November 24, 2017

BBA Pumps smallest mining pump

Good things come in small packages

When we think of mining equipment, we automatically think of the largest bulldozers, trucks and digging equipment available in the world. Even the pumps used in this environment are quite often supersized as we’ve seen in case of our massive

BA-C250H45 bolt-on package.

However, not everything that is deployed in the mines requires a 32 litre diesel engine pushing out more than 700 bkW. In the pictures you can see our BA80H D275 open diesel pump set that has just been commissioned by a mining company. Although not the largest pump out there, this small package does pack quite a punch and offers a maximum flow of 130 m3/h and a shut-off head of 9 bar.

The heavy-duty frame combined with the big performances allow this little 3” pump to play with the big boys in the mine and due to its’ versatility has earned itself a spot in the pump fleet easily.

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