November 24, 2017

Infrastructure development to take centre stage at the Zimbabwe mining and infrastructure Indaba 2014


Africa’s perennial challenge of lack of financial and human resources capacity to undertake infrastructure development will take centre stage at the 6th edition of the Zimbabwe Mining and Infrastructure Indaba 2014, which will be held in Harare from the 8th to the 10th of October this year.

The Zimbabwe Mining and Infrastructure Indaba 2014, which is in its sixth year of running and is being held under the theme, Mining: a Catalyst for Infrastructure Development in Africa, will bring together various local, regional and global experts in the areas of finance, infrastructure development, mining and investments.

Some of the speakers at the conference will include Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Honorable Walter Chidhakwa, Alex Mhembere who is the President of the Zimbabwe Chamber of Mines and Chief Executive Officer Zimplats, Ian Saunders President and CEO of New Dawn Mining Company, Elias Masilela Commissioner National Planning Commission South Africa and Klaus Find partner KPMG Infrastructure and Major Projects Group South Africa among other notable speakers.

The Zimbabwe Mining and Infrastructure Indaba 2014 conference, which will be held over 3 days offers a platform for experts in mining, infrastructure and finance to discuss pertinent issues concerning these sectors and has proved to be one of the major sector specific conferences in the country which draws a lot of potential regional and global investors.

In keeping with the theme, a great addition to the conference this year is a workshop on Private Public Partnerships. This capacity building workshop will be held over the two days and will cover the following: PPP Guidelines and Process; Undertaking a Feasibility Study; Legal Due Diligence Considerations; Technical due diligence considerations;  Funding PPPs; The Procurement Process for a PPP; PPP Documentation and  types of PPPS.

The idea behind the workshop is to provide practitioners and any key stakeholders with practical understanding of how to utilise PPPs more effectively as a form of procuring and financing infrastructure projects and services

One of the other topics, which will come under discussion at the conference is the issue of beneficiation and value addition of minerals in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. According to the CEO of Utho Capital the hosts of the conference, Sheila Galloway, “ Beneficiation is a top priority for Africa and The Zimbabwe Mining and Infrastructure Indaba 2014 will bring together renowned international experts in mining, beneficiation and infrastructure development highlighting best practices in beneficiation from around the world but more importantly illustrating how far Zimbabwe has come with beneficiation.”

Regional and international delegates are also expected to attend the conference and last year over 300 hundred regional and international delegates attended. Some of the other issues that will be tackled at the conference will include, new legislation and regulations in the mining sector, raising capital for African mining and infrastructure projects, sovereign wealth funds: a source of investment, localisation of procurement to build sustainable economies and powering Africa: alternative power generation strategies.

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