December 13, 2017


ALCO-Safe is the major supplier of quality electronic Breath Alcohol Detectors

ALCO-Safe is the major supplier of quality electronic Breath Alcohol Detectors, drug testing kits and accessories in South Africa with 44 years of experience in manufacturing, distribution and support.

ALCO-Safe represents LION – CMI world leaders in Alcohol Detection Technology and ALERE Toxicologydrug testing systems.

Instruments supplied include industrial high speed testers perfect for unobtrusive rapid alcohol testing at site entrance/exit points for example and portable instruments for use at remote sites which provide immediate printed evidence.

ALCO-Safe’s extensive experience over many years with large and small companies enables guidance to be given regarding the whole spectrum of substance abuse problems encountered in the workplace.

ALCO-Safe has, over many years, assisted a large number of organisations such as Transnet, Provincial Government Departments, Mining groups, Transnet Rail Engineering, Transnet Freight Rail, All petroleum refineries, ArcelorMittal, Eskom, Tongaat-Hulett, Sappi, major vehicle manufacturers and municipalities.

The new Lion AlcoBlowRapidTest from ALCO-Safe is the ideal solution when dealing with intoxicatedemployees. It delivers a fast, accurate ‘pass or fail’ result using only a tiny sample of breath, without the need for physical contact between the subject and the instrument. It can also be used in both Active and Passive modes to ensure all employees can be tested quickly and efficiently, and that suspicious liquids can be checked for the presence of alcohol.

These instrumentis particularly important in industries such as mining, manufacturing and construction where workers are dealing with dangerous chemicals, heavy machinery or equipment that requires a high level of concentration.

According to Rhys Evans of ALCO-Safe there will be a huge rise in the number of companies conducting regular alcohol testing and random drug testing in future. The use of disposable drug tests as well as on site breathalysers is on the increase as people see the cost benefit of reducing accidents and absenteeism.



Rhys Evans

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