November 17, 2017

Cypher Environmental Ltd


Cypher Environmental Ltd. is a leading provider of environmental solutions. The company caters for a global market which includes individual customers looking for a dust control product to small businesses searching for a sewage treatment solution to large corporations planning a soil stabilization project for a mine haul road.

Cypher Environmental provides high quality products, outstanding customer support, technical expertise and a cost effective approach designed to meet clients’ project’s needs.

The core foundation of Cypher Environmental is to provide high-quality, environmentally-friendly dust control, soil stabilization, and water treatment technologies worldwide that deliver outstanding results at an unbeatable price. Continual product development is the company’s mandate; with continued improvement of products to suit customers’ individual needs while ensuring improvement to the environments and ecosystems in which they are applied.

The company’s products have been extremely useful for the mining industry. Mines tend to be located in some of the world’s wildest and most isolated spots. Their haul roads are required to withstand heavy and continuous traffic over very long distances. Cypher Environmental has been able to provide the mining industry with high quality products and solutions that meet both the industry’s unique needs and sustainability requirements.

Products offered include: dust stop, EarthZyme and UltraZyme.

Cypher Environmental products can be used for the following industries, Mining, Transport, Hospitality & Food Processing, Military, Property Management, Railways, Tarmacs, Parks & Recreational Space, Waste Management and Waste Disposal & Processing.

According to Todd Burns, President, Cypher Environmental Ltd, the biggest and most significant trend is towards using sustainable / environmentally friendly products. The company always caters to producing only green products that are made using sustainable inputs and are not toxic or harmful to the environment. This is a trend that Cypher Environmental Ltd is constantly trying to stay on top of and allows them to have a solid reputation as a product provider that is sensitive to emerging issues. The company products are also catered to be easy to apply and highly concentrated, making shipping costs affordable and keeping us competitive in a global market.

Cypher Environmental Ltd
Todd Burns, President

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