive that cures rapidly to form a strong bond and air-seal between blocks. It is approved for use in underground coal mines with 6 inch or larger blocks.

Touch ‘n Seal® Rib & Roof controls scaling and spalling on the ribs and roofs of underground mines. Each mine foam product is dispensed from self-contained packages including disposable cylinders, hoses and applicators.

The unique feature about Touch ‘n Seal® products is the polyurethane spray foam kits can help reduce energy consumption of HVAC / ventilation systems. PU helps lower energy costs and insulate against heat or cold for the general building market

Don Schumacher, Marketing Manager, says Touch ‘n Seal® polyurethane mining products offer improved solutions to mine ventilation sealing challenges and a person should follow instructions and precautions for best results. The benefits of these products have been proven in many mines over many years.


They are pioneers in Chile in the use of state of the art technological processes, which allow them to offer their clients competitive and sustainable advantages in the area of composite materials. These materials possess exceptional properties and characteristics that make them heavily used in the fields of mining, energy and transportation, as well as in the telecommunication, space, aerospace, marine and chemical industries.

Since 2002, they have excelled in the development of industrial ventilation projects for mining. They are the only manufacturer of High Energy Hoods® for mitigation of acid mist during electro winning processes, positioning them as a leader in this market.

With one patented technology they have installed this system in 7 countries in the world so far including South African – Anglo Platinum BMR expansion project. Their technology cleans the air inside tank houses decreasing health problems and also decreasing drastically the corrosion and maintenance in the tank houses.

Andre Antunes the Acid Mist Control Specialist says that their products are built up and designed specifically for each mine, this means that they go to the mine look into the problem and design a tailor made acid mist control system while also working with local companies that manufacture the non-patented part of the system like scrubbers, GRP Piping and others.

AC Industries

AC Industries is an Australian manufacturer and global supplier of high-quality mine ventilation ducting systems. The ducting is manufactured using advanced polymer technology and high-precision welding processes resulting in a ducting system that is:

  • Safer for Miners – increasing air flow to the mining face and work areas which assists in maximising mine productivity.
  • Energy Efficient – the welded seam provides a lower leakage ducting system with lower resistance and optimises fan power consumption.
  • Built to Last – the ducting is designed to be lightweight, for installation, and durable. This increases mine productivity by reducing maintenance with less downtime, less blow outs and less fan shut downs.

AC Industries has a variety of duct ranges in differing strengths and sizes to suit varying mining operations. An array of fittings is also available, creating a full ventilation system that optimises mine productivity. Customisation of systems is also available making AC Industries a complete solutions provider for mining operations around the world.

With strategically located supply hubs, supply to mine sites across Africa, South East Asia, Australia and other mining regions is timely and efficient ensuring that sites have what they need when they need it.

Bianca Dantl from the Marketing and Communications Department says that AC’s products contain a welded seam which creates a low leakage ventilation ducting system. This makes them highly energy efficient which is beneficial due to the high cost of power in Africa.

The advanced polymer technology and high-precision welding processes involved in manufacturing AC’s products makes them highly durable with less tearing. The quality in both duct design and construction provides a ducting system that requires lower maintenance, gives longer service life and is built to last. AC’s high quality, welded seam system maximises mine productivity by minimising downtime required for maintenance, breakdowns and blow outs.

Mine Ventilation Services, Inc. (MVS)

They are a professional engineering consulting firm with experience in a number of countries. They specialize in solving ventilation and cooling problems associated with the operation of mines and other subsurface facilities, including those which pose special challenges due to unusual climatic or geologic conditions.

MVS is experienced in designing ventilation and cooling systems for new and proposed subsurface facilities. They begin with conceptual studies to identify the most feasible overall plan then conduct detailed engineering studies using in-house computer software programs which have been developed specifically for the purpose of projecting optimal duties and locations of fans, cooling plants, main shafts and airways. The fan duties, and where required cooling and air filtration duties, are projected along with operating and capital costs.

They have developed a wide range of software programs which have proven invaluable in designing ventilation systems for underground facilities.

In addition to their in-house software solutions, they are able to perform studies using multiple ventilation software packages from other vendors when requested.

Matthew Florence, the Software Development Coordinator, says that their software is available to ship anywhere in the world from their offices in Clovis, California, and can also be bought directly from their website at Upon request, they can also provide engineering services and solutions, conduct site visits for data collection and system optimization, and assist clients in solving a wide variety of ventilation related problems.


BOLETSHE HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD is a self-motivated 100% black-owned business entity and certified level 3 BEE Contributor and 110% BEE Supplier Recognition in accordance to the DTI codes of good practice. BOLETSHE is based in Klerksdorp, North West Province of South Africa and its primary responsibility is to render on-going honest, responsible and competent services of occupational (industrial) hygiene programmes and system management which including occupational hygiene exposure measurements, establishment HIRA systems and mandatory Code of Practices on Occupational Health Programme and ,management of mine ventilation systems.

They are passionate to offer their clients measurable results that justify their investment in their services through competent staff, top quality monitoring instruments and data software supplied by approved or accredits suppliers.

According toBOLETSHE’s Principal Occupational Hygienist Mohlabani Jan Mepha their company is fully focusing in Africa and they have served South Africa Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

On the current industry trends Mohlabani said the focus is now increasing on occupational health issues that affect the employees at the mine. The authority is now intensifying compliance on the issues of occupational noise, airborne dust and silica dust in order to achieve the set target on Milestone for elimination of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and silicosis.

BOLETSHE strongly believe their business success depends on their clients satisfaction, that is why they are committed to the achievement of 100% customer satisfaction and superior service through an accurate assessment of clients’ needs and development of an affordable and customised service package that meets clients specified needs.

BOLETSHE’s vision is to deliver honest, responsible and competent solutions to your Occupational Health and Hygiene needs and concerns.

CFM Airsystems

CFM Airsystems pride themselves as being the exhaust and ventilation specialists of the future. Innovation in ventilation systems has guided their design and manufacture of fans for the 21st century. CFM Airsystems has manufactured and supplied fan systems for over 15 years. Its patented designs ensure CFM Airsystems fans deliver world class quality, efficiency and ultra quite operation. Their engineers and management team maintain a continuous improvement culture whereby they are always developing systems to improve products and processes.

The manufacturing facility is conveniently located in Clayton Victoria and employs approximately 25 staff and complies with Australian Standard ISO9001. CFM Airsystems has representatives throughout Australia and exports to New Zealand and South East Asia. CFM Airsystems has an extensive warehouse facility and holds in excess of 40,000 fans, accessories and stock items at any given time. This allows them to quickly responds and supply market demands. Furthermore their manufacturing facility is dynamic enough to shift and retool to accommodate urgent custom orders and provide the flexibility that today’s market demands on manufacturing.

CFM Airsystems’ National development director, National sales Manager and Sales Engineers offer a personalized service specifically tailored to the reseller and installer market. Real time information, Fan selection software, Ductsizers, Data sheets, Sales kits and old fashion person to person support are part of CFM Airsystems customer support.


HRV was founded in 2003 by two Kiwi entrepreneurs, who were passionate about improving the state of NZ homes. They saw that ventilation could make a big difference to the damp, dripping homes that many New Zealanders lived in – and it all went from there.

They introduced the great benefits of home ventilation to kiwi homeowners, and their market-leading products quickly became recognized as the go-to for families wanting relief from damp, unhealthy homes, especially when health issues such as asthma and allergies were part of the problem.

According to HRV’s Chief Executive Bruce Gordon their company has not yet ventured in the African market but they are looking forward to partner with local distributors.
HVR have been providing Air quality for families living near mines and in dusty areas – the HRV air filtration system is considered to be the best in the world utilizing unique Nano-technology. Filtering the air reduces airborne impurities and reduces triggers for respiratory problems. This is a major concern for Mum’s and the World Health Organization lists indoor air quality as the Number One environmental concern.

HRV exports to distributors in Australia including mining communities. Large parts of Africa share the climatic conditions of Australia and would present a good opportunity for Mining Company’s to improve the housing quality of their workers and their families.

Their ventilation systems provide your home with more airflow. They replace the stale indoor air with fresh filtered air. Taking the naturally warmer and drier air from the roof space, filtering and purifying it, this fresh natural air is spread throughout your home – it also dries the air, making it easier to heat.

There’s much more an HRV core ventilation system can do too. They have developed a range of clever accessory solutions that mean you can get even more benefits from your ventilation system.


Established in 2002 as a Group SAME’s company, Fibrovent specialize in composite materials, engineered with far superior properties compared to others. With outstanding features, these materials are widely used in the space, aerospace, chemical and marine industries, among others.

Fibrovent has been recognized for its high level of specialization and innovations in the application of advanced technologies such as RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding), RTM Light, and Infusion in ventilation projects developed for the mining industry.

On the industry’s current trends, Grupo SAME’s Marketing & Innovation Manager, Fernando Guerrero, added that they see that air pollution hazard awareness is increasing within the industry. Plus, the industry regulations related to this matter are also becoming stricter in order to protect workers’ health and the environment. In this scenario, Grupo SAME can provide effective and efficient solutions that meet these new health and environment parameters, generating economic and energy savings for companies.

Fibrovent has achieved a leading position in the industry, and it is an exclusive manufacturer of High Energy Hoods® created and patented by highly qualified engineers in SAME Ingeniería’s research and development division.

Fibrovent is a pioneer in Chile in the application of state-of-the-art technological processes, allowing them to provide their clients competitive and sustainable advantages in the composite materials field. For this, they have cutting-edge machinery, world class facilities, and a team of talented professionals focused on continuous improvement of their processes, capabilities, and technical and commercial relationships with their partners.

All of their projects go through rigorous testing, from software mold filling simulations, 3D viewers, and structural analysis, to quality control tests where thicknesses and Barcol and Acetone hardness are verified. All of this is to provide products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

SAME Equipos

SAME Equipos is a steel metalworking company specializing in the manufacture of technologically advanced equipment for pollution control with the highest quality standards.

The company’s long history has enabled SAME Equipos to position itself as a leader in air pollution control systems for the mining and industrial sectors.

According to Grupo SAME Marketing & Innovation Manager, Fernando Guerrero, their company is focusing on Africa and they have already implemented one of their Acid Mist control systems at the Anglo American – Rustenburg Base Metals plant in South Africa (2008). Guerrero also added that their products can be exported from Chile to the entire world.

Backed by the experience of Grupo SAME, SAME Equipos has accumulated vast expertise in applied engineering equipment manufacturing, offering professional and custom-made design and manufacturing services.

The success of SAME Equipos relies on the confidence and guarantee it provides to its clients, while adhering to governmental regulations, laws, and the highest international quality standards.

Its facilities are prepared to track equipment manufacturing process, from design to start up. In addition, it has an experienced team that is consistently developing new solutions using advanced technology.

SAME Equipos’ Manufacturing Engineering Department specializes in project development using 3D models which allows them to deliver personalized solutions for each client.

SAME Ingeniería

With more than 25 years of experience, SAME has developed innovative technological solutions to solve the problems of air pollution in industrial and mining processes, producing energy and economic savings for their clients.

It maintains among the highest quality standards worldwide in industrial ventilation and air pollution control at stationary sources, due to the development of its own technology. Operating in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, USA, Canada, Laos, South Africa and Norway, SAME has positioned itself as one of the most recognized and trusted industrial ventilation holdings in the global market.

Its air control systems, developed by SAME Ingeniería, are aimed at mitigating and controlling dust and gas pollutants from industrial and mining production processes, utilizing their own unique “energetic perspective” technology.

SAME Ingeniería’s Marketing & Innovation Manager,Fernando Guerrero, said their company sees the industrial ventilation problems from a different perspective, taking advantage of the natural air energy physics phenomena to design and build more efficient and stable solutions that guarantee superior performance and cost savings than any other solution on the market.

Guerrero advises customers that implementing air pollution control systems is not just a matter of conscience; it also generates cost savings by avoiding fines and labor union strikes. Additionally, the control system provides the opportunity to increase production due to the fact that its solutions have the potential to meet regulations even if pollution increases.

SAME Ingeniería has specialized in mining. Each project is customized and tailored to the client, taking into account the following factors: geography, available resources, industries, and community relations. It also takes into account the client’s internal philosophies regarding risk prevention, air cleanup and environmental protection to prevent the spread of pollution inside and outside industrial enclosures and to protect the health of workers and the environment.

Formed by a team of engineering specialists, the R+D+I department works on improving and creating new technologies, while also validating its current air decontamination systems which set the standard for national environmental requirements. For this, the R+D+I department has specialized tools for modeling, numerical analysis, 3D design, and simulation.

Its purpose is to provide technical and specialized support to Grupo SAME business units to ensure innovative, efficient, and quality technical solutions that deliver value to their clients by supporting quality of life.

Metal-Air Mechanical Systems Ltd.

They are a Greater Sudbury based mechanical contracting company which services the industrial, commercial and institutional markets. As a multi-disciplined contractor, they offer a variety of services to their customers, such as: heating / ventilation / air conditioning / refrigeration, ammonia, sheet metal fabrication and installation, mine ventilation, plumbing and pipe fitting, electrical and building automation systems.

Metal-Air Mechanical is committed to the design, development, fabrication and installation of high performance steel ventilation ducting products for underground mining and tunneling, and industrial applications. Their combination of expertise, experience and commitment is demonstrated through their ventilation products and their services to the underground world. They understand that underground mine ventilation is an extremely important area of focus for all mining professionals as mines have to be adequately ventilated to ensure a cleaner and safer workplace.

They are able to provide mine sites with the fast and reliable production of heavy duty manufactured spiral steel ducts, of any length, any size, and any diameter. It is durable enough to sustain normal mining condition blasting. Ducts are easily connected using flanges and v-locks, or simply made with a plain end connected together by a 12” wide drawband. Either way, the installation in your typical mining ramps and headings is quick, effective and straightforward. Ducts can be manufactured at the underground site which saves time therefore reduces cost.

Pat Fredette, the Outside Sales/Estimator in the Mining Ventilation Division, says that their products are strong, durable, effective and fabricated to sustain the mining industry.

FlowPro Asia Pacific Ltd.

Since establishment a decade ago, FlowPro has developed, tested, manufactured and supplied dampers to many clients around the globe. Initially the tunnel and metro ventilation damper market was targeted due to the company founders’ professional background in that field. Over the years FlowPro has diversified to several other industries such as mining, cement, ceramic, paper, marine and petrochemical. FlowPro do not have a standard products, they design and manufacture as per client’s requirements and application.

Dampers are designed and made as per client specifications of the project requirements. Dampers are critical parts of ventilation systems and dampers are often potentially lifesaving equipment in case of emergencies. Therefore certification of their products through independent executed and or witnessed tests are deemed of high importance. Several types of tests are executed following their continuous product improvements and or innovations and following specific project requirements.

FlowPro supply dampers for mine ventilation, for mining application they mostly supply to the fan makers. In the recent years they have supplied single and double blade butterfly dampers for several mines in Turkey, Mexico, Finland and most recently 3 large (ø3500) double blade fan isolation dampers for a mine in Peru. The advantage of a double blade butterfly damper is that the 2 blades of the damper open in the same direction so the damper can be installed directly behind the fan without the need of additional ducting. FlowPro welcomes new agents in the African region.

METU Meinig AG: Round Duct Connections for the Ventilation in Mines

METU is an industry supplier offering a complete range of innovative components for the efficient manufacture of HVAC ventilation ductwork. The products are successful and exported worldwide.

The advantages of the METU round flanges to connect air-ducts for the standard HVAC applications can be transferred to the mining industry.

Their AF and MF flanges bring additional stability to the ducts and fittings. Connecting the duct segments together is performed in a few minutes thanks to SR joining clips with only one bolt to tighten (instead of the many bolts and nuts of the common loose flanges). Because of the harsh conditions in mines the MF flanges are made of a thicker material and have a simpler shape.

Stavros Theodossiou, Head of Marketing and Sales says that, the air duct components for the standard Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) they developed in the past decades are worldwide accepted standards today (such as the 4-Bolt system, access doors). In Africa they intend to focus on products fulfilling special requirements which other companies are not yet able or willing to offer. This is the case for their flanges for the mining industry. This could very well be a niche they could exploit, especially because their MF flanges are also used in the mining industry in Europe (Poland).

He further indicates that the newest METU innovation, a system of laser-welded round ducts, fittings and connections, fulfilling the highest requirements regarding air and even oil-tightness, inner duct smoothness (dirt retardant, less friction), energy conservations, installation ease and pleasant appearance, might also cover particular market segments in Africa, something they shall definitely investigate.

Finally, he says that they have sold their products in Nigeria, and several companies from South Africa have been interested in them.

Leedem Mine Services

Leedem Mine Services, which has been providing mining contractors with quality shaft sinking and tunnelling solutions all over the world, now provides the intelligent local ventilation system. The company has delivered projects to clients from Africa, Asia, North America, and Australia.

The intelligent local ventilation system is a closed-loop control system, based on data supplied by sensors installed at key underground locations and sub vent stations. These sensors collect data on gas density, airflow speed, temperature, and dust level. The central computer analyzes the data and determines the optimal airflow rate at different work areas and underground drifts. The system will then use PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and VFDs (variable frequency drives) to control all local fans’ speed as well as vent doors and windows. Both local fan control and a central computer console are available for ease of system management.

The system significantly reduces the risk of coal gas explosion by improving vent air quality. In addition, it reduces energy consumption by as much as 30%.

They have supplied 1 unit of 2x200kW, 2.9m in diameter, 7-meter long, dual contra-rotating main fan to the Ivanplat project in DRC. They welcome more business opportunities from Africa.

Lishan Du, Account Manager, from Leedem Mine Services says that their products can be customized according to local technical requirement and Africa’s unique environment and their prices are very competitive compared to their counterparts in Europe, Australia and North America, which helps mining companies or contractors to reduce operating costs or start-up costs.

Miller Weldmaster

Capable of making single ply ducting, single ply ducting with a wear strip, and double ply ducting, the FX100 speeds up duct production times through its leading-edge automated technology and operation.

Miller Weldmaster, the first choice globally for quality ducting products, offers the FX100 to duct manufacturers worldwide for faster, more efficient production of flexible ducts. The machine incorporates state-of-the-art automated technology to ensure duct manufacturers’ processes are faster and easier to operate. It is designed to weld a wide range of materials into wide reinforced flexible ducting, and enables the welding of multiple sizes, lengths and ducting configurations.

Depending on the material type used, application, and seam width, the FX100 will dramatically increase production over current methods. It can produce ducting ranging from 50 mm to 1.22 m (2 in. to 48 in.) in diameter, and incorporates a wire payoff, a wire former and a material payoff reducing material handling.

Miller Weldmaster has partnered with Intamarket to help meet the growing regional market demands in South Africa.

Jeannette Hendrickson from Miller Weldmaster says that they have installed over 3000 machines in over 100 countries and were awarded the Presidential “E” Award for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. Exports.

Lomac Manufacturing

Lomac Manufacturing has been meeting air quality requirements with effective solutions, experience and expertise since 2004. A family owned business small enough to care yet large enough for any project. Their team at Lomac has a reputation for making high quality products and their ducting is manufactured to SARACCA and SABS specifications. Their ducting services include ventilation ducting, insulated ducting, pneumatic conveying and fresh air ventilation. Lomac manufactures a specific product to specifications supplied by the client’s needs. They tailor-make ventilation solutions for the application required. There are however other sheet metal and ventilation companies that manufacture the same type of product.

Their In-House Duct shop is fully equipped and all work contracted to Lomac Manufacturing is made to meet your individual needs. They offer a wide range of services for ducting. Be it Design, Supply and Erect or Supply only. They work from architectural drawings or engineered layouts. Lomac manufacturing covers all industries, whether it’s smaller residential ducting to commercial applications. Lomac manufacturing products are made from the highest quality galvanized sheet metal which ensures hard wearing, weather resistant ducting and ventilation components.

Matt Scott from Lomac Manufacturing says that when buying a mine ventilation system, ensure that your every need and requirement is listed in your specifications and consult an engineer if necessary. This ensures a product and solution capable of fulfilling the need you have for it and the most cost effective for your pocket.

Herrenknecht AG

Herrenknecht AG with headquarters in Germany offers holistic technical solutions for the construction of mining infrastructures underground, building on the experience as the leading provider in mechanized tunnelling technology of more than 2,300 realized projects worldwide for all diameters, in all geologies and in all areas of application – railway, metro, road, utility, pipelines, hydropower, mining and exploration.

A high level of mechanization in connection with a high level of automation can increase the speed of tunnelling underground enormously. For this reason, Herrenknecht supplies an entire range of innovative machines for the construction of underground mining infrastructures. Whether for vertical access or production shafts, inclined vehicle access ramps, ventilation channels or transport tunnels, Herrenknecht technology is designed for diameters of 0.3 to 12 meters and can reach depths of up to 2,000 meters.

They offer a complete portfolio of mechanized tunnelling technology, additional equipment and services to meet the project-specific requirements of the customer. With these Full Range Solutions the focus is placed on clear value propositions, measurable benefits for the customer and team spirit.

Herrenknecht technology secure the essential requirements for environmentally friendly mobility of people and goods, for a sustainable use of valuable natural resources and the targeted exploration of raw material deposits and energy sources.

In the Mining area, the companies are breaking new ground to ensure modern, efficient and safe future mining projects. Herrenknecht supports companies on this path with innovative machine technology. For mining companies accessing deep mineral deposits or developing underground mine infrastructure the aim today is to create safe and attractive work places for personnel while enhancing the shaft excavation rates significantly.

Their products are also available in Africa.


Windmaster was registered in 1993 and manufactured and patented the first Turbine Ventilator in South Africa in 1993. A range of the Windmaster Turbine Roof Ventilators soon followed and the company is proud to claim that it is the first company manufacturing a range of Turbine Ventilators in South Africa.

They have since grown to a reputable and respected company within the industry. The Windmaster range of products have been tested and evaluated by the University of Stellenbosch, and proven to be of high quality and performance and their products have already been exported to many African countries such as Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, Dubai and negotiations are currently under way with a large company in the Far East to export to their region.

According to Windmaster’s Marketing manager Anthony Dell the company manufacturers and distributes Tornado Turbine Roof Ventilator and Aqua Breeze Evaporative coolers and they have AGENTS throughout South Africa as well an agent in UAE , Namibia , Botswana and Nigeria .

On the current trends in the industry Anthony said their Tornado Turbine Ventilator and Aqua Breeze Evaporative Coolers are becoming more and more popular due to clients being exposed or made aware of their benefits and features over other ventilation products in the market.

Their world class series of Tornado Roof Turbines and Aqua-Breeze Evaporative Coolers will cost effectively cool and eliminate the build-up of hot and polluted stale air in most applications to transform the working environment into optimum levels of productivity.

Their Tornado Turbine Ventilator is activated by natural convection and also allows it to be assisted by the wind. The rotating turbine action produces a positive extraction, which removes convicted heat and induces currents of fresh air producing a substantial cooling effect on people and the environment. The Tornado transforms hot stuffy conditions into optimum working and living conditions, enhance airflow, and improve indoor air quality.

This series is available in four sizes with a choice of galvanised and aluminium which can be colour coated on request. Galvanised Turbines have more durability and reliable and it’sSilent, clean and effective, the Tornado poses no environmental or pollution related threat. Upon installation, users continually report reduced stress and increased productivity due to a healthier work environment.

RAG Mining Solutions

RAG Mining Solutions GmbH is part of the German RAG Group. Their staff has access to a vast array of know-how based on experience acquired over many years of operating in the German coal industry and delivering services for client companies all over the world.

Coal winning in Germany has for many years been characterised by the need to work in extremely difficult geological conditions and in very deep deposits with a high excavation ratio. With working depths now averaging some 1,500 meters their mineworkers have some very tough challenges to face day in and day out.  High rock pressures combined with soft surrounding strata and a huge demand for air cooling and conditioning are just some of the problems that have to be tackled on a regular basis.

According to RAG Mining Solutions’ Senior Marketing Manager Karsten Gutberlet their company is focusing on all countries with underground mining worldwide since they offer mining companies with consulting and engineering.

These are conditions that are now confronting many of the world’s mining industries as working depths continue to increase. And as global coal production continues to expand so too will the demand for tried-and-tested technology capable of operating at very deep levels, backed up by real mining know-how.

RAG Mining Solutions is now in a position to market this know-how worldwide and currently offers a wide range of consultancy and engineering services as well as training in the most diverse subjects.

The phases concept, preliminary study and feasibility study, construction planning, construction, production, decommissioning and land utilisation can be supported and/or executed using all kinds of engineering solutions for both deep mining and opencast operations. This comprises both individual assignments and complete life-cycle projects.

The company’s wide-ranging portfolio of services also includes HSE (Health, Safety and Environment Protection) and Industrial Reclamation. RAG Mining Solutions is also very much involved in the international sale and marketing of field-tested mining machinery, industrial plant and power plants/power-plant components.

Mine Ventilation Australia

Mine Ventilation Australia (MVA) is a specialist consultancy in full-service mine and subsurface ventilation engineering, providing services to clients worldwide.

MVA’s staff has in-depth knowledge and experience of mining operations, having worked as mine operators, engineers and ventilation consultants for decades. Utilising their skills, MVA staff can provide detailed advice and suggestions for both niche mine ventilation issues and common queries, such as estimations of air quantities, cost reduction opportunities and ventilation optimisation.

According to Mine Ventilation Australia’sPrincipal Director Consultant Rick Brake their company is active in Africa and they have offered their services to mines in the continent.

On the emerging trends in the industry Rick said there is more use of diesel equipment; more focus on management of occupational exposure limits for DPM etc; more real-time instrumentation underground; more focus on ventilation planning; more examination/preparedness for “disaster scenarios” including use of fire and explosion modelling.

MVA offers a complete package of mine ventilation services to ensure all factors are properly monitored and optimised to ensure health and safety targets, and more importantly the health and safety of the workers, are met. Their ventilation network analysis provides a complete service, measuring temperatures, pressures, volumes and humidity levels, and will provide clients with appropriate ventilation standards that suit their sub-surface operations.

As part of their ventilation analysis services, MVA also provides assessments of the economic sizes of ventilation shafts and development, fan specification, tender adjudication and performance testing, evaluation of working conditions in terms of atmospheric contaminants, and feasibility and due diligence studies to help ensure mines are safely managed and properly planned for the future.

In order to ensure all equipment is working successfully and that mine workers are working in a safe environment, it is vital to ensure mines are properly refrigerated or air conditioned in particular hot zones. MVA has the knowledge and skills to advise mine operators on all options for cooling units in mining shafts, from the impact of increased airflow to refrigeration cooling,

Mining Ventilation Services 2cc

Mining Ventilation Services 2CC manufactures and supplies ventilation door frames and panels.  They also manufacture refuge bay doors, refuge bay airline kits, ash bricks, vermiculite blocks, polyprop curtains, ladders (wooden, steel and chain)

According to Mining Ventilation Services 2cc Managing Member EJ Botha their company is a manufacturer with their products available in the African market and they sell directly from their offices in South Africa.

On the current trends in the industry Botha added that the way forward is definitely mechanizing the opening and closing of the door from a safety aspect the deeper the mines are going the greater the pressure exerted on the door and the more the mines are going to have mechanize.

Their ventilation doors are part of the mine ventilation system. Other controls they supply are seals, fans, ventilation curtains, ventilation ducting to mention a few.  The ventilation doors are used to control the flow of air to the required areas and at the same time allows access through the doors for the workers and machinery. Either two or three doors are used to form an airlock. There is no standard door design or size used in the mining industry as the mine requirements depends on a number of factors, for example, size of door needed, pressure exerted on the door, machinery being used underground and what controls are required, whether the door is to be opened manually, mechanically, hydraulically or pneumatically and whether any information and control needs to be available from the surface. The way forward is definitely mechanising the opening and closing of the door from the safety aspect. The deeper the mines are going, the greater the pressure being exerted on the doors, the more the mines are going to have to mechanize.

Fibre-Tech Products p/l.

Fibre-tech Products manufactures a complete range of cooling towers in counter flow, cross flow and forced draught configurations in Fibreglass, Stainless Steel and Galvanized materials.

They have also added Bulk Air Cooling products intended primarily for mining applications. They are energy efficient bulk air coolers from 1MW capacity to 4MW capacity in a single cell and constructed of robust FRP and SS materials. The units are designed and custom built for individual application.

Suitable for those particular applications where water quality can be a problem where suspended solids would typically foul units constructed with standard film fill. The cooling towers and Bulk Air handlers come in either packaged (fully assembled) or Site Erected formats

Their range of Fibreglass Axial Fans is primarily for use in cooling tower and associated applications. Whilst the company produces a standard range of product, they take pride in their ability to manufacture special designs to suit those difficult situations. They have widespread success with their products in applications such as power generation, industrial process cooling and HVAC applications to name a few.

Their end users are amongst the who’s who of Australian and foreign mining companies and industrial process companies some of which include Alcoa aluminimum, BOC gases, CSBP Limited (explosives) BHP Bilton, Delta (main grid power generation).

Asked for his advice to potential mine ventilation buyers, Peter Bail from Fibre-Tech Products says “Think beyond the purchase price. Quality and good design all come at a cost, cheaper product always costs more in the long term” He further states that cost of ownership is the main issue therefore product design and manufacture need to reduce the impact of the purchase and operating costs whilst maintaining and providing a quality range of product

Spunstrand Inc.

In 1960, Spunstrand built the first filament-winding machine to produce FRP mine ventilation duct and started an entirely new industry. These first non-metallic ducts were an improvement over the heavier and conductive metal ducts. Their mine ventilation ducts maintain an MSHA approval as a class 1 rated duct system and have been used in mine and tunneling applications now for 54 years. Spunstrand Inc has a variety of duct configurations available to suit the needs of most any situation customers may encounter.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic air duct for mining and tunneling applications is constructed using the filament-winding process. Continuous fiberglass strands are impregnated with polyester resin and precision wound in a crisscross helical pattern. The resin is specifically formulated for mining application to maximize toughness and durability and is highly resistant to both alkaline and acidic conditions. Ventilation duct is available in round as well as standard and also oval and rectangular shapes. Standard lengths are 10’ or 20’ although any length is available within the shipping limitations. Standard sizes range from 2’’ through 72’’ diameter and larger can also be manufactured upon request. Ultra-violet inhibitors can also be added for resistance to sun light. The unique features in Spunstrand’s products that make them suitable to Africa’s environment is that they are strong, tough, corrosion resistant and long lasting.

Spunstrand® Inc. manufactures a wide variety of fiberglass reinforced duct products in the Pacific Northwest that stand up to corrosion, maximize clean air flow, eliminate rust issues, prohibit mold growth, and provide a high quality solution for most applications. For over 50 years, Spunstrand® Inc. has furnished miles of under slab HVAC duct systems, numerous above ground industrial and municipal duct systems, and many custom fiberglass solutions for special applications. Installations are in every U.S. state and several foreign countries. 50 years and miles of pipe have created a multitude of reliable products and services available for their customers. For more information please feel free to contact them directly.

Parag Fans & Cooling Systems Ltd

Parag Fans & Cooling Systems Limited is a leading manufacturer of High Efficiency Axial Flow FRP (Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic) Fans and other related components since 1987. They are an ISO-9001:2008 certified organization, equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, test laboratory and computer aided design center, which enable them to manufacture High Performance Axial Flow Industrial FRP Fans.

Fans are the most important component of any mine ventilation system as they generate the amount of airflow required to clear toxic fumes while creating enough pressure to do so. Mine installations find Parag Fans to be highly efficient where they provide more air with less power or alternatively, can reduce power usage for the same air provided. Parag Fans come at an economical initial cost. Their Impellers are dynamically balanced to ISO-1940 Grade 6.3 or 2.5 upon request.

Parag Fans have achieved these efficiencies with the use of specially designed FRP blades. Their blades have a unique airfoil. They provide a higher blade twist angle and optimum camber thus offering very high efficiency of the fans. Their blade profile, confirming to N.A.C.A. 23012 aerofoil characteristics with high Cl / Cd ratio, greater twist, taper, camber and consistent FRP blade shape, can improve total efficiency up to 90% resulting in considerable energy savings or higher air flow for the identical operating conditions (Air Flow, Total Pressure and RPM) in a given system. Extra protection from Fire and other elements are provided. Every Parag blade is moment balanced to ensure interchangeability.

Dunbar Services

With over 25 years experience in commercial ventilation cleaning and maintenance, Dunbar Services commenced operation in Australia in 1998 when the Director, John Dunbar established the first branch in Tasmania. Soon after that he opened the Western Australian branch office.

With its commitment to professionalism and the provision of high quality specialised service to its clients, Dunbar Services has grown to become a respected market leader in the field of commercial Ventilation cleaning and maintenance.

Dunbar Services has a project management and quality control team within the company to oversee projects and maintain a register of competencies of the operatives.

Larger projects are controlled by the Project Manager and/or Project Supervisor to ensure that the job is delivered on time and in line with the scope of works agreed by the customer prior to commencement. Frequent site inspections are conducted on other projects to ensure that the work performed is to the high standard demanded by the Company.

Dunbar Services team is fully accredited to meet the high level of expectations of the wide range of industries it services. This includes the mining industries strict standards and the company has met the accreditation necessary to service offshore platforms as well as attendance by vehicle to remote sites.

Dunbar Services can perform pre-remediation surface sampling, clean and remediate the split system air-conditioner including the cooling coil, return air filter, scroll fan and housing. Clearance testing can be conducted on completion of works to certify the unit as being free from contamination. Cleaning of wall mounted split systems is also beneficial in saving on energy costs by reducing energy consumption of the units.



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Metal-Air Mechanical Systems Ltd.

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FlowPro Asia Pacific Ltd.

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METU Meinig AG

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Leedem Mine Services

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Miller Weldmaster Corp

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Lomac Manufacturing

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Herrenknecht AG



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RAG Mining Solutions

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Mine Ventilation Australia

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Mining Ventilation Services 2cc

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Fibre-Tech Products p/l.

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Spunstrand Inc.

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Parag Fans & Cooling Systems Ltd

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Dunbar Services

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