December 15, 2017

Mining industry in Mozambique is enlarging says Mineral Resource Minister


The mining industry in Mozambique is getting bigger, and this is great news to the country because it will also mean more income will be generated.

The Mineral Resources Minister Mr. Esperanca Bias confirmed the reports and pointed out that various deposits like basic metals such as graphite and iron have been discovered over the last few years when the country undertook extensive geological surveys.

She further said that, in the western province of Tete, mines have opened to exploit the huge coal reserves and this has led to an increase in coal exports. This year, they expect to reach 6.5 million tonnes in exports, while last year 3.8 million tonnes were exported at a value of US$ 370m.

Coal companies issued mining concessions by the Government intend to create a capacity to transport over 11 million tonnes of coal per year to the port by 2015. Capacity is due to continue to expand to 13 million tonnes in 2016 and 18 million tonnes by 2017.

The coal companies have contributed significantly to the creation of jobs and have increased the volume of business for small and medium sized Mozambican enterprises.

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