November 19, 2017

Find out how the integrated FatigueMonitor and Collision Avoidance solution for surface mining operations works

Based on the successful SAFEmine CAS and scientific research, SAFEmine has developed the first multi-technology fatigue detection system for monitoring driver alertness within the mining environment. This innovative solution is available for demonstration until 19th September at Electra Mining Africa 2014 hall 5 stand C06.

In the open-pit mining environment approximately 65% of truck haulage accidents are directly related to driver fatigue or exhaustion ( In response to this alarming number, SAFEmine has developed patent-pending FatigueMonitor, an innovative solution that integrates data from fatigue detection and collision avoidance units to minimize accidents involving mining vehicles. FatigueMonitor helps operators maintain levels of attention that are required during mining operations, while providing the management with driver fatigue profiles and traffic-related data. Based on scientific research done by the Universities of Zurich and Berne, intelligent fatigue assessment algorithms are used to estimate current driver fatigue levels and to predict fatigue development. The Black-box recording technology provides a reliable tool for analyzing incidents. FatigueMonitor is operator friendly and does not require drivers to wear additional equipment such as glasses or caps.

Traffic safety in the open pit can be significantly enhanced by closely monitoring vehicle movements, operator fatigue, and operator distraction. SAFEmine’s FatigueMonitor accomplishes this by integrating data from four inputs: attention-level detection (PerClos), vehicle dynamics (inertial sensors), body clock (circadian rhythms), and individual traffic behavior (from the Collision Avoidance System).

The FatigueMonitor back-end consists of a comprehensive live web platform that provides dispatchers with real-time fatigue analysis associated with the entire fleet. In addition, reporting services provide supervisors with updates via email or text messages. When the mine-management team is alerted that an operator is experiencing early stages of fatigue, they can dynamically manage and reassign operators to maximize levels of safety and efficiency within mining operations. FatigueMonitor is a simple upgrade to any existing SAFEmine Collision Avoidance System. Thus, SAFEmine brings to market a solution specially designed for the surface mining environment that integrates physiological and traffic data (both real-time and historical) to prevent vehicle collisions and improve mine efficiency.

SAFEmine Portrait

SAFEmine provides a complete range of advanced traffic safety solutions for surface mining. The SAFEmine Collision Avoidance System (CAS) is a world-wide standard that warns with audio and visual indications of possible collisions and supports the operator by improving traffic awareness, especially in blind spots around the vehicle. To date, SAFEmine CAS protects more than 18,000 vehicles in more than 45 mines worldwide. SAFEmine provides an array of products and services that include CAS, real-time fleet tracking, fatigue monitoring, solutions to avoid damaging clean-up equipment around heavy rotating machines, and sophisticated displays that present vital information intuitively in truck cabins. SAFEmine has a global presence, with subsidiaries and local partners around the world, is headquartered in Switzerland, and part of Hexagon.

Karin Steinhauser

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