December 13, 2017

Wågene Purifiner Technology launches new oil purification unit for construction and mining machinery

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The company produces oil purifiers especially for Hydraulic oil. They have sold over 2,500 units to shipping worldwide and have received great appreciation for their way to keep the hydraulic oil clean.

The unique technique of evaporation of water in the oil is especially for these products. It is able to cleanse oil which has emulsified with water Using Purifiners will result to better quality oil new oil.

The company has for many years seen the need to clean the oil on all types of construction and mining equipment. This type of machinery is exposed to heavy pollution of contaminants, particles and water in the hydraulic fluid.

This has resulted in the WPT has designed a special operations unit of Purifiners filter, installed at the construction machine and clean the oil while the machine is operating.

It utilizes the pressure of the hydraulic fluid that can extend as much as several hundred bar. In the unit has a reducing valve, which reduces the pressure down to 3 bar that goes into the filter.

A 24-volt pump will return the cleaned oil back to the tank , even if the tank is pressurized.
This unit is very compact, small sizeonly 38 x 35x 14 cm and weighs 11 kg.Additional to this, the filter for the requested needs.

A supplier of excavators and a user of mobile cranes has tested the new filterunit in normal operation over several months, with the best results on the purity of the oil.

As the two test companies said, the new filter “Purifiner” provide a quite different response to Construction Equipment users in terms of problems with water and other contaminants in hydraulic oil. The condensation “produces” water in oil, which freezes in winter. The new Purifiner from Wågene Purifiner Technology AS not only remove the water and particles and save the machine, it also saves all the valves , controls and hydraulic pumps on the machine.

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