November 17, 2017

US$ 39m conserved from blended gasoline in Ethiopia

supplying ethanol

The Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy has confirmed that they have managed to save up to US$ 39m from blended gasoline.

The conserved money was being used on gasoline imports over the past six years by supplying ethanol blended benzene. During that time, Ethiopia has blended 50.3 million litres of ethanol with 46.8 million litres of benzene.

According to Bizuneh Tolcha, the Public Relations and Communication head at the Ministry, “Since 2011, Ethanol content in the gasoline has increased to 10 percent and at the moment three oil companies, Nile Petroleum, Oil Libya and National Oil Ethiopia are in charge of the blending process and distribution.

The country’s annual ethanol production will reach 181 million litres once the ongoing 10 sugar factories are completed.

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