December 15, 2017

Tega Industries nominated for the prestigious Socrates Committee Best Enterprise award by the Europe Business Assembly

Extracting better value from manufacturing plants

Industrial processes throughout Africa can be significantly enhanced and outputs significantly increased simply by adopting a philosophy of quality when procuring products and services. Selecting the right partners to supply assistance is usually a simple process, but in the long run can have a profound outcome on the success of an operation.

Qualified technical advice and after sales service are usually equally as important as the quality of the goods being supplied and should be a more important consideration than price alone. Announcing his company’s nomination for the prestigious Socrates Committee “Best Enterprise” award by the Europe Business Assembly (EBA), Vishal Gautam of Tega Industries South Africa said that the award is the culmination of the company’s concerted efforts globally to put the quality of its products and services above all other considerations.

Technology and service

Tega Industries Limited was nominated for its excellent business reputation and effective management globally. Quality of products, it’s highly trained staff and the adoption of modern and effective technologies were also recognised and commended by the committee. The EBA is an independent corporation for development and management of economic, social and humanitarian collaboration.

As a non-governmental organisation, EBA promotes transformation of state-of-the-art experience and economic practices, establishment of economic, educational, cultural, and scientific ties, as well as the creation of national business elites in countries around the world. Additionally, the creation of a positive image of regions, companies and individuals is also encouraged throughout the global business community.

The award is seen as recognition of the good work the company has already done in supplying products and technical expertise globally. In South Africa Tega Industries works with a variety of companies in the mining, transport, manufacturing and a wide number of industries to become more efficient through the use of engineered rubber and combination materials. In conjunction with technical experts, polymer scientists and the customer, solutions are found and formulated to save money and help equipment perform better.

Vishal Gautam of Tega Industries South Africa

Home-grown solutions

A number of unique products have already been specially designed for companies throughout the continent, including products that protect mine drill rig transmissions, heavy duty cables on open pit mines, non-spill conveyors, train components and a multitude of other custom-made rubber products and linings.

Items manufactured at the company’s plant in Vulcania, Brakpan or imported from the company’s other manufacturing plants around the world are certified and tested in compliance with all relevant standards. Technical staff

“All of these products required close collaboration between our technical staff and our customers in order to design and manufacture a product that fitted their requirements. In many instances we have also assisted local companies by developing cost effective locally manufactured parts for OEM equipment. In other instances we have made their plants and equipment more reliable by manufacturing rubber parts to replace expensive or troublesome mechanical parts.

Working together

“It is this kind of collaboration and close working relationship that we feel can make industrial processes more efficient. We therefore urge businesses throughout the country to select product and service providers carefully in order to ensure their businesses are well looked after. Whether it is procurement or wear equipment, performance enhancing parts or simply seeking advice on cutting the cost of business, it pays to deal with a company that has a good track record,” says Vishal in conclusion.

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