December 17, 2017

Becker Tractelift climb and descent assist system


New to Becker Mining South Africa’s range of Tractel personal protection equipment, which ensures the safety of workers at height elevations, is the TracteliftÔ climb and descent assist system. “The company’s new Tractelift climbing aid minimises worker fatigue and increases safety, while ascending and descending a ladder during installation and maintenance procedures,” says Charlotte Megannon, product manager for Becker Mining South Africa.

“This climb assist system, which is easy to install onto any kind of vertical ladder, requires minimal operator training.”

The Tractelift climb assist system, with a long lasting, reinforced synthetic belt, relieves the weight of workers, reduces effort and minimises injuries, thus increasing productivity.

Features of this climb assist system include a continuous run rope loop which enables many workers to use the climbing aid without having to reset the system; an automatic start facility which activates the system as ascent or descent commences and an automatic stop facility. For increased safety, an emergency stop device is also available. Tractelift can be fitted with a fixed or detachable motor and control, depending on user preference.

There are two models in the range, with various features for use in different applications, including confined spaces, on high elevation inspection stations, wind power turbines and on communication towers.

The Tractelift 1 model – which is suitable for users who do not require the adjustable assist feature – provides traction relief in a pulling force up to 40 da N (equivalent to 40 kg) that is preset on the sliding clutch.

Tractelift 11 - fully adjustable climbing aid for worker safety and comfort 2

The recently launched Tractelift 11 model is controlled by an individual user remote, which enables workers to choose their own levels of assist, by adjusting the pulling force on site. This model has an adjustable pulling force of 75 da N (equivalent to 75 kg). The remote, with up to ten levels of pulling force to provide relief to the climber, has an illuminated LCD display, with a low battery indicator. An adjustable speed control matches the level of assistance with the rate of the climber’s speed. This smooth running system, with soft stops and starts, alleviates the effort of climbing.

Because this is not a fall arrest system, it is advised that a suitable and compatible fall arrest system is used in combination with the Tractelift climb assist system.

Becker Mining South Africa’s range of Tractel equipment, which includes lifting and pulling equipment, as well as fall arrest equipment and personal protection systems, meets stringent international safety and quality specifications.

The company offers a technical advisory, test, repair and maintenance service to ensure all equipment operates in perfect condition.

For further information Charlotte Megannon, Becker Mining South Africa

PO Box 124185, Alrode, 1451

Telephone         (011) 617 6300

Telefax             (011) 908 5806



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