January 16, 2018

More diamonds recovered in Botswana

Pangolin Diamonds has revealed that it has recovered four more diamonds at its Tsabong North project in south-west Botswana.

Using caustic fusion technique applied on ten samples, it was able to recover the four diamonds. The company, however, was unable to get any positives from 17 Magi Drill core samples analyzed by Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) Geoanalytical Laboratories.

The Toronto-based company is currently exploring diamonds on four licenses in Botswana. It managed drill hole of 121.3 m at the Magi target. However, the company has announced that it is planning to take the search further than 100 m vertical on two other discrete circular magnetic targets at the target. The company has also planned to carry out other geophysical work.

The four diamonds recovered takes the total count to seven, after earlier discovery of 4 diamongs with a totakl weight of 0.000108 ct.

Pangoling did the same exploration last year, and they discovered one of the largest-ever Kimberlite pipes in the world at its Tsabong North project, in Botswana.

They further reported that they had modeled the kimberlite at 270 ha, making it to compare with the Se251 kimberlite in Angola that measured 220 ha, the MK1 kimberlite in Botswana measured 180 ha, and the Mwadui kimberlite in Tanzania, measured 146 ha.

The company further reported a set back from the SRC’s analysis of 19 samples of the Mmadinare project-SWS21 intrusive drill core which returned no gold results.

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