January 16, 2018

ColdMist Dust Control and EvaporationTechnologies

Established in 2001, Coldmist System Solutions incorporates the design, engineering and installation of proven mechanical evaporation and dust suppression technologies.

Technical services offered by the company include:

  • Complete waste water evaporation solutions from initial site analysis to remote centralized computer controlled systems that will monitor water droplet size and climate control data, then modulate flow at each individual evaporator to maximize evaporation efficiency and contain spray drift within the operational area!
  • The company’s professional team will work with clients to analyse site layout and conditions and then recommend a system solution tailored to optimize site evaporation rate
  • Complete turnkey projects – including system design, installation of equipment and project supervision
  • Testing and commissioning of equipment on site


Dustkiller™ dust suppression system with Remote Control function

COLDmist Dust Control Technologies offer a series of dust control solutions to ensure airborne dust particles are efficiently and effectively suppressed at the source.

Sized to target large scale dust suppression issues – the DustKiller™ product range  includes  dust control systems witha ‘throw’ of  up to 100m.


DustKiller™ systems are available with OPTIONAL 359 degree oscillation


The DustKiller™ 1000 incorporates continuous 360 degree oscillation for enhanced dust control ensuring effective, even coverage making it one of the best dust suppression solutions currently available worldwide.


Coldmist Mobile Rotary Atomisers

If you have either a dust or odour control issue on site where power or water is not readily available the solution is a MOBILE Rotary Atomiser.


ColdMist Dust Control and Evaporation Technologies Australia

Technical: ian@coldmistcooling.com.au

Sales        : lesley@coldmistcooling.com.au

Contact: +612 4369-5711


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