November 22, 2017



Scotchmist® Quad 110 l/min Pumpset with automatic lead/lag and duty/standby facility

Scotchmist® is an innovative and unique water mist fire suppression system that can be configured to produce different droplet sizes to suit the type of fire. Variable pressures enable variable sizes of droplet to be produced, having a Dv 90 of 70 microns to 400 microns.
Scotch Mist® can therefore be effective against both Class ‘A’ (solid fuel) and Class ‘B’ (liquid) fires as research has shown that larger droplets are essential for extinguishment of the former, which benefit from fuel wetting, and smaller drop sizes are effective for the latter. Testing has also shown Scotch Mist® to be effective on Class ‘F’ (high temperature, cooking oil) fires.
Water mist is proven to offer rapid and effective fire control with minimal maintenance and recharge costs. Low water usage and storage is a major contributor to its popularity as a fire protection medium.
According to Scotchmist Systems Limited’s marketing manager, David Simmonds MIFireE, their company is currently focusing in Africa, where a number of systems have been installed protecting Telco, data processing areas, large generators, electrical plant rooms, transformers and pharmaceutical manufacturing and process areas.

David advises clients to always consult Scotchmist in the early stages of a project. They have a great deal of experience in all types of suppression agents and do not believe that water mist is the best medium for all applications, so they are happy to advise users on what is best for their particular application.
Scotchmist® equipment is produced from the highest quality materials, with self-monitoring, self-testing pump sets that ensure operational readiness at all times and unprecedented reliability. For industrial and commercial sites, systems are available to suit most applications, whether to protect a diesel generator or an extensive factory production line.
Smaller, self-contained modular systems are available for applications where space is at a premium and these offer discreet units capable of blending into normal office environments. Minimal installation is required, with pipework being kept to an absolute minimum.
In Africa, Scotchmist® systems are designed, distributed and technically supported by Atlas Fire Security, a member of the Centa Group, who specialise in the supply and maintenance of fire protection systems, products and services. With more than 54 members in 20 African countries, installation and maintenance is undertaken by Centa Group members in each region to ensure cost efficiency and local support throughout the continent.

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