December 15, 2017

MineMap Pty Ltd’s Continuous Excellence Blasting Management Software

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A) Blast Information Management System (BIMS) from mine Map is a complete solution for all aspects of blasting operations. It provides the capability to design, store, manage, retrieve and analyze drill and blast related information including ability to directly capture data, video, photographs and vibration records. It can result in significant operational efficiencies. BIMS is also a reporting/analytics tool.
Mobility: BIMS has a mobility solution for Android and iPhone/iPad which enables blasting personnel to enter relevant data directly in the field.
Data Analytics: BIMS also has a data analytics module that provides advanced, predictive analytics and data insights. This can result in production efficiencies such as reduction in the usage of explosives and more efficient blasts. We also have a big data analytics solution for the mining industry.

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B) Mining Environmental impact predictors and control tools is an integrated environmental monitoring software module which provides a one-stop shop for environmental monitoring data such as fragmentation, flyrock & ground and air vibrations. Sub modules include :
Fragmentation size predictor : Based on the rock characteristics, explosive properties this software determines the size of the fragments and helps to improve production efficiencies.
Blast clearance zone estimator : This software can be used to establish both safe clearance distances and the critical range of burdens and stemming heights. Also, the zone of flyrock travel is indicated by this software.
Air and ground vibration predictor : The module enables mine staff to improve their control of both airground vibrations problems by helping determine approximate contour plans for both ground and air vibration levels.
Wavefront reinforcement predictor : Wave Reinforcement Predictor is powerful graphical software used for designing and editing blast patterns.

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Seldon Mart
MineMap Pty Ltd

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