December 14, 2017

Zimbabwe plans for a 248 hectares Nickel mine


United States-based Raptor Resources Holdings has finalised its plan to develop its green field nickel and copper mineral claims in Shamva, Zimbabwe.

Raptor resources confirmed the reports and said that a study has been completed to pave way for the development of nickel and copper mining, and that they are targeting workable hard assets, experienced mining companies and emergent Greenfield resources for the project.

The company has confidence in its gravity mapping project and a number of third party geologists, having visited the mine and ascertained the project.

Raptor Resources is a mining group with interests in acquisition, exploration and development of various mineral resources in Zimbabwe. The company has two subsidiaries; Mabwe Minerals which specialises in mining and selling industrial metals and TAG Minerals which is a mineral and metal resource acquisition, exploration and development company.

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