January 20, 2018

Angola’s liquefied natural gas plant to be reconstructed

Angola’s liquefied natural gas plant faces a long closure for reconstruction to fix design flaws and corrosion in the new plant. This renovation will result to an addition USD I.07bn to the cost of the whole project.

Some of the investors in the 300km project at the natural gas plant situated in at the Atlantic Coast North of Luanda include Chevron, who is the biggest shareholder; Angolan State Energy Firm, Sonangol; Total; BP; and Eni. These investors contacted Bechtel a US Engineering plant to construct the gas power plant.

The CEO of Chevron John Watson accepted that the plant had issues and said they are working to correct the issue that previously led to two fires, gas leakage, and major pipe rapture. There was also an offshore rig that capsized last year that led to the death of one individual.

When the liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant begun operations in June 2013, it was greeted with triumph. The LNG plant processes gas from offshore fields, and it could help South Africa become a key supplier in the world’s energy market which is growing fast.

The Angolan liquefied natural gas plant will remain closed till mid next year with project sources indicating a possible extension to 2016 if the scope of work is much.

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